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Lydia - Jamestown's Ghostly Hitchhiker

Lydia - Jamestown's Ghostly Hitchhiker

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We were at home watching Monsters and Mysteries in America, the fifth episode from Season 3 which featured the ghost of Lydia in Jamestown, North Carolina, when I offered to drive my grandsons to that very location where the hauntings happened. Living in neighboring High Point this was only a ten minute effort and the boys were excited at the chance for some adventure. If you really want to gain high marks with younger relatives, take them on a ghost hunt. The photos above were ones that we took on our visit to Lydia's bridge, and they only added to creep factor.

You can watch an excerpt of this show here

As the story goes, Lydia was headed home from a dance in the early 1920s when her date lost control of the car and both died as a result. Now a ghostly hitchhiker, she is usually seen wearing white and then disappears before she gets to her destination.

Lydia’s Bridge is a popular attraction where locals and tourists alike hope to catch a glimpse of Lydia's apparition. Many people have reported seeing a woman in white standing by the bridge, though the show felt it necessay to add fangs to Lydia. Screams have also been heard from beneath
the old and now overgrown bridge. The old bridge is now nearly 50 ft from the new overpass that leads into Jamestown. But Lydia remains. Some people say that Lydia is still trying to get home from the dance. Maybe one day she may find her way home. Until then, try not to pick up any hitchhikers on the way in to Jamestown.

The show features Cynthia Moore Brown who is featured at but I could not find a social media presence for this person.

The show also features Michael F. Renegar who has an amazon presence at and is on facebook at

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The show ties the tale of Lydia's ghost to a song by the Country Gentlemen, called Bringing Mary Home, and you can listen to that here:

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