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Over 100 Foreign Language Older Bibles on DVDrom

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Books Scanned from the Originals into PDF format

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Contents of Disk (created on a Windows computer):

Die Heilige Schrift des alten Testaments in Verbindung mit Professor Prof. Guthe in Leipzig, Prof. Kamphausen, Professor Kittel Prof. etc
1894 (German)

Martin Luther's Bible (German)

El nuevo testamento de nuestro señor y Salvador Jesu Cristo by Cipriano de Valera - 1906 - 400 pages (Spanish)

La Sainte Bible by Louis Segond - 1898 - about 1000 pages (French)

French Darby Translation Bible (searchable pdf)

Statenvertaling Dutch Bible (searchable pdf)

William Tyndale's Five Books of Moses, Called the Pentateuch by William Tyndale, Jacob Isidor Mombert -1884 - 635 pages (English)

The Book of Wisdom: The Greek Text, the Latin Vulgate, and the Authorised Version
by William John Deane - 1881 - 220 pages

La Sacra Bibbia: ossia l'Antico e il Nuovo Testamento By Giovanni Diodati 1877 950 pages (Italian)
Bibelen, eller den Hellige Skrift: indeholdende det Gamle og Nye Testamentes - 1907 - 1200 pages (Danish)

La Sainte Bible traduction De M. De Genoude - Nouvelle Edition, Publiee Sous Les Auspices du Crege de France et Derigee par les Soins De M. L'abbe Juste
1838 (French)

A Biblia Sagrada. contendo o Velho e o Novo Testamento
by João Ferreira d' Almeida - 1914 (Portuguese)

Biblia lacinsko-polska: czyli, Pismo Swiete Starego i Nowego testamentu
by Jakub Wujek, Jacobus Giacomo Menochius, S. Kozlowski - 1907
Latin and Polish in parallel columns.
Szent Biblia: azaz Istennek Ó és Új Testamentomában foglaltott egész Szent írás
by Gáspár Károlyi - 1908 (Hungarian)

The Finnish Bible 1918

Amharic (Ethiopia) New Testament 1886 Johann Ludwig Krapf, Abu-Rumi

De apokryfiske Bøger 1922 (Norwegian)

Czech Bible 1918

Armenian Bible 1917

Romansch Bible (a national language of Switzerland) 1870

Slavic/Bulgarian New Testament (Slaveikoff and Michaeloffski) 1867

Biblia to jest Ksiegi starego i Nowego Testamentu: z acinskiego na Jezyk Polski przeozone 1923 (Polish)

The Holy Bible in Bengali 1909

Le Nouveau Testament de Notre Seigneur Jésus-Christ - Nersion Synodal (French) 1922

Icelandic New Testament and Psalms 1866

New Testament in Hindustani 1860

Romanian Bible 1921 (Ghenadie, Nitzulescu)

Franz Delitzsche Hebrew New Testament

La Biblia (spanish) from the Latin Vulgate - San Miguel, Phelipe 1869

Latin Vulgate New Testament with the English Douay Version in Parallel Columns 1872

Sanskrit Bible Volume 1 (Wenger/Yates) 1848

Sanskrit Bible Volume 2 (Wenger/Yates) 1848

Sanskrit Bible Volume 3 (Wenger/Yates) 1848

Sanskrit Bible Volume 4 (Wenger/Yates) 1872

Baluchi - Punjab (Iranian) Gospel of Matthew 1884

The New Testament in Hebrew 1817

Four Gospels and Acts in Hindi 1842

Malay/Mongolian New Testament (Stallybrass/Swan) 1880

Gamla Testamentet de Apokryfiska Böckerna (Swedish) 1916

The Four Gospels and Acts in Albanian 1872

Yiddish New Testament by Mortkhe Shmuel Bergmann 1912

Gospel of Mark - Lithuanian and English

Gospel of Luke - Lithuanian and English 1914

Mongolian New Testament 1846 (Stallybrass/Swan)

Szent Biblia - Hungarian Bible, Károlyi Revised

Danish/English New Testament 1873

The First Germanic (Gothic) Bible 1891

Leabhraichean an t-Seann Tiomnaidh - air an tarruing o'n cheud chain chum Gaelig Albannaich - agus air an cur a mach le h-ughdarras ard-sheanaidh eaglais na h-Alba


The Gospel according to Matthew in English and Cantonese 1910

Documents relating to the proposed new Chinese translation of the Holy Scriptures 1836

Holy Bible in Persian by the Unwim Brothers 1920

Gospels and Acts in English and Mandarin 1899

The New Testament in English and Mandarin 1902

Gensis and Exodus in Tibetan 1905 by TD Schreve

The New Testament by Bible Societies Committee for Japan (though it does not look Japanese to me)1869

New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in Ainu 1897

The Old Testament in Ilocano (uses Jehova as the Divine Name) 1919

The Earliest Translation of the Old Testament into the Basque Language by Pierre d'Urte 1894

Tiomnadh Nuadh ar Tighearna agus ar Slanuighir Iosa Criosd : eadar-theangaichte o'n ghreugais chum Gaelic albannaich

Yn Vible Casherick - ny yn Chenn Chonaant, as yn Conaant Noa : veih ny chied ghlaraghyn; dy kiaralagh chyndait ayns gailk : ta shen dy ghra, chengey ny mayrey Ellan Vannin. Pointit dy ve lhaiht ayns kialteenyn (1819)


Histor an Testamant Coz hag an Testamant Nevez (1886)


Breton is descended from the Brythonic branch of Insular Celtic languages brought by Romano-British and other Brythons to Armorica, perhaps from the end of the 3rd century onwards. The modern-day language most closely related to Breton is Cornish which are mutually comprenhensible, followed by Welsh. (The other regional language of Brittany, Gallo, is a Langue d'oïl derived from Latin.)

Conaant Noa nyn Jiarn as Saualtagh Yeesey Creest: veih ny chied ghlaraghyn, dy kiaralagh chyndait ayns Gailck - William Walker 1815

Testament Newydd: ein harglwydd a'n hiachawdwr Iesu Grist (1879)


Llaw-lyfr y Beibl, cyfieithiedig gan J.R. Morgan (1860) Author: Joseph Angus

Hanesion y Beibl - yn cynnwys, tri chant o ddygwyddiadau hynod yn hanesyddiaeth y Beibl - gydag agos i 300 O ddarluniau / wedi eu gyfaddasu i'r cymry gan Thomas Levi (1860) Welsh

Thi Nu Testament ov owr Lord and Savyur Jizus Crist Acording to thi Othurizd Vurshun 1846 (Phonetic Bible - Phonotypic)

Greek Testament 1882 (Readings adopted by the Revisers of the Authorized Version)

A 14th English Biblical Version - Parts of the New Testament 1902 by Anna Paues (Middle English)

The Four Gospels in Mpongwe (African) 1879

Cherokee New Testament - CC torrey 1860

The New Testament, Translated into the Cree Language by John Horden 1876

The Gospel according to Matthew in Cree by James Hunter 1877

The Book of Psalms in Cree by James Hunter 1876

The Gospel of St. Luke translated into the Slavé language for Indians of North-West America 1890

The Gospel of St. Matthew translated into the Slave language for the Indians of North-West America 1886

The Gospel of St. Mark translated into the Slave language, for Indians of North-west America 1886

The Gospel of St. John translated into the Slavé language for Indians of North-West America 1890

The Holy Gospels in Mohawk 1880

Four Gospels, Acts, Genesis, and Exodus Chapters 19 & 20 - Winnebago (Siouan) 1907

The Gospels, translated from the King James Version into Iroquois 1880

Mozes bi naltsos alsedihigi odesziz holychigi inda yistainilli ba Hani Mark naltsos ye yiki-iscinigi. Tohatcidi enisoti dine bizadkyehgo ayila (Navajo Book of Moses - retains the name JEHOVAH for God 1912)

The Bible in the Life of the Indians of the United States 1916 by Thomas Moffett

The Four Gospels in the Seneca Language (a few pages missing) 1878

On Some Mistaken Notions of Algonkin Grammar and on Mistranslations of Works from Eliot's Bible

Dakota New Testament by S. Riggs 1871

Psalter in Dakota 1878 (some pages difficult or impossible to read)

The Gospel of Luke in Arapahoe -John Roberts 1903

Choctaw New Testament 1857 (text sometimes difficult to read)

Joshua, Judges and Ruth in Choctaw by Alfred Wright 1913 (the divine name used is "Chihowah" even sometimes in the New Testament above)

Psalms in Choctaw 1913

The Gospel of Matthew in Blackfoot by JW Tims 1890

Chippewa New Testament (divine name rendered as Manito) 1833

Gospel according to John - Creek by HF Buckner 1860

"In my translation of John I have transfered the Hebraic name Jehovah for the name of the Supreme Being, instead of adopting the Creek word Hesakitvmise."

Luke's Gospel in Inuktitut

Inuit New Testament 1876

Esquimaux (Eskimo) Gospels 1813 (several pages unreadable)

Matthew, and the Acts in Algonquian/PUTAWATOMIE 1844 by Johnston Lykins

The Acts of the Apostles in Chipewyan (Ojibwe Ojibwa, Ojibway) by John Horden 1900

The Ten commandments and the Lord's prayer in Maliseet (incomplete) 1863 by ST Rand.

The Book of Acts in Micmac by ST Rand 1863

Psalms in Micmac (Mikmak) by ST Rand 1859

The Bible of Every Land. A History of the Sacred Scriptures in every Language and Dialect into which translations have been made by Samuel Bagster & Sons 1860

Chinook Methodist Hymnbook with 10 Commandments and Lords Prayer by Thomas Crosby 1898

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