Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Trump, HG Wells, Dickens & Other Book News (Jan 24 2017)

11 Places to Find Free E-Books

Forgotten H.G. Wells Ghost Story Comes Back From the Grave to Make Its Print Debut

New book makes case Lizzie Borden was the killer

The unsolved murder of a high-class prostitute that inspired a Charles Dickens character may have been cracked
Man-servant Francois Courvosier was executed for murdering his master in 1840 - but a historian believes he killed at least three more people including Eliza Grimwood

25 books becoming movies in 2017

These words are on the dictionary’s death row

Why print books are better than ebooks, and ways to improve eReaders

‘Outsiders’ Author SE Hinton Says She’s ‘Being Attacked for Being Heterosexual’

Charles Dickens And Copyright Law: Five Things You Should Know

It’s time to get over yourself and start reading books on your iPhone

Hunter S. Thompson's Most Lethal Addiction

Exorcist author William Peter Blatty dies aged 89

Fantasy and horror writer Tanith Lee dies aged 67

16 Sneaky Literary References in Netflix's A Series of Unfortunate Events

What is the Curse of the Cottingley Fairies and who were Frances Griffiths and Elsie Wright?

Printed book sales surge to highest in five years

Bret Baier’s Just-Released Book on Ike Is Getting Rave Reviews

Unseen Mark Twain fairytale to be published

Book Stumps Decoders: Design Filter, Please? (Voynich manuscript)

Thomas Sowell Will Be Missed

Children's author killed and dumped in cesspit by partner, court told
Ian Stewart is accused of murdering Helen Bailey and hiding body at her Hertfordshire home in crime motivated by money

'Watership Down' Author Richard Adams Dies at 96

Comics author and historian Gerard Jones arrested on charges of child pornography

Teen designer channels Jane Austen with dress designs from another century

Prusa's Patience with PayPal Has Run Out: 3D Printer Company Founder Warns Companies to Use a Different Payment Service

PayPal prevents Gizmo 3D Printers from Fulfilling their Successful Indiegogo Campaign

Which Bible is Donald Trump using at his inauguration? Actually, he has 2

Antisemite, Holocaust denier … yet David Irving claims fresh support

Top 10 Bestselling Authors of All Time

100 novels everyone should read

Ivanka Trump’s book release pushed back

Independent bookstores see boom in business

The 10 ancient classics every student should read

Belmont boy finds rare 1878 Captain Cook book in fridge library

The Lasting Benefits of Growing Up Around Books

Top 5 Creepy Books for Women in Horror Month

5 reasons why scary books are better than scary movies

Authenticating the oldest book in the Americas

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