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Mathematical Genius Ivan Panin on the Westcott and Hort Greek Text

Mathematical Genius Ivan Panin on the Greek Text

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Mr. Panin (born December 12, 1855) was a brilliant scholar and a Master of Literary Criticism. After graduating from college he became an outstanding lecturer on the subject of literary criticism and toured the country speaking on Carlyle, Emerson, Tolstoy, Russian literature, etc.. receiving up "top dollar" for each address, which shows us the caliber of his talent. His lectures were delivered on college campuses and to exclusive literary clubs in many cities of the United States and Canada. And during those years of travel and exposure to the public, Mr. Panin became widely known as a confirmed agnostic.

One day in 1890, Mr. Panin was casually reading the first verse of the Gospel of John in the original Koine Greek. This verse, in the original, says: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with the God, and the Word was God." And as he read this sentence, his curiosity was stirred by the fact that the definite article "the" preceded "God" in the first instance, but not the second. Why the difference? To analyze this apparent discrepancy, he made a parallel list of all verses in the New Testament in which the word "God" occurs with the article "the" and all those without it. Then when he compared the two lists he noted that there was a mathematical relationship between the two sums. Next, he went through the same procedure for the word "Christ" and on through several other words. each time taking note of the amazing numeric relationships hidden beneath the surface of the text. This "chance" observation would later prove to have been a life-changing event as Ivan Panin enthusiastically pursued the newly-found and exciting discovery he later named "Bible Numerics."

As these discoveries began to unfold, one after another, Mr. Panin quickly came to the realization that they were far more than just coincidence. There was a mathematical precision inherent to the entire Bible that no mere mortal could have devised and his intellectual objections relative to an unknowable God were overruled! Jesus Christ revealed Himself through His Word to this "chosen vessel" and, like the apostle Paul and a host of others, Ivan Panin was never the same man again.

From that day in 1890 until he died on October 30, 1942, Ivan Panin literally devoted his life (over 50 years) to fully developing this discovery and preserving it for the world. It is said of him that he worked tirelessly for 12-18 hours each day counting letters and words, compiling hand-written concordances, and working out mathematical problems. He worked with such zeal that on several occasions his health completely failed. But in spite of the tremendous mental and physical strain this placed upon him, he labored without pay, giving himself entirely to this labor of love. At one point he was offered the very tempting position as president of a college, but he turned it down trusting God to provide for his needs. This man whom the world would gladly pay "top dollar" for a lecture, chose a life of frugality in order to serve his Master by counting words, letters, syllables, and Bible numbers. preserving his findings in neat, hand-written notes now yellowed with age. all 40,000+ pages of them!

The following is a description of Dr. Panin by Mr. Karl Sabiers, in his book "Mathematics Prove Holy Scriptures." It was originally published in 1941, while Mr. Panin was still alive:

"This distinguished person is a man of extra-ordinary resources in scholarship. He is keen-minded and alert and possesses amazing analytical and dissecting ability. He is eminently open and scientific. He assumes nothing, but bases all on observed facts. facts of a positive, irrefutable, unparalleled sort. He pursues his way with calmness and is positive of the ground he covers. He is a complete master of himself and of the facts at his command.

"Without the aid of Westcott and Hort I could not have really done my work, because the text of the Authorized Version from my point of view -- not from the point of view of salvation or doctrine even, but from the textual point of view -- the text of the Authorized Version was useless to me, and for this reason: it has too many inaccuracies for my special purpose. Erasmus, for example, who was the Editor of the first Greek text in print was very anxious to get ahead of the Roman Catholic scholars who were issuing a Bible of their own; and he was in such a hurry that he used one MS. [manuscript] for the Book of Revelation and the last page of Revelation was missing in that MS. So what do you suppose Erasmus did? He simply concocted his own Greek for that page; he took the Latin Vulgate and translated it into his own Greek! So that the last page of the Authorized Version is a translation of Erasmus into Greek of a Latin inaccurate translation itself! Now, you and I wish to have an inspired page of the Bible, not one man's mere guessage. The Received Text has a great many suspicious readings of that kind. They do not affect doctrine or conduct seriously, because the great blessing of the Word of God is like the Lord Himself. if you only touch the hem of His garment, you can be made whole. God has seen to it that His blessed Book, no matter how distorted it is in any language sometimes the missionaries are at their wits end to know how to translate the word "God" nevertheless, the Word of God is so full of spiritual power, that if we only get the fringe of it to them, those dear heathen can be converted by it. But you and I wish to have the last page of Revelation as it was truly the inspired Word of God. Westcott and Hort based all their work largely on the Vatican and Sinai MSS., and decided that wherever the two MSS. agreed, that should generally settle the reading. Well, you know, there has been some doubt cast upon the Sinai MSS., because a very shrewd Greek copied a great many MSS. and tried to foist his own MSS. on the folk, so that has left a cloud on the Sinai MSS., and some people see fit to cast doubt on it even now, when there is the question as to whether the British Government did wisely to take part in its acquisition ... I have analysed the Greek words for the Sinai and Vatican Codexes. I have here page after page of the numerics of those words in Greek. Whenever we wish to study numerics relating to our own affairs or life or anything else, we must always remember that the language in which God wishes us to count is Greek, because He left the name of the anti-christ in Greek. You and I will have to stand the test when anti-christ comes. The Holy Spirit has given us warning. "Be sure not to receive this mark of the beast upon you," because it will be the number of the beast upon ourselves. The Holy Spirit warns us that he is 666, that is, in Greek. You and I have to go to numerics in Greek when we wish to prove the correctness of a passage. The three words show striking numerics. There is a system there of sevens and nines at once on the blackboard. I have here page after page of the numerics of those three words. The Sinai Codex has a separate scheme of its own and the Vatican Codex has a separate scheme of its own."

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