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Heartbreaking Stories of Heroic Dogs

Heartbreaking Stories of Heroic Dogs

Dog dies saving its owners from killer snakes (Warning: Graphic Images)

Family dog dies shielding baby from flames in Baltimore house fire

Dog takes on tiger near Dudhwa, sacrifices itself for master

Dog Saves Owner Who Broke His Neck In The Snow From Freezing To Death
A hospital in Michigan says a man was saved by his golden retriever who stayed with him for 20 hours after he fell in the snow and broke his neck.

Dog says goodbye to dying owner in heartbreaking moment at hospital

Dog Dies Saving His Owner's Life From Lightning Strike
A loyal dog named Rambo saved his owner's life by taking the brunt of a bolt of lightning that struck them — though sadly, it cost the sweet animal his own.

Faithful dog who stood by dead owner's coffin at funeral now visits his grave every day
The devoted canine stood underneath his owner's coffin throughout the entire ceremony before following it to a graveyard

Service dog dies defending Port LaBelle vet from gator

Loyal Dog Still Waiting Outside Hospital 8 Months After His Owner Died


“To the dog that has been his companion for two years, six-year old Hugh Morehouse, of Memphis, Tenn., owes his life," says the Globe of July 9. A "live" electric light wire got coiled around the child and several people had been knocked down while vainly trying to extricate the child, when the dog rushed forward and, seizing his clothes in its teeth, slowly pulled his master away. The dog was killed by the current, but not till he had saved the boy's life.

On July 1, says the N. Y. Times of July 2, Joseph Barry, of Hoboken, fell into the river from the dock and, being unable to swim, was drowning, when the “big collie dog, Spot,” owned by Capt. Mattson, leaped into the water, seized him by the collar and brought him to the derrick, where he was hauled out by workmen.

The N. Y. Herald of July 12 gives a pathetic account of the more than human affection of three dogs. Mrs. Bertha Wise recently died at her home, 303 West I37th., St., New York City, leaving inconsolable her three pet dogs—“Trixie,” “Di Giovanni,” and their mother, “Lassie.” Lassie soon died of grief and “Di Giovanni grieved for Lassie until he too died." The greatest care was taken of Trixie, who was now left alone, but to no avail, and a few days afterwards she “followed her mother and brother."

The N. Y. Herald of June 22 says that “the large African parrot, for years the almost constant companion of Captain James Dunn, is slowly dying of grief.” Captain Dunn, of the Liberty Av. police station, died on June 18, and Polly since then has “made daily inquiries for him” from his cage in the station. He refuses to eat, and “sits on his perch calling—‘Hello, Captain’ for hours at a time till exhausted.”

“Dorothy Dix” gives a touching incident of the recent Johnstown mine disaster in the N. Y. Journal of July 13. Among the dead men brought up was one so mutilated that even his own mother and wife did not recognize him, when “through the crowd a common yellow cur dog forced his way, and dropped, moaning piteously, at the feet of the men bearing the thing that had been his master. It was the miner’s dog, which had been watching for him for nearly two days, and who knew and loved beyond all earthly change." J. M. GREENE.

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