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Advice for Success by Mrs. James Kendrick 1907

Advice for Success by Mrs. James Kendrick 1907

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There are many elements to be considered in judging of a man's success. It does not necessarily follow that he who lives in a fine mansion and acquires a large fortune is the most successful of men, although the accumulation of wealth is essential. It lies more in the proper expenditure of a man's fortune which marks him as successful. Whatever a man's views on this subject may be, he must concede that all our noted men and great philanthropists, including many living at the present time, have used their vast wealth for the benefit of mankind, and that they are better to be regarded as successful than those who have acquired large fortunes and appropriated them to their own indulgences.

Ability is a young man's best capital, and should he laid as the corner stone to "success." The young man who has a fair capacity and applies himself will find that "brains" are always better than "wealth." Brains will, and have put many a poor boy on the road to success. Just look back to our presidents, and also great writers and rulers, and study their lives, as they slowly but surely made their mark in the world without fame or fortune, just used their brains. It is very true we cannot all be wealthy, but we are heirs to some ability, and let that be success. It can be utilized and prove more valuable than money. Remember the three graces of Faith, Hope and Charity, the greatest of which is charity. It symbolizes the friendship of Christianity and of heaven. Faith is the foundation of creed, Hope its beautiful elaboration and Charity its crowning jewel.

How many men of today look upon the past with regret, thinking of what a success they could have been, and of what benefit they could have been to our country today.

Do not be susceptible to flattery. Just live to be upright, sound business men, not to find pride in success, but to take it in a sort of matter of fact way, more as an honest reward for hard work. The man whose one ambition is to be successful must look upon "conceit" as a danger signal.

Do not be a victim of over confidence, never turn a deaf ear to criticism, and remember above all things, that there are many conditions existing today that should not.

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