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The Folly of Socialism: What Past Thinkers Knew About The Socialist-Communist Ideology

The Folly of Socialism: What Past Thinkers Knew About The Socialist-Communist Ideology by Heinz Schmitz

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It has been said that Socialism has been tried 187 times, but yet we don't have any glowing examples of Socialism actually working. When it has been implemented to any strong degree the outcome is failure, misery, and too often, massive death-tolls. And yet, this ideology remains popular among many. This book has been produced to provide a response to Socialism and Communism.

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1: What is Socialism? by James Boyle 1912

Chapter 2: Examples of Ancient Socialism By James Boyle 1912

Chapter 3: The Early Pilgrims and the Failure of Communism by William Starr Myers 1919

Chapter 4: Socialism and Communism: What is the Difference? by Arthur Preuss 1908

Chapter 5: The Socialism of the French Revolution and its Consequences by W Lawler Wilson 1909

Chapter 6: Historic Failures in Early American Socialism by Daniel Joseph Ryan 1920

Chapter 7: The Slavery of Socialism by Herbert Spencer 1902

Chapter 8: The Antiquity of Socialism by By Gustave Le Bon 1899

Chapter 9: Socialism Has Always Failed, by Sir Guilford Lindsey Molesworth 1918

Chapter 10: Early Experiments in Communism by Thomas Nixon Carver - 1920

Chapter 11: The Economics of Socialism By Balfour Browne 1908

Chapter 12: Woodrow Wilson the Communist, article in Sociological Essays By Andrew Edward Breen 1922

Chapter 13: Why The Socialistic State Is Impossible by Auberon Herbert 1906

Chapter 14: Frederic Bastiat on Socialism

Chapter 15: Individualism Versus Collectivism by Frederick Millar 1906

Chapter 16: The Economics of Communism, article in The Weekly Review 1921

Chapter 17: Early Soviet Horrors by Jacob H. Rubin 1921

Chapter 18: Socialism is Hatred of Religion By John Joseph Ming 1908

Chapter 19: Eminent Men of the Past who Denounced Socialism, 1906

Chapter 20: Socialism Means Slavery for the Working Man By P. H. Scullin 1910

Chapter 21: Why the Catholic Church Cannot Accept Socialism By George Mary Searle 1913

Chapter 22: Intelligence and Socialism by Gustave Le Bon 1899

Chapter 23: The Dangers of Socialism (article in The Homiletic Review) 1913

Chapter 24: New Australia and other Socialist Failures by Benjamin Vestal Hubbard 1915

Chapter 25: Historic Failures of Applied Socialism in Ohio by Daniel J Ryan 1920

Chapter 26: The Socialist Attitude Towards Machinery 1908

Chapter 27: The Intellectual Bankruptcy of Communism by Henri Baudrillart 1890

Chapter 28: The Ten Commandments of Socialism

Chapter 29: A 1906 Criticism of Socialism

Chapter 30: Socialism - Is it Americanism? by William Starr Myers 1919

Chapter 31: The Root of Socialism is Cowardice by Frederick Millar 1907

Chapter 32: The Origin and Character of Socialism By James Edward Le Rossignol 1921

Chapter 33: 10 Reasons Socialism is Harmful, by Roger W. Babson 1921

Chapter 34: Democracy is Communism, by Ernest Belfort Bax (Socialist) 1912

Chapter 35: The Altruism of Auguste Comte by Julius Lloyd 1884

Chapter 36: Socialism the Creed of Despair by George B. Hugo 1909

Chapter 37: What Socialism Actually Looks Like, by T. Hodgson 1906

Chapter 38: The Fallacy of Socialism by Guy Morrison Walker 1921

Chapter 39: Great Quotes about Socialism by Heinz Schmitz

Chapter 40: The Romance of Commerce By Harry Gordon Selfridge 1918  

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