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Dangers of Spiritism & the Occult - 60 Books on CDrom

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Contents of Disks (created on a Windows computer)

Spiritualism versus Christianity, or, Spiritualism thoroughly Exposed by JW Daniels 1856

The History and Power of Mind by Richard Ingalese 1902 (Lesser Occult or Psychic Forces and their Dangers, Hypnotism and How to Guard Against It)

Facts and Mysteries of Spiritism by Joseph Hartman 1885

Spiritualism, article in the The Bible Christian magazine (The so-called "light" of spiritualism is no other than the light of the pit, and its doctrines are "the doctrines of Devils."") 1881

Spiritism and the Fallen Angels in the Light of the Old and New Testaments by James Gray 1920

Spiritism the Modern Satanism by Thomas Coakley 1920

A Complete Refutation of Astrology by TH Moody 1838

Modern Spiritism - its Science and Religion by AT Schofield 1920

The Menace of Spiritualism by Eliot O'Donnell 1920

Modern Necromancy, article in the The Christian Treasury 1871

What Say the Scriptures about Spiritism - That it is Demonism by Charles Taze Russell 1897

The Rappers - The Mysteries, Fallacies, and Absurdities of Spirit-rapping, Table-tipping, and Entrancement 1854

Spiritualism exposed by F Fawkes 1920

Modern Spiritualism Laid Bare, unmasked, dissected, and viewed from spiritualists' own teachings and from Scriptural standpoints

Spiritualism - a personal experience and a warning by C Kernahan 1920

The Case against Spiritualism by Jane Stoddard 1919

Confessions of a Medium 1882

Sketches of Imposture, Deception, and Credulity 1845 (has chapters dealing with Astrology, Vampires and Alchemy)

Spiritualism and Necromancy by AB Morrison 1873

Spiritualism, or Modern necromancy by Edward Cridge 1870

Some Phases of Modern Occultism - Article in the Rosary Magazine 1903

Spiritism and Religion, a moral study by J Liljencrants 1918

The Physical Phenomena of Spiritualism, Fraudulent and Genuine, being a brief account of the most important historical phenomena, a criticism of their evidential value, and a complete exposition of the methods employed in fraudulently reproducing the same by H Carrington 1908

Three Lectures on Modern Spiritism by Carl August Blomgrem 1922 -

"The final word of the Bible on Spiritism seals its eternal doom. Bevelation XXI:8"
The Probable Effect of Spiritualism upon the social, moral, and religious condition of society by Anna Blackwell 1876

Modern Spiritualism - a history and a criticism, Volume 1 by Frank Podmore 1902

Modern Spiritualism - a history and a criticism, Volume 2 by Frank Podmore 1902

Spiritualism on Trial by Rev. F. W. Evans 1875

The New Black Magic and the Truth about the Ouija-board by J Rauper 1919

The Question Settled. A careful Comparison of Biblical and Modern Spiritualism by Moses Hull 1891

Psychic Research and Gospel Miracles - a study of the evidences of the Gospel's superphysical features in the light of the established results of modern psychical research by Edward Duff 1902

Essays in Occultism, Spiritism, and Demonology by William Harris 1919

Serpent-worship and other essays by Charles Wake 1888

Frauds exposed by Anthony Comstock 1880

The Popes and Science by James Walsh 1908 (appendix talks about Astrology)

The Greatest Debate within a Half Century Upon Modern Spiritualism by Moses Hull and William F. Jamieson 1904

The supernatural in modern English fiction by Dorothy Scarborough 1917

Fact and fable in psychology by J Jastrow 1901 (The modern occult. The problems of psychical research. The logic of mental telegraphy. The psychology of deception. The psychology of spiritualism. Hypnotism and its antecedents.)

Astrology, article in the Knickerbocker Magazine 1836

The Autobiography of Satan by John Beard 1872 (has a chapter on Astrology)

A Note on Astrology and Spiritualism, article in Papers for the Times 1879

The Mediaeval Attitude toward Astrology by TO Wedel 1920

The Delusions of Clairvoyance, article in Scribner's Monthly 1879

Psychology as a natural science applied to the solution of occult psychic phenomena 1889 by Charles Raue

Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions Volume 1 by Charles Mackay 1850

Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions Volume 2 by Charles Mackay 1850

Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions Volume 3 by Charles Mackay 1850

Modern Mysteries Explained and Exposed by Asa Mahan 1855

Hypnotism and Spiritism; a Critical and Medical Study by G Lapponi 1907

The Pharmacy of the Bible, article in Canadian pharmaceutical journal 1872 (In the list of the evil practices of the day given by St. Paul in his Epistle to the Galatians, occurs the word " witchcraft." The Greek word for this is "pharmakeia," from which our word pharmacy is derived.)

Chronicles of Pharmacy, by A. C. Wootton 1910 (The Greek word, pharmakeia, the original of our " pharmacy," had a rather mixed history in its native language. It does not seem to have exactlv deteriorated, as words in all languages have a habit of doing, for from the earliest times it was used concurrently to describe the preparation of medicines, and also through its association with drugs and poisons and the production of philtres, as equivalent to sorcery and witcheraft. It is in this latter sense that it is employed exclusively in the New Testament. St. Paul, for instance (in Galatians, v, 20), enumerating the works of the flesh names it after idolatry. The word appears as witcheraft in the Authorised, and as sorcery in the Revised Version.)

Religious Delusions - Study of the False Faiths of Today by JV Coombs 1904 (Chapters on Witchcraft, Superstitions, Spiritualism and Hypnotism)

The Swedenborgian Delusion by George Burgess 1870

Rev. Joseph Cook Versus Emanuel Swedenborg 1879 (Swedenborg may be said to be the father of Spiritualism, a belief that one can communicate with the dead).

The Holy Spirit and Other Spirits by Daniel Teasley 1904 (many pages hard to read)

Is the Devil a Myth? by CF Wimberly 1913

Claims of Modern Psychical Research, article in Our Day 1895

Spiritism and the Cult of the Dead in Antiquity by Lewis Bayles Paton - 1921

Preliminary report of the Commission appointed by the University of Pennsylvania to investigate modern spiritualism, in accordance with the request of the late Henry Seybert 1887 (The Seybert Commission was a group of faculty at the University of Pennsylvania who in 1884-1887 investigated a number of respected spiritualist mediums, uncovering fraud or suspected fraud in every case that they examined.)

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