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Unitarian Statement on the Trinity by John Budd Pitkin 1834

Unitarian Statement on the Trinity by John Budd Pitkin 1834

There are in the New Testament 17 passages wherein the Father is styled ONE or ONLY God, while there is not a single passage in which the Son is so styled.

There are 320 passages in which the Father is absolutely, and by way of eminence, called God; while there is not one in which the Son is thus called.

There are 105 passages in which the Father is denominated God, with peculiarly high titles and epithets; whereas the Son is not once denominated.

There are 90 passages wherein it is declared that all prayers and praises ought to be offered to Him, and that everything ought to be ultimately directed to his honor and glory; while of the Son no such
declaration is ever made.

There are 1300 passages in the NT wherein the word _God_ is mentioned, not one necessarily implies the existence of more than one person in the Godhead, or that this one is any other than the

There are 300 passages wherein the Son is declared, positively, or by clearest implication, to be subordinate to the Father, deriving his being from Him, receiving from Him his divine power, and acting in all things wholly according to His will.

In a word, the supremacy of the Father, and the inferiority of the Son, is the simple, unembarrassed, and current doctrine of the Bible; whereas that of their equality or identity is clothed in mystery, encumbered with difficulties, and dependent, at the best, upon few passages for support.

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