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Christianity of Hindu/Buddhist Origin? 60 Books on CD

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Books Scanned from the Originals into PDF format

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Contents of Disk (created on a Windows computer):

Buddhism and its Christian critics by Paul Carus 1905

Christianity and Buddhism compared by Robert Hardy 1874

Buddhism in its connexion with Brahmanism and Hinduism, and in its contrast with Christianity by Sir Monier-Williams 1889

The Creed of Buddha by Edmond Holmes 1908

Christianity before Christ by Charles Stone 1885

Bible Myths and their Parallels in other Religions by Thomas William Doane (has a chapter on Christ Buddha and Christ Jesus Compared)

India in primitive Christianity by Arthur Lillie 1909

The Evolution of the idea of God: an inquiry into the origins of religion By Grant Allen 1897 (discusses the Trinity)

The Buddhist-Christian Missing Link, article in the Open Court 1912

Buddhist & Christian gospels by AJ Edmunds 1905

Jesus in the 19th Century and After by H Weinel 1914

Anacalypsis by Godfrey Higgins 1874 (sections include: Orphic and Mithraitic Trinity similar to that of the Christians.—Hindoo Trinity, - Buddha and Christna the same)

Buddhist Legends (has a section on Buddhist-Christian Parallels) by Buddhaghosa 1921

Buddhist Legends and New Testament Teachings, article in the Ecclesiastical review 1922

Buddhist texts quoted as Scripture by the Gospel of John by AJ Edmunds 1906

Studies in the history of religions (has a section on "Buddhist and Christian parallels") by DG Lyon 1912

The Historical Analogies of Buddhism and Christianity by William Wordsworth 1877

Buddhism and Christianity, a parallel and a contrast by A Scott 1890

The New Testament of Higher Buddhism by Timothy Richard 1910

Parallels in the lives of Buddha and Jesus (A Question of Miracles) by LH Whitney 1908

The Influence of Buddhism on Primitive Christianity by Arthur Lillie 1893

New Testament parallels in Buddhistic literature by KA von Hase 1907

The Metaphysic of Christianity and Buddhism - A Symphony by S Dawsonne 1899

The Lotus Gospel - Mahayana Buddhism and its Symbolic Teachings compared historically and geographically with those of Catholic Christianity 1911 by EA Gordon

The Dhamma of Gotama the Buddha and the Gospel of Jesus the Christ- a critical inquiry into the alleged relations of Buddhism with primitive Christianity 1900 by Charles Aiken

Christ and Buddha by J Cushing 1907

Socrates, Buddha and Christ, by WL Courtney 1892

Christ Or Buddha? A Comparison of the Western Wisdom Teaching with Eastern Occultism by Annette Rich 1914

The Light of Buddha by S Kuroda 1903

Mohammed, Buddha, and Christ by Marcus Dods 1877

The Bhudda and the Christ, by HT Niles 1894

The Unknown Life of Jesus by N Notovitch 1916

Christianity, its evidences, its origin, its morality, its history By Annie Wood Besant 1893

Churchmen's attack on Theosophy By Katherine Tingley 1909 (The beautiful story of Jesus the Christ finds a parallel in the story of Siddhartha. One instance relates how Ananda, the cousin and future disciple of Gautama, was born about the same time as the latter; and how Maia the mother of Siddhartha visited the mother of Ananda, both soon to become mothers, the unborn Ananda greeting the unborn Siddhartha, as happened according to Luke, when the unborn child leaped in the womb of Elizabeth when Mary came in.)

The Ethnic Trinities and their relations to the Christian Trinity by Levi Leonard Paine 1901

Pagan Origin of Partialist Doctrines by John Pitrat 1857 (chapters include: Pagan Origin of the Doctrine of Trinity and Pagan Origin of the Doctrine of the Supreme Divinity of Jesus Christ.)

Faith or Fact by Henry Taber and Robert Green Ingersoll 1897 (has a chapter on the Trinity: "The doctrine of the Trinity was held by the Brahmins, who worshipped Brahma. Vishnu and Siva, and by the Buddhists")

The Origin of the doctrine of the Trinity in the Christian Church, article in The Morning Light 1883 (The attempt to trace the origin of the doctrine of the Trinity to the Jewish Writings is a failure. But when we proceed to the examination of the other probable sources of information upon this subject, viz., the mythology of ancient nations and the Works of Plato and other philosophers, we are rewarded by the discovery of an abundance of evidence. This evidence is thus referred to by Bishop Browne: "In the mythology of all ancient nations, it is plain that the number Three has been a sacred number. The triads of classical mythology {e.g. Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades; or, again, Jupiter, Juno, and Minerva in the Capitol) are well known.)

Similarity Between The Hindu And The Christian Religions—Doctrine Of Trinity The Same In Both, article in The Journal of the Anthropological Society of Bombay 1895

Evolution: an exposition of Christian dogmas and pagan myths by PJ Cooley (the Doctrine of the Trinity of Pagan Origin)

The Nature and Origin of the Pagan Doctrine of the Trinity or Triads. article in the Southern Presbyterian review 1855

The Trinity Idea, article in The Open Court 1895 (lots of pictures of trinities. "The old Christian Trinities (e. g.. Fig. 14) bear a close resemblance to Hindu representations of the Trimurti.")

A history of the origin of the doctrine of the Trinity by Hugh Stannus 1882 ("the fifth century Christianity had conquered Paganism and Paganism had infected Christianity. The Church was now victorious and corrupt. The rites of the Pantheon had passed into her worship")

The Gospel of Buddha According to old Records by Paul Carus 1897

Christ and other Masters, a Historical Inquiry into some Chief Parallelisms and Contrasts between Christianity and the Religious systems of the ancient world by Charles Hardwick 1857

The Jesus Problem - a Restatement of the Myth Theory by JM Robertson 1917

The Light of Asia and the Light of the World- a comparison of the Legend, the Doctrine, & the Ethics of the Buddha with the story, the doctrine, & the ethics of Christ by Samuel Kellogg 1885

Symbols of 'The Way' Far East and West by EA Gordon 1916

The Buddha and his Religion by Saint-Hilaire Barthelemy 1895

Belief in God: It's Origin, Nature, and Basis by JG Schuman 1902

Buddha, his Life, his Teachings, his Order by MN Dutt 1901

Winning Buddha's Smile - a Korean legend 1919

Buddha and the gospel of Buddhism by AK Coomaraswamy 1919

The Story of Gaútama Buddha and His Creed: An Epic by Richard Phillips 1871

The Message of the World's Religions 1898

Ten Great Religions- an essay in Comparative Theology by James Clark 1872

The Religions of the World by G Grant 1895

The mythical interpretation of the Gospels by Thomas Thorburn (Christ and Krishna)

Sacred writings - Confucian, Hebrew, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Mohammedan Volume 2 by Charles Eliot 1910

Debate Between Mr Charles Watts and Dr Sexton, article in the Secular Review 1877

Christ vs Krishna by LA Sakes 1883

The mistake of Christendom or, Jesus and His Gospel before Paul and Christianity by George Stearns 1857

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