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The War Between Religion & Science, 100 Books on DVDrom

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Contents of Disk (created on a Windows computer):

A Doubter's Doubts about Science and Religion by Sir Robert Anderson 1909

Genesis and Modern Science by Warren Perce 1897

Religion and Science from Galileo to Bergson by John Hardwick 1920

Genesis 1 and Modern Science by Charles Warring 1892

Galileo and the Church, article in The Christian quarterly 1869

Galileo and his Judges by FR Wegg-Prosser 1889

The Bible and Science by TL Brunton 1881

A History of the Warfare of Science with Theology in Christendom, Volume 1 by Andrew Dickson White

A History of the Warfare of Science with Theology in Christendom, Volume 2 by Andrew Dickson White

Science and the Church by JA Zahm 1896

The Place of the Church in Evolution by John Tyler 1914

History of the Conflict Between Religion and Science by John William Draper 1875

The Religion of Science by William Wood 1922

The Gradual Acceptance of the Copernican theory of the universe by Dorothy Stimson 1917

The Calumny against the Catholic Church, in reference to Galileo 1849

Religious Beliefs of Scientists, including 100 Unpublished letters on science and religion from eminent men of science by A Tabrum 1910

The Science of the Day and Genesis by E Nisbet 1881

Science and Religion by Benjamin Loomis 1905

The Religion of Science by Paul Carus 1893

The Catholic Church and Science 1908

Harmony between science and religion by JV De Concilio 1889

Where Science and Religion Meet by Mary Dowson 1919

Introduction To The Science Of Religion by F Max Muller 1882

Religion of man and ethics of science by Hudson Tuttle 1905

Religion and Science, a Philosophical Essay by John Merz 1915

The Agreement Between Science and Religion by Orlando Jay Smith 1906

The relation between religion and science: a biological approach by Angus Woodburne 1920

On the Relation between Religion and Science by George Combe 1857

The Relation Between the Holy Scriptures and Some Parts of Geological Science 1855

Science and Religion, the Rational and the Supperrational by CJ Keyser 1914

Evolution and Scripture - The relation between the teaching of scripture and the conclusions of astronomy, geology and biology; with an inquiry into the nature of the scriptures and inspiration 1892 by Arthur Holborow

Genesis and Near Science by Anna Ramsey 1900

Science and Hebrew Tradition by Thomas Henry Huxley 1901

Evolution and religion by Arthur Dadson 1893

Genesis and Science by John Arnold 1875

The Church and Science by BC Windle 1920

The Principles of Metaphysical and Ethical Science applied to the Evidences of Religion by Francis Bowen 1855

Jesus for the Men of Today, when Science Aids Religion, by George Gilbert 1917

Religion and Science in their Relation to Philosophy by C Shields 1875

The Scientific Temper in religion, and other addresses by PN Waggett 1905 (The more general effect of evolutionary doctrine, Agnosticism and determinism, Natural selection and theism, The Bible and evolution)

Christianity in relation to science and morals by Malcolm MacColl 1890

What should I believe? An Inquiry into the Nature, grounds and value of the faiths of science, society, morals and religion by GT Ladd 1915

Science and Morals and other essays by BC Windle 1919

Christian faith in an age of science by William North Rice 1903

Religion and Chemistry by Josiah Cooke 1864

Evolution and Religion Volume 1 by Henry Ward Beecher 1885

Evolution and Religion Volume 2 by Henry Ward Beecher 1885

Naturalism and Religion by Rudolf Otto 1907

Catholic Churchmen in Science - sketches of the lives of Catholic Ecclesiastics who were among the great founders in science by James Walsh 1906

Naturalism and Agnosticism by James Ward 1915

Vital Problems of Religion by John Cohu 1914

The first Chapter of Genesis as the rock foundation for science and religion by Albert Gridley 1913

Natural Science and Religion by Asa Gray 1880

Science and Religion - lectures on the reasonableness of Christianity and the shallowness of unbelief by RB Vaughan 1879

Religion and Science as Allies by JT Bixby 1889

The Christian Philosopher - The connection of Science and Philosophy with Religion by Thomas Dick 1833

The Final Philosophy - System of perfectible knowledge issuing from the harmony of science and religion by Charles Shields 1877

Argument to Errors of Thought in Science, religion and social life by MP Malter 1911

Creation and Modern Science by GG Greenwood 1874

Religion and Science by HW Watkins 1879

The relations between religion and academic education BY ED MacMaster 1845

Astronomy and the Bible by Lucas Albert Reed 1919

The Debate between the Church and Science by Francis William Upham 1860

Charles Darwin and other English thinkers, with reference to their religious and ethical value by SP Cadman 1911

Article on anesthesia in the Westminster Review (Religious Objections to Anesthesia) 1859

The Bible under Trial in view of present-day assaults on Holy Scripture by James Orr 1907

Catholicism and Freedom of Thought, article in THE UNITED METHODIST FREE CHURCHES 1885

Is Evolution Reconcilable with the Bible, article in The Homiletic monthly 1884

The Rise of Intellectual Liberty from Thales to Copernicus by FM Holland 1885

The Censorship of the Church of Rome Volume 1 by George Putnam 1906

The Censorship of the Church of Rome Volume 2 by George Putnam 1906

Persecution of Scientists by the Church, small article in Everybody's magazine 1914

The Bible and Nature versus Copernicus. A series of lectures in defense of sacred truths discredited by modern science by Samuel Miller 1901

The Bible and Astronomy an Exposition of the Biblical Cosmology, and its Relations to Natural Science by JH Kurtz 1857

Genesis and Geology by Joseph Baylee 1857

Evolution and Creation by Charles Hardwicke 1887

Creation or evolution by George Curtis 1887

Science and faith by Francis Aveling 1906

Last Words on Evolution by Ernst Haeckel 1905

Mr. Darwin's Critics by Thomas Henry Huxley 1871

Bible, Science, and Faith by JA Zahm 1894

Problems of Faith - a Contribution to present controversies by George Argylle 1875

Christian Faith in an Age of Science by William Rice 1903

Does Science Aid Faith in Regard to Creation? by Henry Cotterill 1883

The Irreconcilable Records - Genesis and Geology by William Denton 1871

The Theories of Darwin and their Relation to Philosophy, Religion, and Morality by Rudolf Schmid 1883

The World's Sages, Infidels, and Thinkers - being biographical sketches of leading philosophers, teachers, reformers, innovators, founders of new schools of thought, eminent scientists, etc. 1876 by De Robigne Mortimer Bennett

The Doctrine of the Deluge; vindicating the Scriptural account from the doubts which have recently been cast upon it by geological speculations by Vernon Harcourt Volume 1 1838

The Doctrine of the Deluge; vindicating the Scriptural account from the doubts which have recently been cast upon it by geological speculations by Vernon Harcourt Volume 2 1838

Is the Bible Divine? A 6 Nights' discussion between Mr. Charles Bradlaugh and Mr. Robert Roberts 1876

Conflict of the 19th Century - The Bible and Free Thought by Thomas Mitchell 1893

Evenings with the Bible and Science by JB Sewall 1864

The Credentials of Science the Warrant of Faith by Josiah Cooke 1893

Faith and Modern Thought by R Welch 1876

The New Truth and the Old Faith 1880

Evolution and its Consequences - a reply to Professor Huxley 1872

The Gospel according to Darwin by W Hutchinson 1898

Science and Faith - Man as an Animal, and Man as a Member of Society by Paul Topinard 1899

Evolution and Religion - Faith as a part of a complete cosmic system by John Bascom 1897

Essays on Un-Natural History by John Gerard 1900

Excursions of an evolutionist by John Fiske 1884

Nature and the Bible, Volume 1 by FH Reusch 1886

Nature and the Bible, Volume 2 by FH Reusch 1886

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