Monday, February 13, 2017

The Cowichan Indian Legend of the Flood by Martha Douglas Harris 1901

The Cowichan Indian Legend of the Flood by Martha Douglas Harris 1901

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In olden days a great flood came upon earth, and all the people were destroyed except Wie-sah-kecheck and a few animals. They were on a raft. It was terrible. After a long time of it, Wie-sah-ke-chack said to the animals: "Which of you will go down and see if you can find the earth. Bring me a little and I will make a new world."

The little water-rat tried, but he could not go far enough down; so the beaver offered to go; and, after tying a long string to one of his feet, he sprang off the raft and down into the water. The string quivered, and at last stopped. "Our brother is dead." So they pulled up the beaver, and sure enough he was dead, but in his paws he held a little earth. This Wie-sah-ke-chack took and, blowing into the beaver's face, he came to life again. Then Wie-sah-ke-chack made a small ball of the earth, and kept blowing on it, and it grew larger and larger, till it was so large that he thought it was large enough for them to live on, so he asked the wolf to go and see; but the wolf came back and said that it was not half large enough, so he kept blowing and the earth growing, and the second time the wolf went; but no, it was not large enough. The third time the wolf went to see, he never came back, so from that they knew that the world was big enough for all to live on.

That is the beginning of the world.

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