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How a Dream Prevented a Murder by Hamilton Osgood 1907

Dream Prevented Murder by Hamilton Osgood 1907

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The following story is, perhaps, the strangest of all. One night the Rev. Herbert Powys, a Church of England clergyman, dreamed that the daughter of one of his parishioners had gone out into the darkness to meet her lover, who at the time was waiting for her in a secluded spot and spending the time in digging a grave for her.

Jumping out of bed Mr. Powys rushed to the place indicated in his dream, and arrived just as the man hurled the girl to the ground by the side of the open grave and was about to kill her with his spade.

In the Popular Science Monthly for September, 1879, Dr. George M. Beard told of how one R. J. Bush, of Brooklyn, wrote an "April fool" letter to his sister in a distant town, asking her to get her Uncle Hiram to keep a lookout for one "John Nasium," an absconding scoundrel. He described him minutely, adding for positive identification that the forefinger of his left hand had been shot off.

Imagine his surprise on receiving a telegram, shortly afterward, saying that the man had been found, and asking if he should be arrested. The writer remarks:

More striking still is the fact that this individual did not reside in the place where the letter was sent (which is not a large place), and was there by chance only the day the letter reached there."

The late Richard A. Proctor, the English astronomer, related how an old woman came to Flamsteed, the first "astronomer royal," begging him to locate a bundle that she had lost. She evidently mistook him for an astrologer. Wishing to have a little fun with her, Flamsteed drew a circle, put a square in it, and gravely pointed out a ditch near her cottage, where he said she must look. To his utter astonishment, shortly afterward she "came back in great delight, with the bundle in her hand, found in that very place."

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