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The United States a Christian Nation - 50 Books on CDrom

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Books Scanned from the Originals into PDF format

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Contents of Disk (created on a Windows computer)

Christian Life and Character of the Civil Institutions of the United States
Published in 1864

American State Papers Bearing on Sunday Legislation (1911) 798 pages

Church and State in Early Maryland by George Petrie (1892)

The Christless Nations by Bishop Thoburn (1895)  220 pages

The Christian state: a Political Vision of Christ - a course of 6 Lectures By George Davis Herron

The President and the Motto on our Coins (In God We Trust), article in Current Opinion magazine 1908

In God We Trust - article in the Christian Science Journal 1902

Unity of Church and State, article in The Twentieth Century Magazine 1910

Church and State in the United States by Phillip Schaff 1888

Washington's Prayers by H Burk 1907

The United States a Christian Nation by David Brewer 1905

"Is this a Christian country?" by  Moses Perez Jacobson 1913

Is this a Christian Country in the Eyes of the Law, article in the Church Review 1885

Christianity in the United States by Daniel Dorchester D.D. 1888

Lincoln's Use of the Bible by S. Trevena Jackson 1909

American Christian Rulers by Edward Gidding 1890

The United States of America - Its Rise, government and Destiny Indicated in the Bible by WHD Totten 1874

Is this a Christian Nation? article in The American Presbyterian Review 1870 (some lines on one page hard to read)

Religion in the State, article in The Christian world 1870
("If the prevalent religion of the American people had been Mohammedanism, or any form of Paganism, instead of Christianity, they would not by any means have been the people they are this day.")

Historic Bibles in America by John Wright 1905

Early Bibles of America by John Wright 1894

Right of the Bible in Our Public Schools by George Cheever 1859

The Church in America by William Adams Brown 1922

Is the American Republic a Christian State? By John Fleming Carson 1908

Makers of the American Republic by David Gregg 1905

America and the American Church by Henry Caswell

The Soul of America; a Constructive Essay in the Sociology of Religion by S Coit 1914

The Rise of Religious Liberty in America

The Gauvin-Olson debates on God and the Bible By Marshall Jerome Gauvin, David Eugene Olson
(Sunday afternoon, just last Sunday, my honorable opponent stood upon this platform and made the audacious statement that Washington's Bible had no marks in it, not even thumbmarks, had no signs whatsoever that it had ever been read and used; when the facts are that just one year ago last February, I myself, whilst in old Mt. Vernon, spent several hours around the old home of George Washington. I was in that house; handled that Bible with my own hands; saw it; read it; and I am here to tell you as an eye witness, that my honorable opponent told an absolute falsehood about that book. That book is full of marks. It is full of finger marks and thumb marks and pencil marks and all kinds of markings, to show that it has been read carefully by George Washington. Mr. Gauvin owes an apology for telling falsehoods about the father of our country.)

America Triumphant under God and His Christ by KS Cheatham 1920

God's Hand in America by G Cheever 1841

An outline of the History of the Christian Reformed Church of America by Henry van der Werp 1898

The Birth of Methodism in America by JS Reynolds 1905

Illustrated history of Methodism in Great Britain and America by WH Daniels 1880

Seventh Day Baptists in Europe and America Volume 1 1910

The Baptists in America by FA Cox 1836

The Philosophy of Religion in England and America by Alfred Caldecott 1901

Reformation Principles Stated and Applied by JM Foster 1890
(Ours is a Christian nation. This country was settled by Christian men with Christian ends in view. The Pilgrim Fathers, before landing on Plymouth Rock, while in the cabin of the Mayflower, drafted a constitution of government which began thus: "In the name of God, Amen. For the glory of God, and the maintenance of the Christian faith, etc.")

The American as he is by Nicholas Butler 1908
(The United States is both in law and in fact a Christian nation, and it would be so even if a majority of its inhabitants were not — as they are — adherents of some form of the Christian faith. It is so, despite the fact that a very large number of its inhabitants profess no form of the Christian faith whatsoever.)

The Sabbath - a Brief History of Laws, Petitions, Remonstrances and Reports by H. Kingsbury 1841

Religious Thought in the Greater American Poets by Elmer Bailey 1922

The Catholic Pioneers of America by John Murray 1882

The Catholic History of North America 1855 (poorer quality) by Thomas D'Arcy McGee

A Brief History of the Lutheran Church in America by J Neve 1904

Early History of the Lutheran Church in America by Charles William Schaeffer 1857

Three hundred years of the Episcopal Church in America by George Hodges 1908

Christian Democracy for America by D Forsyth 1918

What Calvinism has Done for America by John Clover Monsma 1919

Calvinism and American Independence by Thomas Balch 1876 (hard to read)

The American People - a study in National Psychology 1909 by Maurice Low
("Calvinism has had much to do in producing the individualistic nature of the American, even among Americans who subscribed
not to the doctrines of Calvin. It laid the foundation of American character in the first days of America, and by a natural development the social influence of Calvinism became part of the temper of the American people...")

The Quakers as Makers of America by D Gregg 1896

The Quakers in Great Britain and America by Charles Holder 1913

Universalism in America - a History Volume 1 by Richard Eddy 1886

Universalism in America - a History Volume 2 by Richard Eddy 1886

Unitarianism in America - a History of its Origin and Development by George Cooke 1902 (few pages hard to read)

The Early Jesuit Missions in North America by William Ingraham Kip 1846

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