Monday, November 28, 2016

Jane Austen, Jane Eyre, RL Stine & Other Book News (Nov 28 2016)

Dr Seuss-‘Star Trek’ Mashup Book Sparks Copyright Lawsuit
Copyright holder for children’s author work says “Oh the Places You’ll Boldly Go!” is a ripoff

'It's like they were selling heroin to schoolkids': censorship hits
booksellers at Kuwait book fair

Amazon removes negative reviews of Megyn Kelly's memoir

Pippi Longstocking author had to pay 102% taxes

Buzzfeed's List:37 Books with Mind Blowing Plot Twists

Rush Limbaugh Children’s Books Banned at Wisconsin School

Have you noticed Westworld is packed full of literary references, from Shakespeare to Lewis Carroll?

Stealing Books in the Age of Self-Publishing

Book by Canadian serial killer removed from Amazon

The myth of the disappearing book: Misplaced hype over ebooks dates
back to the phonograph in 1894
Books have endured many technical revolutions. So when faced with the
transformative power of technology, is the problem often our aversion
to change?

J.K. Rowling sends ‘Harry Potter’ ebooks to tweeting Syrian girl
living in Aleppo

Early rejection letter calls George Orwell's Animal Farm "stupid and pointless"

Apple's ebook store bans books that use Apple trademarks in unapproved
(but legal and accurate) ways

Amazon Kindle vs Kobo – who makes the best ebooks?

4 Reasons to Still Buy a Kindle (or Any Other E-reader) in 2016

Annotated 'Mein Kampf' edition wins academic prize in Germany
When the copyright was lifted on Hitler's book of propaganda earlier
this year, a decisive annotated edition was released - and became a
bestseller. It has now won a significant academic award.

EU Rules On Library E-Book Lending
This month, the EU ruled in favor of the application of "one copy, one
user" book lending model to e-books.

Best mystery books and thrillers of 2016

Best audiobooks of 2016

Horror Writer R.L. Stine Joins Marvel

Horror Fans Can Tour Derry, Stephen King’s Macabre Version of Bangor

Fair use prevails as Supreme Court rejects Google Books copyright case
Fair use is a defense to copyright infringement in US intellectual property law.

Newark teacher Clare Hughes banned for selling stolen books

Author can't find Chinese publisher for book about one-child policy,
offers it for free online instead

England to Restore a House With Ties to Jane Austen — or Not

What Jane Eyre Can Teach Women Today About Money

Unseen HG Wells ghost story published for first time
The Haunted Ceiling, a macabre story of strange goings-on in an old house, is thought to have been written in the mid-1890s

Natalie Babbitt dies; was author of 'Tuck Everlasting'

The Wall Street Journal Book Club to Read Moby-Dick

Best-selling books for the week that ended Nov. 20
1. “Settle for More” • Megyn Kelly
2. “Killing the Rising Sun” • Bill O’Reilly/Martin Dugard
3. “Our Revolution” • Bernie Sanders
4. “The Magnolia Story” • Chip Gaines/Joanna Gaines
5. “Cooking for Jeffrey” • Ina Garten
6. “Hillbilly Elegy” • J.D. Vance
7. “Scrappy Little Nobody” • Anna Kendrick
8. “Jesus Always” • Sarah Young
9. “Superficial” • Andy Cohen
10. “Guinness World Records 2017” • Guinness World Records

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