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The Ten Commandments of Socialism, Liberty Review 1906

THE TEN COMMANDMENTS OF SOCIALISM, as complied in Liberty Review, a Magazine of Politics, Economics, and Sociology 1906

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"Comrade" the Countess of Warwick told a Socialist meeting at Queen's Hall on November 28th that Socialism was a "glorious vision of a love-welded world." Let us see. Here are the Ten Commandments of this foul creed, published in the Vera Roma of October 22nd:—

1. To hate God.
"God is the enemy, God is the lie" (Belgian Deputy Anseele, at the Socialist congress of Ghent, 1897). "Our whole system is atheist, and cannot swerve from its goal" (Deputy Ferri, Italy, March loth, 1900). "Socialism ought to be atheist as well in form as in substance" (Deputy Turati, in the Social Critic, February, 1894).

2. To curse the name of God.
"We cannot direct to God anything but our curses, and labour to rid the world of his loathsome government" (Le Peuple, Socialist organ of Brussels).

3. To profane the feast-days.
"There will no longer be either Jews or Christians, or other believers. The churches and the convents, the chapels and other holy places, will be demolished or transformed into useful establishments and places for public recreation, such as theatres, baths, stores, etc." (Vooruit, the organ of the Belgian-Flemish Socialists).

4. To dishonour father and mother.
"As the father has no kind of right over his children, so these have no duties towards him" (Belgian Deputy Vandervelde). "Are the children not worth as much as their parents? Why, then, should they be subject to their orders? No more obedience! Without this [abolition of obedience] there is no longer equality" (Benoit Malon, a veteran Socialist). "We ought boldly to deny God, family, and fatherland" (Venisier, a Socialist writer).

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5. To murder without scruple.
"Force ought to be the lever of our revolution" (Karl Marx, at the Congress of Aix, 1879). "Our end cannot be achieved without the violent destruction of all social order now existing" (Marx, in the Manifesto of the Communist party, page 48). "When that day comes, guns and cannon will turn of themselves to make mincemeat of the enemies of the Socialist people" (German Deputy Liebknecht at the Congress of Ghent). "It will be a joy for us to be able to assist at the death-throes of priests, of citizens, of capitalists. Shut up in the cellars of the houses, they will die slowly, tasting death before our eyes. This will be our victory" (Realing, a Socialist writer).

6. To lore without restraint.
"The unions of the future ought to be founded on free choice, and to be broken when the sentiments that inspired them no longer exist" Benoit Malon).

7. To steal everything.
"We shall seize the property of the capitalists without giving any compensation, even though so doing will be called theft" ( Vooruit).

8. To dissimulate so as to get power.
"We must guard against compromising ourselves before the people by declaring what we really wish; this would be a want of tactics" { Vorwaerts, chief organ of the German Socialists).

9. To abolish matrimony.
"Man and woman being animals, can we talk of matrimony? of indissoluble bonds? Plainly, no. The woman remains always free, as the man remains always free" (German Deputy Bebel).

10. Universal Revolution.
"It is not possible to be Socialists without being revolutionaries"
(Bereant, Socialist writer). "Let us give the masters some lead.....We shall not spare the dynamite" (Ferrou).

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