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Bible Defense of Slavery and other Southern books on CDrom

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Uncle Tom's Cabin Contrasted with Buckingham Hall - Robert Criswell - 1852

American Slavery and Colour by William Chambers 1857:
"Volumes could be filled with such extracts from sermons of American clergymen, not only vindicating slavery by the perversion of Scripture in its general scope and tendency, but misstating the meaning of the plainest texts. In the front rank of Bible-perverters stands Bishop Meade, an Episcopal clergyman of Virginia, who writes a book of sermons and tracts, specially intended to reconcile slaves to their condition. In the whole range of literature, there is perhaps nothing to match the following address....Having thus shewn you the chief duties you owe to your great Master in heaven, I now come to lay before you the duties you owe to your masters and mistresses here upon earth. And for this you have one general rule, that you ought always to carry in your minds, and that is, to do all service for them as if you did it for God himself. Poor creatures! you little consider when you are idle and neglectful of your masters' business; when you steal, and waste, and hurt any of their substance; when you are saucy and impudent; when you are telling them lies and deceiving them; or when you prove stubborn and sullen, and will not do the work you are set about without stripes and vexation—you do not consider, I say, that what faults you are guilty of towards your masters and mistresses, are faults done against God himself, who hath set your masters and mistresses over you in His own stead, and expects that you will do for them just as you would do for Him. And pray do not think that I want to deceive you when I tell you that your masters and mistresses are God's overseers, and that, if you are faulty towards them, God himself will punish you severely for it in the next world, unless you repent of it, and strive to make amends by your faithfulness and diligence for the time to come..."

A Defense of Southern Slavery by a Southern Clergyman - 1851

The Rights and Duties of Masters By James Henley Thornwell 1850
"The parties in this conflict are not merely abolitionists and slaveholders—they are
atheists, socialists, communists, red republicans, jacobins, on the one side, and the
friends of order and regulated freedom on the other. In one word, the world is the battle
ground—Christianity and Atheism the combatants; and the progress of humanity the stake."

An Inquiry into the Law of Negro Slavery, 1858 by Thomas R.R. Cobb

Aunt Phillis's Cabin or Southern Life as it is by Mrs Mary H. Eastman, 1852

Bible Defense of Slavery by Rev. Josiah A.M. 1852- 580 pages

An Essay on the Origin, Habits of the African Race by John Jacobus Flournoy 1835 (Expounds on the "Curse of Cain")

Cotton is King and Pro-Slavery Arguments by E.N. Elliot LLD, 1860, over 900 pages

Uncle Tom's Cabin As It Is, by W.L.G. Smith 1852, over 500 pages

Slavery as Recognized in the Mosaic Civil Law by Rev. Stuart Robinson

Bible Servitude Re-Examined, with Special Reference to Pro-Slavery Interpretations and Infidel Objections by Rev. Reuben Hatch 1862

Slavery Sanctioned by the Bible - A Tract for Northern Christians 1861

The Lofty and the Lowly

The Sword and the Distaff or Fair Fat and Forty - A Story of the South

God and My Neighbor
by Robert Blatchford - 1919
"There is not one verse in the Bible inhibiting slavery, but many regulating it. It is not, then, we conclude, immoral....I shall quote no more on the subject of slavery. That inhuman institution was defended by the churches, and the appeal of the churches was to the Bible." (page 97)

The American Churches the Bulwarks of American Slavery
by James Gillespie Birney 1885
"The right of holding slaves is clearly established in the Holy Scriptures, both by precept and example." Rev. R. Furman, D.D., Baptist, of South Carolina

Selections from the Letters and Speeches of the Hon. James H. Hammond
by James Henry Hammond 1866
"The doom of Ham has been branded on the form and features of his African descendants. The hand of fate has united his color and destiny. Man cannot separate what God hath joined."  United States Senator James Henry Hammond

A Debate on Slavery: Held in the City of Cincinnati
by Jonathan Blanchard, Nathan Lewis Rice 1846
The Pro-slavery Argument, as Maintained by the Most Distinguished Writers
by William Harper, William Gilmore Simms, James Henry Hammond, Thomas Roderick Dew 1852

Religion and Slavery by Rev. James McNeilly, D.D. (Presbyterian Minister)  1911

Southern Writers on Slavery - Helper against slavery, Stiles against anti-slavery 1857

The Right of American Slavery by True Worthy Hoit 1815

The Christian Doctrine of Slavery by George Armstron 1857

Does Slavery Christianize the Negro? by Thomas Wentworth Higginson 1855


Scriptural and Statistical Views in Favor of Slavery by Thornton Stringfellow 1856

Bible View of Slavery by John Henry Hopkins 1863

The Bible and Slavery by Charles Elliott 1857

Does the Bible Sanction American slavery? by Goldwin Smith 1864

Bible Defence of Slavery by Josiah Priest 1854

A Defence of Southern Slavery against the attacks of Henry Clay by I Brookes 1851

Is slavery sanctioned by the Bible by Isaac Allen 1860

Review of Bishop Hopkins' Bible view of slavery by JP Lundy 1863

Slavery Examined in the Light of the Bible by Lee Luther 1855

Bible Vindicated: A Series of Essays on American Slavery by Jonas Hartzel 1858

The Interest in Slavery of the Southern non-slave-holder. The Right of Peaceful Secession. Slavery in the Bible by JDB De Bow 1860

Slavery: its origin, nature and history (poor quality scan) by T Stringfellow 1860

The Bible and Slavery - A Brief Examination of the Old and New Testaments on Servitude 1867

Southern Slavery and the Bible - A Scriptural refutation of the principal arguments upon which the abolitionists rely. A vindication of southern slavery from the Old and New Testaments by EW Warren 1864

Bible Slaveholding not Sinful by HD Ganse 1856 (poor quality)

The Contrast - The Bible and abolitionism - an Exegetical Argument by William Graham

Scriptural Researches on the Licitness of the Slave-trade by R Harris 1788

Abolitionism Reviewed being a further exposure of the false, and most dangerous and mischievous doctrines and proceedings of the abolitionists by Seth Lewis 1837

White Supremacy and Negro Subordination; Or, Negroes a Subordinate Race by John H. Van Evrie 1870
Origin of the Caucasian Race— Bible Accounts— Invasion of Egypt by the Master Race — The Caucasians in Assyria, Persia, and Babylon-Origin of the Mongolians — The Use of the Term "Barbarian" — The History of the Greeks — Not the Authors of Political Liberty— Athens not a Democracy — The Roman Republic and Empire— Citizenship a Privilege, not a Right — The Advent of Christianity the Advent of Democracy— The Dark Ages— The Races that Figured in that Era— The Crusades — The Asiatic Invasion — The Carthaginians — The Arabs— The Downfall of the Roman Empire — The Reformation — All the Numerous
Varieties of the White Race Subsiding into Three Well-known Families, the Celtic, the Teutonic and Sclavonic— General Review— The Intellectual Powers of the White Race the same in all Ages- Knowledge only Progressive — The Inferior Races Incapable of Acquiring and Transmitting Knowledge — The Chinese no Exception (OUCH!)

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