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Vibrations, Death and Immortality By Henry Fleetwood 1908

Vibrations, Death and Immortality By Henry Fleetwood 1908

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In order that there should be what is spoken of as conscious immortality—or post-mortem consciousness—there must be an entity or organism to manifest it. Consciousness is the resultant of the vibratory movements of certain groupings of electrons called brain cells, acted on by certain other outside vibrations. This resultant called consciousness is the "unconscious cerebration" of the scientists. There can no more be consciousness without brain cells than there can be the music of a violin without the violin. There must be the entity or personality with the brain to receive, preserve, and transmit the vibrations that are contained in the reservoir of thought in the universe.

All thoughts, words and deeds are preserved and exist as rates of vibration in the universe, and are open to those attuned to receive them. We spoke in a former chapter of the illustration of the wireless telegraph and telephone. The coherer, receiver and transmitter being attuned, communication is established. This is another illustration of intelligent PURPOSE in the universe, and man is the mouthpiece of it.

When it is seen that every thought or word belongs to its distinctive wave and must find a brain attuned to the same rate of vibration to receive and to voice it, the irrationality of endowing an intangible, substanceless, non-existing, so-called "spirit" with consciousness must be apparent to anyone.

This is immortality, which correlates every thought and word of man, holding them in universal phonographic records, as it were, forming a vast reservoir from which continuously flows by electrical energy all so-called intelligent and other vibrations, we receiving those to which we are attuned. This is a thought that might well engage our most serious attention, involving as it does a responsibility of no little magnitude. We may well pause to inquire of ourselves what are we depositing in those archives of thought for redistribution to ourselves, and to our posterity, to say nothing of mankind in general.

Certain forms of vibration, such as hatred, malice, envy, jealousy and especially fear, are productive of disease, poverty, old age and death—all those inharmonious vibrations which comprise the sum of all the troubles and sorrows of mankind. The most productive of these inharmonious conditions known as sickness, poverty, old age and death, is FEAR. Veneration and worship of all kinds is a form of fear and opens the body to every ill.

Man through religious teaching and self-made creeds has evolved the idea of rewards and punishments for the "good" and "bad" deeds of this life, and as there must be a conscious entity to punish and reward and a place in which to administer the same, a so-called "future life" becomes a necessity.

What rational ground for all this? None whatever. The cessation of consciousness in what is called death, is an inevitable step in the inauguration and evolution of existence. As we have stated heretofore life and death are one and the same. The same unit of electric energy with two impulses—life and death. Continuous vibration. Every movement being the evolution of some new form demonstrating life's continuity and electrical nature.

Thales said (600 B. C), "All around is change. Everything always becoming something else. All in motion like streams." He recognized the law of evolution or continuous vibration. Theophrastes (371 B. C.) says, "There is one eternal, indestructible substance out of which everything arises and into which everything again returns."

That "eternal, indestructible substance" is now known to be electricity, and the inherent, unceasing energy of its infinite particles or electrons—now known to be electrical, polar, sexual—the explanation of all phenomena embraced under the terms—life and death. Life and Immortality are synonymous. The present is eternity. The now is all there is. All conscious or unconscious thought vibration is immortal, and is recorded in the cylindrical records of the universe, and those having the attunement to those records are in possession of the so-called secrets of the universe; which are nothing more than the workings of nature's inevitable laws revealed and unfolded to us through an understanding of this great universal substance—Electricity. The one only substance in the universe.

This substance, this sea of electrons, of which we are, and in which we live and move and have our being, is in constant motion even as the great body of water on our globe. "The waters of the globe are all one sea and truly seen their tide is one." So in this electrical ocean there is ebb and flow, ebb and flow, of etheric and atmospheric conditions. The movement of these tides and waves is always cyclical, proving their electrical nature. This is seen in the globule of water, in the globe tides, in the tornadoes, cyclone, etc. All so-called "destructive conditions" are due to the breaking of the circuit and the violent determined effort to close it again, and are in themselves constructive processes. When the circuit is broken the destructive force is let loose and continues its havoc until this violently vibrating mass of electrons has re-formed into other conditions in the great electrical ocean.

The suns, worlds, planets, stars are but varied manifestations of this vibratory electrical force which through millions of ages has evolved and rotated them into existence, its limitless energy forever continuing the work of creation or evolution.

These worlds, suns, planets being prepared to generate and maintain the various forms of life, which by analogy must be the same on other planets as on ours.

Beginning with the simplest type of organism, the work of evolution and progress is carried on until the present race of mankind with its intelligence and will is produced. And there are much higher types in the universe than what is called human. All this is produced by the action of the vibratory electrical force which constitutes life—which IS LIFE. You may call it God if it pleases you.

Consciousness, intelligence, is but the resultant of varying rates of vibration of different tempos. The action of the vibratory force is seen in the plants and flowers where the pruning and concentration of vibration into one stalk improves the fruit or flower. In the American Beauty rose many branches and buds are sacrificed to bring one flower to the fullest perfection.

For ages this same pruning process has been applied to the organism known as man, in order to evolve the intelligence that has produced our men of genius and power, to control in turn the very forces that called them into existence. By self-control man has been enabled to direct these vibrations, holding in check his varied passions which otherwise would injure him and hasten his dissolution.

The vibrations known as the ether or sound can produce every emotion we are capable of displaying. We in turn control these same vibrations and produce music. Ruskin says, "All one's life is music if one touches the note rightly and in tune." "Light, heat, force, motion, sound, sight, taste, color, thought, emotion all these are but different rates of vibration."

Color vibrations denote the passions. Yellow the lymphatic, red the positive and aggressive, blue the nervous temperament. Purple or violet are intense vibrations which usually are self-destructive, overthrowing the reason and producing insanity. These color-vibrations are in turn susceptible to inhibition and control by musical vibrations of a much lower tempo than those of color; musical vibrations attaining to only thirty-two thousand (32,000) per second at their highest tempo, while the color vibrations known as violet reach twelve million (12,000,000) to the second. Is it the SONOROSITY of musical tones that equalizes the vibrations of color and music?

The vibrations of the tones of a violin have been known to heal the most obstinate wounds, and even surgical operations have been performed under the influence of musical vibrations. So potent is this force that the musical step of the military march has to be broken when crossing a bridge lest it collapse. The walls of Jericho are said to have collapsed under the vibrations produced by blowing upon rams' horns in the hands of the Israelites. Windows have been broken by the vibratory tones of an organ.

The varying forms of so-called matter are but varying rates of vibration, ready to be acted upon and dissolved by other rates. The same force that tears down builds up. Death is only another rate of vibration set up by this Eternal Life. Post-mortem consciousness is unscientific and ridiculous. Organic life gives off electrons, that unite and form a new organism, and the resulting embryo is of like organism, perpetuating its kind from generation to generation. As this is continuous and never ceasing, it must be what is meant by Immortality.

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