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The Book of Enoch - 30 Books to Download

The Book of Enoch - 30 Books to Download, Books scanned from the Originals into PDF format

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Contents of Download:

Traces of Early Acquaintance in Europe with the Book of Enoch by Nathaniel Schmidt 1922

The Book of Enoch by RH Charles 1892

Christology of the Book of Enoch by Moses Stuart 1840

The Book of Enoch in Reference to the New Testament and Early Christian Antiquity by Henry Hayman 1898

Four Notes on the Book of Enoch by FC Burkitt, article in the Journal of Theological Studies 1907

The Book of Enoch translated from August Dillman's text 1893

The Book of Enoch translated from the Ethiopic with Notes by George H Schodde 1882

The Book of the Secrets of Enoch by William Morfill 1896

The Book of Enoch the Prophet by Richard Laurence 1883

Enoch Restitutus, an Attempt to Separate from the Books of Enoch the book quoted by St. Jude, also a comparison of the chronology of Enoch with the Hebrew Computation, and with the periods mentioned in the book of Daniel and in the Apocalypse, Includes "The book of Enoch, to which are added parallel passages from the Scriptures" by Edward Murray 1836

The Book of Enoch, the Prophet: An Apocryphal Production, Supposed for Ages to Have Been Lost by Richard Laurence 1838

The Book of Enoch, a chapter in the book _The Christology of Jesus_ by James Stalker 1899

The Serpent in Genesis, article in The Unitarian Review and Religious Magazine
"This book of Enoch was written by a genius. Dean Stanley calls it the Divina Comedia of its period. It seems to have created a sensation when first written, and is quoted by the early Fathers. It then disappeared for centuries, and was supposed to be irrecoverably lost."

Legends of the Patriarchs and Prophets and other Old Testament characters from various sources by S Baring Gould 1881

The Christology of Jesus by James Stalker 1899 (delves extensively into Enoch)

The Messages of the Apocalyptical writers - the books of Daniel and Revelation and some uncanonical apocalypses, with historical introductions and a free rendering in

paraphrase by Frank Porter 1905
"The Book of Enoch is the most important pre-Christian importance Jewish apocalypse, and as it arose between Daniel and of Enoch
Revelation and casts much light on the development of  this sort of literature it is not out of place to attempt a somewhat full account of its contents."

Primeval Man Unveiled: Or, The Anthropology of the Bible by James Gall 1871 (this is a poor quality scan, but I am including it beasue in the appendix it has "Supposed

Antedeluvian Scriptures" such as "The Books of Noah" "The Book of the Prophet Adam" "The Book of the Prophet Seth" and "The Book of the Prophet Shem")

Future Punishment as Exhibited in the Book of Enoch by Moses Stuart, chapter in The Future Life, a defence of the orthodox view, by the most eminent American Scholars 1878

Popular Books Among the Jews in the Time of Christ, article in The Expository times 1892

Books which influenced Our Lord and His apostles; being a critical review of apocalyptic Jewish literature by JEH Thomson 1891

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Outline of the Neo-Hebraic Apocalyptic Literature by Moses Buttenwieser 1901

Coptic Apocryphal Gospels by F Robinson 1896

Logos Ebraikos and the Book of Enoch, article in Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society 1901

The Apocryphal New Testament being all the Gospels, Epistles, and other pieces now extant, attributed in the first four centuries to Jesus Christ, His apostles, and their

companions, and not included in the New Testament by its compilers 1820 by William Hone

The Apocryphal Gospels and other Documents relating to the History of Christ by BH Cowper 1867

Popular Books Among the Jews in the Time of Christ 1892

The Apocryphal books of the Old & New Testament by HT Andrews 1908

Signification of the Proper Names occurring in the Book of Enoch by the Rev D.A. De Sola 1852

The Ethiopic Version of the Book of Enoch by RH Charles 1906

The Fallen Angels and the Heroes of Mythology by John Fleming 1879

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