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Is There Life After Death? - 175 Books on DVDrom (Eschatology - Immortality)

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Books Scanned from the Originals into PDF format

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Contents of Disk (created on a Windows computer):

An Inquiry Into the Scriptural Import of the Words Sheol, Hades, Tartarus
by Walter Balfour, Otis Ainsworth Skinner

What Happens after Death? A symposium by leading writers and thinkers 1916

William James, and other essays on the Philosophy of Life, by Josiah Royce 1912

Immortality versus Annihilation by GA Hartley 1867

The Belief of the Jewish people and of the most eminent Gentile Philosophers, more especially of Plato and Aristotle, in a future state by William Mills 1828

After Death - an examination of the testimony of primitive times respecting the state of the faithful dead and their relationship to the living by Herbert M Luckock 1880

Man and his Immortal Soul 1905

Victory Crowned by Page Fellowes 1916

What is Man? His nature and destiny - the spirit, or soul, is it immortal, by Elder JR Lambert 1908

Man and the Spiritual World by Arthur Chambers 1900

Studies in Religion - The Destiny of Man, by John Fiske 1902

Paradoxical Philosophy - a sequel to the Unseen Universe by Balfour Stewart 1879

The Unseen Universe - Physical speculations on a Future State by Balfour Stewart 1875

The Consolations of Science - Contributions from Science to the hope of Immortality by Hiram W Thomas 1888

On Spinozistic Immortality by George S Fullerton 1899

The New Death by Winifred Kirkland 1918

Dionysos and Immortality - the Greek faith in Immortality as affected by the rise of Individualism by Benjamin Ide Wheeler 1899

Man and the Universe by Sir Oliver Lodge 1909

Some Dogmas of Religion by John McTaggart, Ellis McTaggart 1906

The Immortality of Animals, and the relation of man as guardian, from a Piblical and Philosophical hypothesis by FD Buckner 1903

Intimations of Immortality, an Ode by William Wordsworth 1908

Intimations of Immortality - Significant thoughts on the future life by Helen Patten 1907

Life in Christ - a Study of the Scripture Doctrine on the Nature of Man, the object of the divine incarnation, and the conditions of human immortality by Edward White 1878

The Ancient Egyptian Doctrine of the Immortality of the Soul by Alfred Wiedemann 1895

The Life Indeed, a Review of the Scripture History issuing in Immortality by John F Genung 1921

The Individual - a Study of Life and Death by Nathaniel S Shafer 1901

Human immortality and pre-existence by John McTaggart, Ellis McTaggart 1916

Greek hero cults and ideas of Immortality by Lewis R Farnell 1921

New Light on Immortality by E.E. Fournier d'Albe 1908

Foregleams and Foreshadows of Immortality by Edmund H Sears 1873

Our Self after Death by Arthur Chambers 1916

Life Everlasting by John Fiske 1901

Immortality - an essay in Discovery, Co-ordinating Scientific, Psychical, and Biblical Research by BH Streeter 1917

The Tragic Sense of Life in Men and in Peoples by Miguel De Unamuno 1921

The Problem of Life and Immortality by Loring Moody 1873

The Analytics of a Belief in a Future Life by L.P. Gratacap 1888

Pagan Ideas of Immortality During the Early Roman Empire by Clifford Herschel Moore 1918

Human Personality and its Survival of Bodily Death, Volume 1 by Frederick H.W. Myers 1904

Human Personality and its Survival of Bodily Death, Volume 2 by Frederick H.W. Myers 1904

The Two Great Questions - the Existence of God and the Immortality of the Soul by Lysander Hill 1909

The Other Life by William Schneider 1920

Our Eternity by Maurice Maeterlinck 1913

An Original Essay on the Immateriality and Immortality by Samuel Drew 1818

Evidence of a Future Life by Luther A Fox 1890

This Life and the Next - the Effect on this Life of Faith in Another by P.T. Forsyth 1918

Seven Proofs that all Men are not Immortal by E.P. Simpson 1920

A Scientific Demonstration of the Future Life by Thomas J Hudson 1903

The Scientific Demonstration of the Soul's Existence and Immortality by Henry Frank 1903

Some Problems of Existence by Norman Pearson 1907

Where are the Dead? by Len G Broughton 1914

Are the Wicked Immortal? by George Storrs 1850

Has Man an Immortal Soul? by ST Skidmore 1918

Eternal Purpose - a Study of the Scripture Doctrine of Immortality by William R Hart 1888

Proofs of Immortality by JM Peebles 1914

Man all Immortal - the Nature and Destination of Man as Taught by Reason and Revelation by DW Clark 1864

The Doctrine of Immortality as taught in the Old Testament by George Sexton 1885

Immortality and Theism by William Wallace Fenn 1922

The Belief in God and Immortality - a Psychological, Anthropological and Statistical Study by James H Leuba 1921

The Gift of Immortality by Charles Slattery 1916

The Life after Death, and how Theosophy Unveils it, by CW Leadbeater 1918

The Natural History of Immortality by Joseph Williams Reynolds 1891

They Do Not Die by Charles A Hall 1918

The Problem of Immortality by Emmanuel Petavel-Olliff 1892

Glimpses of the Heavenly Life by JR Miller 1908

The Christian Doctrine of Immortality by SDF Salmond 1907

Physical Theory of Another Life by Isaac Taylor 1836

Individuality and Immortality by Wilhelm Ostwald 1906

Modern Light on Immortality by Henry Frank 1909

The Immortality of the Human Soul Philosophically Explained by George Fell 1908

Is Immortality Desirable by G Lowes Dickinson 1909

The Beginning of Man and What Becomes of Him by Lysander Richards 1915

The Endless Life by Samuel M Crothers 1905

Revelation and the Life to Come 1916

The Other Room by Lyman Abbott 1903

Some Assurances of Immortality by John B.N. Berry 1909

The Belief in Personal Immortality by E.S.P Haynes 1913

The Immortality of the Soul - a Protest by Joseph Agar Beet 1901

The Hope of Immortality by Charles F Dole 1908

Whither, a Study of Immortality by William Edgar Simonds 1900

After Death, and Other Mysteries by Samuel Bradhurst Schieffelin 1898

Mysteries of Life, Death, and Futurity by John Timbs 1861

Death and Its Mystery by Camille Flammarion 1922

Studies in Eschatology - Existence after Death by Ulysses S Bartz 1900

The Gospel of the Hereafter by J Paterson-Smyth 1910

Human Destinies as taught in the Bible by Joseph Cooper 1902

Death and Beyond by T Selby Henrey 1910

Voices of the Night by John Cumming 1854

The Life Beyond - The Best Thoughts of over 300 of the World's Leading Authors and Scholars by James Henry Potts 1899

A Critical History of the Doctrine of a Future Life in Israel, in Judaism, and in Christianity - Hebrew, Jewish, and Christian eschatology from pre-prophetic times till the close of the New Testament canon by RH Charles 1913

This Life and the Next - impressions and thoughts of notable men and women from Plato to Ruskin by Estelle D Adams 1902

Beyond the Shadow - The Resurrection of Life by James Morris Whiton 1884

Immortality and the Unseen World - a study in Old Testament Religion by W.O.E  Oesterley 1921

The Four Last Things - Death, Judgment, Hell, Heaven by Martin von Cochem 1899

Eternal Life - a Study of its Implications and Applications by Friedrich von Hugel 1913

The World Beyond by John Doughty 1883

The World to Come and Final Destiny by Joseph Leckie 1922

The Eternal Life by Hugo Munsterberg 1905

Is the Life of Man Eternal? by Franklin Blades 1911

Thoughts on Eternal Life by William R Hart 1888

The Struggle for Eternal Life by E Petavel 1875

The Day after Death - Our Future Life According to Science by Louis Figuier 1874

God, the Soul and the Future State by Thomas Cooper 1873

The Philosophy of a Future State by Thomas Dick 1869

Do the Dead Still Live, by David Heagle 1920

Four Great Questions Regarding a Future Life by John Balcom Shaw 1897

Hereafter or the Future Life According to Science and Faith by J.M. Leleu 1904

Life After Death by Emanuel Swedenborg

The Assurance of Immortality by Harry Emerson Fosdick 1913

The Future State by FC Gayford 1903

There is no Death by Florence Marryat 1919

There is no Death by Basil Wilberforce 1916

Quiet talks about Life after Death by S.D. Gordon 1920

Death and Beyond - a Study of Hebrew and Christian Conceptions of the Life to come by C.T. Wood 1920

The After Life - a help to a reasonable belief in the Probation Life to Come by Henry Buckle 1907

Life beyond Death - being a review of the World's Beliefs on the Subject, a consideration of present conditions of thought and feeling, leading to the question as to whether it can be Demonstrated as a Fact by Minot J Savage 1899

The Doctrine of Eternal Misery reconcilable with the infinite benevolence of God and a truth plainly asserted in the Christian Scriptures by Nathan Strong 1796

Bible Theology and the Word Hell

Hell by Robert Green Ingersoll

Should Kolasin be Translated cutting-off or punishment?

The Occurences of Sheol in the Old Testament

The Hereafter - Sheol, Hades, and Hell by J. Fyfe 1890

The Destiny of the Soul: A Critical History of the Doctrine of a Future Life by William Alger and Ezra Abbot 1880

Questions of the Soul by Isaac Hecker 1855

On Life After Death by Gustav Fechner 1882
Man lives on earth not once, but three times: the first stage of his life is continual sleep;  the second, sleeping and walking by turns; the third, waking for ever.

The Redeemed Life after Death by CC Hall 1905

Death and After by Annie Wood Besant (Theosophy) 1914

The Little Book of Life after Death by Gustav Fechner 1904

Quiet Talks about Life after Death by SD Gordon 1920

Life after Death and how Theosophy unveils it by CW Leadbeater 1918

IS THERE LIFE AFTER DEATH? by Marshall J. Gauvin

Why we may believe in Life after Death by Charles Jefferson 1911

The Proofs of Life After Death by Robert John Thompson 1902

The Spirits in Prison, and other Studies on the Life after Death by Edward Hayes Plumptre 1884

Life After Death, Problems of the Future Life and Its Nature by James Hyslop 1918

Realms of the Living Dead: A Brief Description of Life After Death by Henrietta Curtiss 1919

Our Life after Death or, The teaching of the Bible concerning the Unseen World by Arthur Chambers

Life after Death or Reason and Relaxation on the Immortality of the Soul by John Vaughan 1908

The Hopes of the Human Race, Hereafter and Here, Essays on the Life after Death by F.P. Cobbe 1880

The Evolution of the Soul by Thomas J Hudson

Human Destiny by John Kost 1903

Man and His Destiny by Joel Tiffany 1881

Man's Life and Destiny: Four Sermons by George A Macdonnell 1861

The Destiny of Man Viewed in the Light of his Origin by J. Fiske 1895

The State of the Dead and the Destiny of the WickeD by Uriah Smith 1873

The Philosophy of a Future State by Thomas Dick 1831

Meditations on Death and Eternity by Heinrich Zschokke 1863

A Study of Death by Henry Mills Alden 1895

DEATH AND ITS MYSTERY AT THE MOMENT OF DEATH - Manifestations and Apparitions of the Dying; "Doubles;" Phenomena
of Occultism by Camille Flammarion 1922 (first 368 pages only)

The Eminent Dead: Or, The Triumphs of Faith in the Dying Hour by Bradford Kinney Peirce 1851

Religion and the Future Life - the Development of the belief in life after death by Elias Sneath 1922

The Soul Here and Hereafter: A Biblical Study
by Charles Marsh Mead, Congregational Publishing Society - 1879 - 455 pages

Hades; or, The intermediate state of man
by Henry Constable - 1873

Beyond the Grave
by Hermann Cremer - 1885 - 150 pages

The State of the Impenitent Dead
by Alvah Hovey 1859 - 160 pages

Spiritism and the Cult of the Dead in Antiquity
by Lewis Bayles Paton - 1921 - 320 pages
Is Hell Eternal: Or, Will God's Plan Fail?
by Charles Hamilton Pridgeon 1920

The Bible Hell: The Words Rendered Hell in the Bible : Sheol, Hadees
by John Wesley Hanson 1878 - 69 pages
It has exactly the same meaning as Sheol, literally the grave, or death, and
figuratively destruction, downfall, calamity, or punishment in this world, .

A Handbook of Scientific and Literary Bible Difficulties
by Robert Tuck 1891 - 566 pages

Proof-texts of Endless Punishment: Examined and Explained
by Daniel Parker Livermore - 1864 - 384 pages

Concerning Heaven and Its Wonders, and Concerning Hell: From Things Heard
by Emanuel Swedenborg- 1837 - 420 pages

The Doctrine of Endless Punishment
by William Greenough Thayer Shedd 1886

A Discussion of the Conjoint Question: Is the Doctrine of Endless Punishment taught in the Bible
by Ezra Stiles Ely, Abel Charles Thomas - 1893 - 286 pages

Modern Universalism Exposed: In an Examination of the Writings of Rev Walter Balfour
by Parsons Cooke 1834 - 240 pages

The Origin and History of the Doctrine of Endless Punishment
by Thomas Baldwin Thayer - 1856 - 240 pages
Is "eternal" Punishment Endless?: Answered by a Restatement of the Original by James Morris Whiton 1878 - 109 pages

The Revealed Doctrine of Rewards and Punishments
by Richard Winter Hamilton - 1847 - 545 pages

The Doom of the Majority of Mankind
by Samuel June Barrows - 1883 - 147 pages

A Discussion on Universal Salvation and Future Punishment
by Erasmus Manford, John Steele Sweeney - 1870 - 400 pages

That Unknown Country: Or, what Living Men Believe Concerning Punishment - 1888 - 940 pages

Inferences from Haunted Houses and Haunted Men
by John William Harris - 1901
The Doctrine of Eternal Hell Torments Overthrown: In Three Parts
by Thomas Whittemore, Samuel Richardson, Marie Huber, David Hartley - 1833 Edited by Thomas Whittemore.

Experimental Investigation of the Spirit Manifestations: Demonstrating the Existence of Spirits and their Communion with Mortals
by Robert Hare - 1855

Death Not Life: Or, The Theological Hell and Endless Misery Disproved
by Jacob Blain 1853 - 110 pages

True Ghost Stories
by Hereward Carrington- 1915
The reverse of this is also true. Ghosts of animals have been seen—spectral dogs,
cats, horses as well as human beings. These apparitions are very ...

Haunted Houses: Tales of the Supernatural, with Some Account of Hereditary Curses and Family Legends
by Charles George Harper - 1907 - 183 pages

The Great Amherst Mystery: A True Narrative of the Supernatural
by Walter Hubbell - 1915 - 211 pages

The Book of Dreams and Ghosts
by Andrew Lang - 1899 - 300 pages

Fallacy of Ghosts, Dreams, and Omens by Charles Ollier - 1848 - 245 pages


Twenty Years' Experience as a Ghost Hunter
by Elliott O'Donnell - 1917 - 223 pages

A Review of Rev. Charles Beecher's Report Concerning the Spiritual Manifestations
by Samuel Byron Brittan - 1853 - 70 pages

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