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The Cure for Cancer - 60 Books on CDrom (Alternative Cures & Treatments)

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Books Scanned from the Originals into PDF format

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Contents of Disk (created on a Windows computer):

Herbal Simples Approved for Modern Uses of Cure By William Thomas Fernie 1897 ("Dr. Herbert Snow, resident physician at the Brompton Cancer Hospital, says (1895) he has found: 'after a long experience, Opium exhibits a strong inhibitive influence on the cancer elements, retarding and checking the cell growth, which is a main feature of the disease. Even when no surgical operation has been performed, Opium is the only drug which markedly checks cancer growth: and the early employment of this medicine will usually add years of comfortable life to the otherwise shortened space of the sufferer's existence.'") 

Cancer - Cause, Prevention, Cure by Edward Percy Robinson 1918

Cancer - Relief of Pain and Possible Cure by Skene Keith 1908 

Observations on the Cure of Cancer by Thomas Denman 1818

Cure of a true Cancer of the Female Breast with Mesmerism by John Elliotson 1848

Cancer, the cause - the cure 1916

The Practical Explanation of Cancer in the Female Breast - with the method of cure and cases of illustration by John Rodman 1818

Cancer - its Study and Prevention by Howard Canning Taylor 1915

Cancer "Cures" and "Treatments" 1922

The Cure of Tumours by Medicines by John Henry Clarke - 1908

On the Curability of Cancer and its Medical Treatment without Surgical Operation By Gerhard von Schmitt 1873

Cancer - its Cause and Treatment, Volume 1 by L Duncan Bulkley 1915

Cancer - its Cause and Treatment, Volume 2 by L Duncan Bulkley 1915

The Medical Treatment of Cancer by L Duncan Bulkley 1919

The Cure of Cancer and how Surgery Blocks the Way by John Shaw 1907

Cancer and the New Mode of Treating It, by CH Marston M.D. 1863

The Healing of rodent cancer by electricity by J. Inglis Parsons - 1893

Faith Cures and Answers to Prayer by Mrs Edward Mix 1882

The New Cancer Treatment: Cancers and Tumors Successfully Extracted by the Scientific Practice of Organic Preparations by Dennis Turnbull 1881

Water and Vegetable Diet in Consumption, Scrofula, Cancer, Asthma, and other Chronic Diseases by William Lambe 1854

The Cancer Problem by William Seman Bainbridge 1918

A Treatise on Cancer, and its Treatment by Jesse Weldon Fell 1857

The Reduction of Cancer by Francis Albert Rollo Russell 1907

Cancer, and its treatment by Daniel Lewis 1892

Cancer and its Non-Surgical Treatment by Lucius D Bulkley 1921

Faith Cures their History and Mystery by Aurelius Gliddon 1890

The Cherokee Physician - Indian Guide to Health by Richard Foreman 1857

New Therapeutical Agents by Willard H Morse 1882

The Elements of Homoeopathic Theory by Felix Aerial Boericke 1905 ("The stricter homoeopaths all maintain that many cases of cancer can be cured, or, at least, relieved, by the indicated homoeopathic remedy; also that while cutting out the cancer may palliate the trouble for a time, the operation does not cut out the disease.") 

The Old Root and Herb Doctor By John Goodale Briante 1870

The Natural History of Cancer: With Special Reference to Its Causation and Prevention 1 By William Roger Williams 1908

The Natural History of Cancer with Special Reference to its Causation and Prevention 2 by W Roger Williams 1908

Cancer and External Tumours - Their Successful Dispersion without the Knife by Henry Robinson 1874 

Zone Therapy - Relieving Pain at Home by Wm H Fitzgerald 1917 ("Dr. Fitzgerald has treated many cases of cancer and tumor, and has had some extraordinary successes with some of them. He carefully avoids any reference to the value of zone therapy in these conditions, but, to my mind, the results achieved warrant mention.")

Tumors of the Breast and their Treatment and Cure By J. Burnett 1888

A Synopsis on the Prevention and Cure of Disease by Andrew Gerrish 1841

Cancer by Willard Parker 1885 ("Does a low diet tend to alleviate cases of cancer? Has a low diet been known to prevent its development? The latter question is unanswerable, for no one can say when cancer has been prevented; but in regard to the effect of abstemiousness on cancer I can speak with great positiveness, that a vegetable, or at least a very bland diet, does check the progress of the disease, and, in some cases now under treatment, has been attended by an alleviation of the symptoms; and, in a few instances, even by a recession of the growth.")

Vegetable Diet: as Sanctioned by Medical Men by William A Alcott 1851

The Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology and Treatment of Cancer by Walter H Walshe 1844

Diet in Health and Disease by Julius Friedenwald 1919

Hydropathy by RT Clatridge 1842 ("I shall doubtless astonish my readers when I assert that cold water is the most certain cure for cancer") 

Nutrition and Clinical Dietetics by Herbert S Carter 1921 ("In 1880 Beneke found cancer cells rich in cholesterine and observation had shown that cancer was more frequent in carnivora than in herbivora and more frequent among people who were great meat eaters.")

On Cancer - its Allies and Counterfeits by Thomas Weeden Cooke 1865

Health at its Best v. Cancer By Robert Bell 1908

The Nature Cure Cook Book and A B C of Natural Dietetics by Anna Lindlahr 1915 (Tomatoes do not make cancer, but help to cure it. Most of our cancer patients, at one time or another while undergoing treatment, usually during the healing crises, develop a strong appetite for tomatoes, and we always encourage them to satisfy this craving to the fullest extent.)

The Enzyme Treatment for Cancer By William Seaman Bainbridge 1909

Ionic Surgery in the Treatment of Cancer by G Betton Massey 1910

A Treatise on Cancer of the Breast and of the Mammary Region by A Velpeau 1856 (Bloodletting, Purgatives and Emetics, Preparation of Hemlock, Arsenic, Mercury, Alcaline Substances, Preparations of Gold, Bark, Sarsaparilla, Cod-liver Oil etc)

Observations on Cancer, Connected with Histories of the Disease by Everard Home 1805

Cancer - its Classification and Remedies by JW Bright 1871

Tobacco mysteries exposed and habit conquered by Louis L Krauss 1917

On the Self Curability of Disease - The Divine Art of Healing By Rufus King Noyes 1880

Asphyxiation of Cancer, article in Science 1916

The Conquest of Cancer by CW Saleeby 1907

The Control of a Scourge - How Cancer is Curable by Charles Plumley Childe 1907

Cancer, its nature and successful and comparatively painless treatment by John Pattison 1866

Ten Years' Record of the Treatment of Cancer Without Operation by Robert Bell 1906

A New Receipt Book for the Treatment of all kinds of Cancer by GS Petry 1894

A New and Successful Mode of Treating Certain Forms of Cancer by Alexander Marsden 1869

The Failure of Surgery in Cancer by Samuel Kennedy 1900

Cancer, Lupus, Ulcers, Tumours, Scrofula, etc. Cured without Pain By William Washington Evans 1857

The Application of the Principles and Practice of Homeopathy to Obstetrics and the Disorders Peculiar to Women and Young Children by Henry N Guernsey 1867

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