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Alt-Right Jane Austen & other Book News of the Week (May 2 2017)

Just Why Has Marvel Turned Captain America Into A Nazi?

Marvel Comics has taken this Nazi Captain America thing too far

Why is Marvel's Thor now a woman?

Marvel Introduces First Female Thor in New Comicbook Series

Paper book sales rise as e-books plunge
Sales of digital books in 2016 were down 17% in the U.K. and nearly 19% here in the U.S., CNN reported. The Publishers Association data showed that print books, on the other hand, had a good year. U.S. sales of paperback books were up almost eight percent, hardcovers rose about four percent and children's books surged a whopping 16%.

Ivanka Trump’s New Book Comes Out Today, Is Immediately Attacked By Haters

Ivanka Trump Says Mom Ivana Taught Her 'to Define Success': Read the Book Excerpt

38-year-old millionaire retiree shares 5 books that changed his mindset

'Should help students focus on their scholarship'

50 Of The Best Indie Bookstores In America
How many have you visited?

Royalty and Jane Austen?

State of Fear, author’s message from Michael Crichton
– I have more respect for people who change their views after acquiring new information than for those who cling to views they held thirty years ago. The world changes. Ideologues and zealots don’t.

NY Times Bestsellers

A novel about the master of 'Weird Fiction'
Cult pulp writer H. P. Lovecraft is shown the love in “The Night Ocean,” the new novel from upstate New York resident Paul Lafarge. It is a curious tribute to the imagination and the alt-Modernist genre of “weird fiction,” and a meditation on metempsychosis — the transmigration of souls.

With O'Reilly making a 'Killing,' publisher backs its star
Bill O'Reilly has lost his job at Fox News Channel following reports that five women had been paid millions of dollars to keep quiet about harassment allegations. (April 19) AP

How to write a murder mystery
Filling the shoes of a deceased author is no easy task. Filling the shoes of one as beloved as Agatha Christie is significantly harder. That is the task of the British author Sophie Hannah, who was tasked with resuscitating the one of literature’s most well-known detectives, Hercule Poirot.

A ballet version of a Jane Austen favorite is about to premiere in N.J.

Alt Right Jane: Pride And The Prejudiced
...Jane Austen as a European writer speaks to peculiar conditions of European man, the same way Langston Hughes and Chaim Potok speak to their respective black and Jewish readers. All of Austen’s work takes place in a world where European identity, and in particular, regency English countryside identity, were presupposed.

The Alt-Right, Jane Austen, and Whiteness
What these white liberals fail to realize, of course, is that the works of Jane Austen are a product of white civilization. It is impossible to conceive of the world of Austen without whiteness. The English ladies and gentlemen, their country estates and their charming manners are bursting with whiteness. The appreciation of Austen’s books is equally entwined with whiteness, although the whiteness is implicit.

Jane Austen, Western Restorationist
Austen not only touches on, but by arguing for certain attitudes within them, endorses some of the most taboo institutions to Leftists, including caste systems, eugenics and aristocracy. In the Austen world, people are either good or bad, and those that behave according to the psychology of Leftism are parasitic and threatening.

"It seems horrible to say that Emma's small matchmaking has in it the seed of the pestilence of Eugenics. But it is true." ~Jane Austen: Critical Assessments, Volume 2 edited by Ian Littlewood

Frankenstein comes back to life for new generation of scientists
Academics shine light on contemporary research themes in classic book
A special edition of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein draws out comparisons between pre-Victorian science and the modern-day research endeavour.

Theater slammed for 'gay' versions of Bible stories

Tom Deady's 'Haven' Wins a Bram Stoker Award
Tom wrote "Haven" over the course of fifteen years. It was published in 2016 by Cemetery Dance Publications and quickly recommended and nominated for the Bram Stoker Awards®. The novel takes place in a small town in Massachusetts and explores many dark layers of horror and humanity.

6 Disturbing Stephen King Stories Waiting for Adaptations

Jane Austen at 200: She Gave “Comfort to Whiteness”

How Jane Austen Continues to Inspire Romance Authors

Pride and Prejudice and Pundits: Was Jane Austen Conservative?
Should Jane Austen join Ayn Rand among conservatives' favorite writers? A National Review Online article has opened up a debate that touches the literary and political worlds, making us wonder: Can anyone really claim Austen as an ideological heroine?

So Much for Fame: John Kasich's New Book Sinks and Sinks on Amazon

Breitbart News Releases e-Book: ‘The First 100 Days of Trump’

7 Revelations from ‘Shattered’: New Book Detailing Hillary Clinton’s Failed Campaign
Written by The Hill’s Amie Parnes and Sidewire’s Jonathan Allen, the book is the first to investigate why Hillary Clinton’s bid for the presidency was unsuccessful.

Fox News’s Tucker Carlson Lands Big Book Deal

Tucker Carlson lands an eight-figure, two-book deal with Threshold Editions

Publicity Stunt? Warren Promoted Her New Book Just Hours Before Making Scene On Senate Floor

‘People didn’t want any more diversity, they didn’t want female characters out there’

Free Speech IS the Speech You Hate - Quotations on Freedom of Expression

Retired NC officer donates 247-year-old bible to Elon University

College Student Repremanded By His Professor For Reading The Bible Before Class [VIDEO]

Pride and Prejudice and progress: the best second novels of all time
Debuts hog the publishing limelight, but a glance back at some great books, from Jane Austen to James Joyce, shows that we shouldn’t neglect sophomores

Hitler's book selling on Amazon for meaningful price to Nazis

Bernie Sanders Is Publishing a Book About Political Revolution for Teenagers
The declared socialist won’t be offering his book for free, though. He’ll be happily profiteering from his knowledge base; the book costs $16.99 for hardcover and just under $10 for a digital version.

Hey Kids, How Cool Is Communism?
A Berlin-based author and MIT have published a kid's book making the case for Communism using fairy tales—minus all the mass murder, of course.

Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation Blasts ‘Communism for Kids’ Book
New fairy tale book 'whitewashes' history of brutal dictatorships

From 'Trump Survival Guide' to 'Hillbilly Elegy,' book publishing turns to all things political

Our Disastrous Monetary System: A New Must-Read Book

Gun Control and the Second Amendment

How the Blockchain Prevented Digital Book Burning

The Best Defenses of Individualism in One Book

SHOULD YOU BE SKIPPING BREAKFAST? Controversial new book says the first meal of the day is BAD for you… so we test the theory out

Kim Jong Il Unmasked: Michael Malice's Unauthorized Autobiography of North Korea's Supreme Leader

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