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The Pen is Mightier than the Sword by Chas. W. Maier 1903

The Pen is Mightier than the Sword by Chas. W. Maier 1903

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The old adage, "the pen is mightier than the sword," holds good even unto this day, and it is well that it does. With the power of the pen does civilization advance and will continue to do so until there will be no future need of the sword. The sword is a relic of barbarism and was used in days gone by and to make might, right. History tells us that Tubal Cain, a man of might in olden times, fashioned the sword and that he was so carried away with his new invention that in his ecstasy he cried out, "Hurrah! for the sword! Hurrah! for the hand that shall wield them well, for he shall be king and lord!" This man lived to see the day that he regretted ever fashioning a sword, for by it the land was made red by the blood they shed in their eagerness to become masters of their victories. Heart-broken by what he had done, and to make reparation for his mistake as far as he could, he turned the sword into a plowshare, and he again sang, "Hurrah! for my handiwork! Hurrah! for the man that will till the soil, for he will bring blessings to all mankind instead of misery, poverty, and heart-rendings, as did the sword!"

From the beginning of man, up to recent years, the sword was looked upon as the proper instrument to be used in shaping and forming the destiny of a nation. When a change of government took place in olden times it was usually after a bloody war in which the sword played a most prominent part. There was no educational features about the sword that did very much good, or the one who fashioned it would not have broken down in sorrow when he saw the use of it abused. That the sword was mighty could not be denied. That it was a cruel weapon is equally true. Once it did its deadly work, it mattered not how much any one might regret what happened, there was no calling back from the graves the ones who fell by its deadly use in the hands of the enemy. That the sword has passed out of use in this day and age of the world, except for holiday dress parade, is almost assured, and from its mighty position in days gone by has it fallen to obscurity and its future use no more needed. Its use now is more for an ornament to adorn the walls of the hall or woodshed, as the owner may see fit to do with it.

That there is something mightier than the sword ever was is true and that something is the pen. The pen is one of the greatest inventions ever made by man and its use as an educator is without parallel. The pen was never made to take the life of any one, or even to cause misery, poverty, unhappiness, or unrest. It was made, however, that its mission might make people more useful in the way of educating them to a higher moral, social and intellectual plane. The use of the pen has made mankind great, and we have today the masterpieces of works of great men of all times that without the pen would have never been heard of. The use of the pen has diminished the chances of war, and will in time do away with it altogether. The pen has changed public opinion and will continue to do so as long as time lasts.

Are not the works of Cicero, as written by him, more powerful than the sword as fashioned by Tubal Cain? Is not the story of sacred history telling of the lowly Nazarene more inspiring as written by the pen than anything else on earth? Is not the history of the world's greatest men and women something grand? And if it was not for the mighty pen the world's people would have been less wise—which means poorer in knowledge. When we hear a lecturer that inspires us, we ask that the lecture may be written so it may live forever and so that others may read it. The interests of working people can be promoted by the use of the pen, as in that manner we can reach all classes when pleading our cause. The use of the pen will do more good in one year in appealing to the people for what is right, honorable, and just, than could be accomplished by the sword in a century. - Chas. W. Maier.

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