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The Grimmest & Darkest Original Fairy Tales - 50 Books on CDrom

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Books Scanned from the Originals into PDF format

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Fairy tales have changed - they were once tales of mutilation, death, Witchcraft, demons, sex, rape and violence. I have sought to collect as many of these as I can on this disk. Enjoy.

Contents of Disk (created on a Windows computer):

Psychoanalysis and Mythology, article in Journal of religious psychology 1915

The Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm 1916
Ashenputtel (Cinderella) "Then her Mother handed her a knife, and said, 'Cut off the toe; when you are Queen you won't have to walk any more.' The girl cut off her toe, forced her foot into the slipper, stifled her pain, and went out to the Prince."

Cinderella - 345 variants of Cinderella, Catskin, and Cap o'Rushes by Marian Cox 1893
(Folklorists have long studied variants on this tale across cultures. In 1893, Marian Roalfe Cox, commissioned by the Folklore Society of Britain, produced Cinderella: Three Hundred and Forty-Five Variants of Cinderella, Catskin and, Cap o'Rushes, Abstracted and Tabulated with a Discussion of Medieval Analogues and Notes.)

The Fairy Tales of Charles Perrault 1922 (Red Riding Hood here does not get saved by the Woodsman, she is instead eaten. Also includes Blue Beard, a story of a man who kills his wives.)

Fairy Tales by Howard Pyle 1903 (contains many stories, including: "The Youth who went forth to learn what Fear was"

Household Stories by the Brothers' Grimm 1862 (many stories and illustrations, including The Boy in the Grave)

Tales and Legends from the Land of the Tzar by Edith Hodgetts (contains: The Witch, The Potter and the Evil Spirit, The Soldier and the Demons, The Blacksmith and the Devil etc)

Household tales with other Traditional Remains, collected in The Counties of York, Lincoln, Derby, and Nottingham by Sidney O. Addy 1895
(The Blacksmith who sold himself to the Devil, The Witch and the Ploughman, plus articles on Witchcraft, Superstitions, Omens and Magic)

Tales and Legends of Saxony and Lusatia by William Westall 1877 (The Devil's Blacksmith, Murder Glen etc)

German household tales by the Brothers' Grimm 1897 (After reading Death of the Little Hen you come away feeling these guys did not believe in happy endings)

Lays and legends of various nations BY William John Thoms 1834 (has The Maiden Without Hands) poor quality scan

Grimm's Goblins 1863 (contains: The Evil Spirit and his Grandmother, The Almond-Tree "My mother killed me")

The Pentamerone by J.E. Taylor (contains the original Sleeping Beauty _Sun, Moon and Talia_ where Sleeping Beauty (Talia) is not woken by a kiss from a Prince, but is raped by a married king)  1848 (few pages hard to read)

The Nursery Bugaboo, article in The Pedagogical Seminary 1915

Fitcher's Bird (Once upon a time there was a sorcerer who disguised himself as a poor man, went begging from house to house, and captured beautiful girls. No one knew where he took them, for none of them ever returned.)

A Study of Fairy Tales by Laura Fry Kready 1916

Stories from Hans Andersen 1911
"We have given it to the witch to obtain her help, so that you may not die to-night! She has given us a knife; here it is, look how sharp it is! Before the sun rises, you must plunge it into the prince's heart, and when his warm blood sprinkles your feet they will join together and grow into a tail, and you will once more be a mermaid."

Italian Popular Tales by Thomas F Crane 1885 (Ghost Stories, and some rather creepy stuff, etc)

The Science of Fairy Tales by Edwin Sidney Hartland 1890

Folk and Fairy Tales by Peter Christen Asbjörnsen 1883 (The Witch, The Smith and the Devil, The Lad and the Devil)*

The Green Fairy Book by Andrew Lang 1906 (contains The Three Snake Leaves)

Old English fairy tales by S Baring-Gould 1895 (contains Robert the Evil)

Stories from the Thousand and One Nights by Edward W Lane 1909 (THE SECOND ROYAL MENDICANT:"She replied. With pleasure: — and, taking a knife upon which were engraved some Hebrew names, marked with it a circle in the midst of the palace. Within this she wrote certain names and talismans, and then she pronounced invocations, and uttered unintelligible words; and soon the palace around us became immersed in gloom to such a degree, that we thought the whole world was overspread; and lo, the Efrit appeared before us in a most hideous shape, with hands like winnowing-forks, and legs like masts, and eyes like burning torches; so that we were terrified at him." Sounds occultish to me)

Home Stories by Jacob Grimm 1860 (in this original tale, the Queen actually asks the Huntsman for Snow White’s liver and lungs – which are to be served for dinner that night. Among the many other stories in here we also have "Godfather Death")

Turkish fairy tales and folk tales by Ignacz Kunos 1901 (The Wind Demon, The Ghost of the Spring and the Shew)

German Popular Stories and Fairy Tales, as Told by Gammer Grethel 1872 (Here we have Hansel and Gretel abandoned by their parents at the beginning of the story) 42 tales

English folk-rhymes - a collection of traditional verses relating to Places and Persons, Customs, Superstitions by GF Northall 1892
(Those that go my way, butter and eggs. Those that go your way, chop off their legs - Where is the candle To light you to bed? Where is the chopper To chop off your head?)

Tangles - Tales of some droll predicaments by Margaret Cameron, 1912 (16 tales)

Fairy and Folk tales of the Irish peasantry by William Butler Yeats 1890 (Arranged by subject, such as Witches, The Devil, Ghosts, 64 Tales altogether)

The Complete Mother Goose by Ethel Franklin Betts 1909 (Includes, "Who Killed Cock Robin")

Mother Goose in prose by Krank L Baum 1901 (There was an old woman Who lived in a shoe, She had so many children She didn't know what to do; She gave them some broth Without any bread, And whipped them all soundly And sent them to bed.)

The Orange Fairy Book by Andrew Lang (Includes: The Two Caskets) 33 tales

The Yellow Fairy Book by Andrew Lang (includes The Dead Wife, The Witch and more) 1906 (48 tales)

Titus Andronicus by William Shakespeare, edited by WJ Rolfe 1906 (this has a Lavinia raped, then her tongue cut out and hands cut off only to be returned to her father who kills her because she had the audacity to get raped)

Russian folk-tales by AN Afanasev 1916 (from the foreword: "There are some very frequent supernatural beings. The Witch who lives in the forest, rides the winds in a mortar, devours human flesh, lives in a hut on cocks' legs, is one of the commonest. The great baleful
magician is Koshchey the Deathless, whose soul, in some stories, is contained in an egg far away, fearsomely guarded.") 73 tales

Index to Fairy Tales, Myths and Legends by Mary Huse Eastman 1915

Irish wonders: the ghosts, giants, pookas, demons, leprechawns, banshees, fairies, witches and widows of the Emerald Isle by D.R. McAnally Jr (great illustrations, 2 or 3 pages has some text missing, 14 tales) 1888

Tales of the fairies and of the Ghost World by Jeremiah Curtin 1895 (30 tales)

Danish Fairy tales by Sven Grundtvig 1914 (The School of Black Art, 18 Tales altogether)

Danish fairy tales by Sven Grundtvig 1919 (The Princess in the Coffin, 14 Tales altogether)

Celtic fairy tales by Joseph Jacobs 1892 (The Horned Women, 26 tales)

More Celtic fairy tales by Joseph Jacobs 1894 (17 tales)

Fairy tales, their origin and meaning by JT Bunce 1878

English fairy tales by Flora Annie Webster Steel 1922 (Includes Jack the Giant Killer "With that she kissed the loathly demon full on the
lips, and left him. Whereupon Jack with one blow of the rusty sword of strength cut off Lucifer's head, and, hiding it under his coat of darkness, brought it back to his master." 41 tales)

Elements of folk psychology by Wilhelm Wundt 1916

Russian Folk Tales by WRS Ralston 1873 (sections on Incarnations of Evil, Magic and Witchcraft, Ghosts, Demons...about 50 tales with many creepy titles)

Scottish fairy and folk tales by George B Douglas 1900 (The Haunted Ships, The Witch of Laggan, over 75 tales)

The Laughing Prince - Jugoslav fairy tales and folk tales by Parker H Fillmore 1921
(THERE was once a horrible Vampire who took the form of a handsome young man and went to the house of an old woman who had three daughters
and pretended he wanted to marry the oldest.)

A List of Works Relating to Lycanthropy (Werewolves) by George F Black 1920

Myths and Myth-makers - old Tales and Superstitions Interpreted by Comparative Mythology by John Fiske 1896

The supernatural in modern English fiction by Dorothy Scarborough - 1917

Witch Stories by E Lynn Linton 1861

The Shoemaker's Apron - a second book of Czechoslovak fairy tales and folk tales by Parker Fillmore 1920 ("The story of the devil
marrying a scold, another great favorite with the Slavs, also has its Talmudic parallel in the story of Azrael, the Angel of Death, marrying a woman.")

Dictionary of Phrase and Fable giving the derivation, source, or origin of common phrases, alusions, and words that have a tale to tell by Ebenezer C Brewer 1905

Green Willow and other Japanese fairy tales by Grace James 1910 (38 TALES, "The basket was full of ugly imps and elves and
pixies and demons and devils. Out they came to tease the old woman, to pull her and to poke her, to push her and to pinch her.")

The Kingdom of the Good Fairies by Adrienne Roucolle 1898
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Buy NowOnly $5.99 (I only ship to the United States)

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