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Over 50 Native American Indian Bible Versions on CDROM

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Contents of Disk (created on a Windows computer):

Cherokee New Testament - CC torrey 1860

The New Testament, Translated into the Cree Language by John Horden 1876

The Gospel according to Matthew in Cree by James Hunter 1877

The Book of Psalms in Cree by James Hunter 1876

The Gospel of St. Luke translated into the Slavé language for Indians of North-West America 1890

The Gospel of St. Matthew translated into the Slave language for the Indians of North-West America 1886

The Gospel of St. Mark translated into the Slave language, for Indians of North-west America 1886

The Gospel of St. John translated into the Slavé language for Indians of North-West America 1890

The Holy Gospels in Mohawk 1880

Four Gospels, Acts, Genesis, and Exodus Chapters 19 & 20 - Winnebago (Siouan) 1907

The Gospels, translated from the King James Version into Iroquois 1880

Mozes bi naltsos alsedihigi odesziz holychigi inda yistainilli ba Hani Mark naltsos ye yiki-iscinigi. Tohatcidi enisoti dine bizadkyehgo ayila (Navajo Book of Moses - retains the name JEHOVAH for God 1912)

The Bible in the Life of the Indians of the United States 1916 by Thomas Moffett

The Four Gospels in the Seneca Language (a few pages missing) 1878

On Some Mistaken Notions of Algonkin Grammar and on Mistranslations of Works from Eliot's Bible

Dakota New Testament by S. Riggs 1871

Psalter in Dakota 1878 (some pages difficult or impossible to read)

The Gospel of Luke in Arapahoe -John Roberts 1903

Choctaw New Testament 1857 (text sometimes difficult to read)

Joshua, Judges and Ruth in Choctaw by Alfred Wright 1913 (the divine name used is "Chihowah" even sometimes in the New Testament above)

Psalms in Choctaw 1913

The Gospel of Matthew in Blackfoot by JW Tims 1890

Chippewa New Testament (divine name rendered as Manito) 1833

Gospel according to John - Creek by HF Buckner 1860
"In my translation of John I have transfered the Hebraic name Jehovah for the name of the Supreme Being, instead of adopting the Creek word Hesakitvmise."

Luke's Gospel in Inuktitut

Inuit New Testament 1876

Esquimaux (Eskimo) Gospels 1813 (several pages unreadable)

Matthew, and the Acts in Algonquian/PUTAWATOMIE 1844 by Johnston Lykins

The Acts of the Apostles in Chipewyan (Ojibwe Ojibwa, Ojibway) by John Horden 1900

The Ten commandments and the Lord's prayer in Maliseet (incomplete) 1863 by ST Rand.

The Book of Acts in Micmac by ST Rand 1863

Psalms in Micmac (Mikmak) by ST Rand 1859

The Bible of Every Land. A History of the Sacred Scriptures in every Language and Dialect into which translations have been made by Samuel Bagster & Sons 1860

Chinook Methodist Hymnbook with 10 Commandments and Lords Prayer by Thomas Crosby 1898

New Testament in Kutchin by Robert Macdonald 1886

The 4 Gospels in the Nez Perces Language 1915

Bible and Gospel History in Salteux 1860

The Gospel of Luke translated in Yahgan

Acts of the Apostles in Mohawk by Henry Hill 1835

The Epistle to the Romans in Cree 1897

Dakota wowapi wakan kin: The New Testament, in the Dakota language by Stephen Riggs 1871

Genesis 1-3 in Choctaw 1867

Some narratives from the Holy Bible in Kalispel (Salishan - Montana) 1879

The Epistles in Teni (Slave) 1891

Gospel of John in the language of the Maliseet (New Brunwick) 1870

The Gospel of Matthew with English and Ojibway in Parallel Columns by Peter Jones 1897

The Acts of the Apostles and the Epistles in Tenni/Slave by William Bompas 1891

The New Testament in Ojibwa by Sherman Hall 1875

Psalms and Hymns in Mohawk 1839

Prayer book and catechism in Snohomish 1879

Blackfoot prayer book 1899

Lord's Prayer and Apostle's Creed in Slavi 1881

Book of Common Prayer in Mohawk to which is Added the Gospel of St. Mark 1787

Hymns in Cree 1877

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