Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Communism for Kids, Ayn Rand & other Books in the News (April 18 2017)

Brainwashing Shocker: MIT Press Releases “Communism for Kids” Book
With due respect to Santayana, perhaps we can say that those who love the mistakes of the past will condemn others to repeat them. A case in point is a new book published by MIT Press that’s actually titled Communism for Kids — I kid you not.

Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation Blasts ‘Communism for Kids’ Book
New fairy tale book 'whitewashes' history of brutal dictatorships

'Communism for Kids' Fails to Make Amazon.com Top 100 Rankings
A new book that sells the concept of Communism “in the simple terms of a children’s story” has failed to sell on Amazon.com – except in the category for true believers.

MIT Publishes "Communism" For Kids | Louder With Crowder

The new age of Ayn Rand: how she won over Trump and Silicon Valley
Her novel The Fountainhead is one of the few works of fiction that Donald Trump likes and she has long been the darling of the US right. But only now do her devotees hold sway around the world

Ayn Rand on A-Level Curriculum in United Kingdom
2017 curriculum for A-level politics taught in secondary and pre-university schools includes Ayn Rand as a key thinker

Ayn Rand’s “objectivist” philosophy is now required reading for British teens

Court Orders PayPal to Identify Pirate Site Owner

Chinese Government Bans ‘Peppa Pig’ in Children’s Book Crackdown
Beloved British book series part of a government crackdown against an influx of Western ideology that also includes the Harry Potter books and Roald Dahl’s ‘James and the Giant Peach.’

Rolf Harris is writing murder mystery novels in jail with the aim of publishing them under a pseudonym when he's released

Psychic Predictions of Over 40 People Proven True in New Book
Author Janet Gant has released her new book, "The Paranormal," which contains in-depth insight on the art of divination and over 40 true stories based on her own sessions along with other clairvoyants and mediums contributing additional stories as well.

'I'm sorry': Clinton campaign disaster laid bare in new book
Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign was a disaster in every sense of the word, according to a new book by political reporters Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes.

‘Shattered’ Charts Hillary Clinton’s Course Into the Iceberg
Donald J. Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton in November came as a shock to the world. Polls, news reports and everything the Clinton campaign was hearing in the final days pointed to her becoming the first female president in American history.

Self-made millionaires agree that everyone should read this money book
In five years, Grant Sabatier of "Millennial Money" went from having $2.26 in his bank account to $1 million, thanks to a side hustle that he turned into a lucrative consulting company and to smart investing.

Elizabeth Warren: New book doesn't signal White House run

Grisham doing first extensive book tour in 25 years
John Grisham fans will get a double treat in June — a new book and a 12-city tour, his first such extensive tour in a quarter century.

Trump plugs 'Reasons to Vote for Democrats' book filled with blank pages

A general and his books
Gen. James Mattis, who President Trump generally refers to as “our great General Mattis,” is a scholar-soldier and perhaps the best qualified person, in terms of mind and experience, to advise a president on war and peace since George Marshall.

Murder, He Wrote
I have a book for you true-crime addicts if you’re caught up on the podcast “Serial,” the cascade on TV of “48 Hours” and “Dateline NBC” episodes, the hundreds of hours of “Law & Order” and its various offspring — oh, and the nearly eight-hour “O. J.: Made in America” and the 10 or so hours of “Making a Murderer.” It’s time to pick up Calvin Trillin’s “Killings.”

True crime pays: the history of real-life crime magazines
The public appetite for real-life crime stories stretches back a lot further than TV documentaries such a ‘Making A Murderer’. David Barnett charts the history of the true crime magazine

Spotlight on M. William Phelps
In his new book, the bestselling author examines his unlikely bond with a serial killer

Is Book Publishing Too Liberal?
With the country more politically polarized than ever, some are wondering whether the business is adequately prepared to hear, and publish, voices on the right

Charles Dickens' holiday home on the market for £5.2 million
Bleak House in Broadstairs was sold for £2 million in 2014

Why Read Great Books

Why You Should Read Books You Hate

‘Daniel Deronda’: A Novel for Our Time
How to read George Eliot's daunting masterpiece? With a great teacher

Victorian detective who goes where Sherlock Holmes wouldn't dare
Anglia Ruskin psychologist Mick Finlay is about to publish his first novel - which has already been selected to become a TV show

Reviews Say 'Star Wars' Novel 'Thrawn' Is Evil Sherlock Holmes
Grand Admiral Thrawn, that Imperial mastermind of a galaxy far, far away, has been given the spotlight in a new canon Star Wars novel, and critics are almost unanimously comparing him to an evil Sherlock Holmes.

Target Discontinuing Sale of the Holy Bible Is Fake News
Reports that Target stores are discontinuing sales of the Bible are false. The retail chain has not stopped selling the Bible—this fake claim was paired with Target’s genuine transgender-inclusive bathroom policy that was implemented last year.

‘American Gods’ Review: Starz’s Adaptation Of Neil Gaiman Novel Simply Divine
Starz’s cunning adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s novel American Gods may be the most ambitious and successful series the premium cabler has launched since it hit the reset button a few years back.

The Handmaid’s Tale is a chilling expansion on Margaret Atwood’s novel
In recent months, The Handmaid’s Tale — Margaret Atwood’s 1985 dystopian novel about a patriarchal future where fertile women are a tightly controlled commodity — has become more of a symbol than a piece of fiction.

The dark side of love: Classic love songs reimagined as Stephen King novels
Graphic designer Butcher Billy has a twisted mind. His latest series is a brilliant collection of illustrations that reimagine love song titles and lyrics as morbid Stephen King book covers.

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