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The Philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche - 100 Books on CDrom

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Contents of Disks (created on a Windows computer):

Prophets of Dissent; essays on Maeterlinck, Strindberg, Nietzsche, and Tolstoy by Otto Heller 1918

A Visit to Elizabeth Foerster-Nietzsche, article in Open Court 1920

Will Nietzsche Come into Vogue in America, article in Current Opinion 1910

Nietzsche's Melancholia, article in The Johns Hopkins alumni magazine 1920

The Tragedy of a Thinker, article on Macmillan's magazine 1900

The Ideals of Anarchy - F. Nietzsche, article in The Quarterly Review

Nietzsche, by Walter E Peck 1913

The Philosophy of Nietzsche by Johannes Broene, article in The American journal of religious psychology 1911

The Philosophy of Nietzsche; an exposition and an appreciation by Georges Chatterton-Hill 1913

The Quintessence of Nietzsche by John McFarland Kennedy (3 pages have ink stains) 1910

Nietzsche and the Latest Philosophy, article in The Living Age 1913

The life of Friedrich Nietzsche by Daniel Halevy 1962

The Philosophy of Nietzsche by A. Wolf 1915

Nietzsche and Art by Anthony Ludovici 1911

Selected letters of Friedrich Nietzsche 1921

The Morals of an Immoralist, article in Ethics 1909 ("Let there be no mistake about it; what fires us still, unbelievers and all, is the old Christian belief, which was also Plato ’s belief, that God is the truth, that truth is divine. How then if this should seem every day more incredible, if God himself should prove to be our oldest lie?”)

Nietzsche Madness, article in The Bibliotheca sacra 1912

Nietzsche: A note, article in Books and Authors 1922

New Revelations of Nietzsche, article in Current opinion 1906

The Nietzschean Idea and the Christian Ideal, article in The American Catholic quarterly review 1916

Gospels of Anarchy by Vernon Lee 1908

The Will to Beauty, a Continuation of the Philosophies of Schopenhauer and Nietzsche by Abraham Kanovitch 1922

The Philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche by Frank Thilly 1905

An Introductory Word on Neitzsche, article in The Harvard theological review 1913

H.L. Mencken by Burton Rasco 1920 (Nietzsche was an influence of Mencken)

Human Degeneration, article in The University magazine and free review 1900

Germany and the Bible, plus, Critical Estimates of Nietzsche's Philosophy, article in Bibliotheca sacra 1915

The Persistent Problems of Philosophy, an introduction to metaphysics through the study of modern systems by Mary Whiton Calkins 1917

Contemporary Philosophy in Germany, article in the philosophical review 1907

Nietzsche by Paul Elmer More 1912

The Eagle and the Serpent (periodical with many interesting article devoted to Nietzsche and Egoism) 160 pages. 1893

Nietzsche and Morals, article in The Forum 1910

Professor Seth's Attack on Nietzsche, article in The University magazine and free review 1899

The Truth about Nietzsche, article in The Dail 1912

A Preacher's Interest in Nietzsche, article in The American journal of theology 1915

Nietzsche and Darwinism, article in International quarterly 1900

Ernst Haeckel and F. Nietzsche, article in The Reformed church review 1908

A Critical Estimate of Nietzsche's Philosophy, article in Bibliotheca Sacra

The Philosopher Decadent, article about Nietzsche in The Dail 1897

Nietzsche and Other Exponents of Individualism by Paul Carus 1914

Man's place in the cosmos, and other essays By Andrew Seth Pringle-Pattison (has a chapter called The Life and Opinions of Nietzsche)

Nietzsche - His Life and Works by AM Ludovici 1916

A Christian Reply to Nietzsche, article in Current Opinion 1908

On Reading Nietzsche by Emile Faguet 1918 ("But the state lieth in all languages of good and evil; and whatever it saith, it lieth; and whatever it hath, it hath stolen.)

Handbook of ethical theory by George Fullerton 1922 (has a section on "Kant, Hegel and Nietzsche" and Egoism)

The Gospel of Superman by JM Kennedy 1912

The Keynote to the Work of Nietzsche, article in the Mind 1902

Three Modern Seers: James Hinton, Nietzsche, Edward Carpenter by Mrs Havelock Ellis

The Will to Freedom - or the Gospel of Nietzsche and the Gospel of Christ by John Figgis 1917

The Birth of Tragedy, or, Hellenism and Pessimism 1909

On Truth and Lies in a Nonmoral Sense (1873)

Affirmations by Havelock Ellis 1915 (writing on Nietzsche, St Francis, Emile Zola etc)

German Philosophy and the War, article in the Biblical Review 1918

What Nietzsche Taught by Williard Wright 1915

Egoists, a book of Supermen by James Huneker 1901

Goethe Rather than Nietzsche, article in Open Court 1916

Article About Nietsche in The Freethinker 1895 ("Nietzsche is, frankly anti-Christian. He says, in effect: Blessed are the arrogant, for they shall inherit the earth. Blessed are the strong, for theirs is the kingdom of man. Be strong, for to be weak is to be miserable.")

Nietzsche the Thinker; a Study by William Salter 1917

Freidrich Nietzsche, article in Mother Earth 1912

Contemporary Criticisms of Friedrich Nietzsche, article in The Journal of Philosophy, psychology and scientific methods 1907

The philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche by HL Mencken 1908

The philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche by Grace Dolson 1901

Friedrich Nietzsche by William P Montague 1917

Nietzsche and his Influence, article in The Book Lover 1900

Nietzsche: An Appreciation, article in The Twentieth Century 1900

Nietzsche as a Tonic in War Time, article in The Sewanee review 1918

Ibsen, Emerson and Mietzsche - the Individualists, article by Prof. Lewis Worthington Smith 1911

The Bible under Trial in view of present-day assaults on Holy Scripture by James Orr 1907

Some Modern "Isms" (talks of Nietzscheism) by TC Johnson 1919

Friedrich Nietzsche - the Dionysian spirit of the age by AR Orage 1911

Nietzsche and Individualism, article in The Ideal review 1900

Immorality as a Philosophic Principle, and Friedrich Nietzsche's Uebermensch, 2 articles in the Monist 1899

Why Christianity Did not Prevent the War by Isaac Lansing 1918

The complete works of Friedrich Nietzsche Volume 1 (Thoughts out of Season) 1910

The complete works of Friedrich Nietzsche Volume 2 (Early Greek Philosophy)

The complete works of Friedrich Nietzsche Volume 7 (Human, all too Human)

The complete works of Friedrich Nietzsche Volume 8 (The Case of Wagner)

The Complete Works of Friedrich Nietzsche Volume 9 (Dawn of Day)

The Complete Works of Friedrich Nietzsche Volume 10 (The Joyful Wisdom)

The complete works of Friedrich Nietzsche Volume 13 (The Genealogy of Morals)

Beyond Good and Evil by Nietzsche 1911

Assorted Opinions and Maxims by Friedrich Nietzsche 1869

THE ANTICHRIST by Friedrich Nietzsche

We Philologists by Friedrich Nietzsche 1874

The Twilight of the Idols by Friedrich Nietzsche 1896

The Wanderer and His Shadow by Friedrich Nietzsche 1880

Homer and Classical Philology 1869 by Friedrich Nietzsche

Thus spoke Zarathustra by Friedrich Nietzsche 1909

Christian belief in God. A German criticism of German materialistic philosophy by Goerge Wobbermin 1918

The War Against the Worlds View of Christianity, article in the Metaphysical Magazine 1907

Lectures and Essays on Natural Theology and Ethics (1898) by William Wallace (Nietzsche's criticism of morality)

The Young Nietzsche by Frau Forster Nietzsche 1912

Anarchism and Other Essays by Emma Goldman 1917

German philosophy and politics by John Dewey 1915

Egotism in German philosophy by G. Santayana 1916

The Fallacy of the German state philosophy by GW Crile 1918

History of modern philosophy by Richard Falckenberg 1893

A brief history of modern philosophy by H Hoffding 1912

Modern thinkers and present problems by Edgar Singer 1922

A history of European thought in the nineteenth century by JT Merz 1907

The world's legal philosophies by Fritz Berolzheimer 1912

The German Classics of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries by K Francke 1913

The Progress of the Century by Alfred Russell Wallace 1901

Buy Now Only $5.99 (I only ship to the United States)

For a list of all of my disks and books click here

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