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Learn Chinese & Other Asian Languages - 100 Books on DVDrom

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Contents of Disk (created on a Windows computer):

Asia is today's dominant economy, and America and Europe are on the decline. It was recently reported that there are now more millionaires in Asia than there are in the United States. Hong Kong and Singapore have the freest economies in the world. You need to give yourself an edge and learn their languages...this will increase your human capital. You will be much more employable with knowledge of these Asian languages, and this is why I thought it important to collect these books. Don't get left behind!

The Chinese language and how to learn it; a manual for Beginners 1921 by Sir Walter Hillier

An English and Cantonese dictionary - For the Use of those who wish to Learn the Spoken Language of Canton Province by John Chalmers 1891

A Mandarin Primer by FW Baller 1911

Vocabulary and Hand-book of the Chinese Language Romanized in the Mandarin Dialect Volume 1 by Justus Doolittle 1872 (a few pages missing or hard to read)

Vocabulary and Hand-book of the Chinese Language Romanized in the Mandarin Dialect Volume 2 by Justus Doolittle 1872

A Dictionary of Colloquial Idioms in the Mandarin Dialect 1873

A Grammar of the Chinese Language commonly called Mandarin by Joseph Edkins 1864

Cantonese Made Easy Vocabulary by James D. Ball 1908

Chinese and English Phrase Book by Benoni Lanctot 1867

Japanese-English and English-Japanese Dictionary by JC Hepburn 1873

A Simplified Grammar of the Japanese Language by Basil Chamberlain

Japanese conversation-grammar by Hermann Plaut 1905

Grammar of the Japanese Written Language by WG Aston 1904

An Intermediate Japanese-English Dictionary for Assisting Students in Conversation and Composition 1906 (some pages difficult to read)

Eclectic Chinese-Japanese-English Dictionary of 8,000 Selected Chinese Characters 1884

Korean Manual Or Phrase Book with Introductory Grammar 1893

Fifty Helps for the Beginner in the use of the Korean Language 1911

Korean Primer, being Lessons in Korean on all Ordinary Subjects, transliterated on the principles of the Mandarin Primer 1877 by John Ross

Korean Words and Phrases, Being a Handbook and Pocket Dictionary for Visitors to Korea 1902 by John Hodge

Practical Malay Grammar 1904

Dictionary of the Malay Language part 1 1894

An Abridged Malay-English Dictionary 1908

A Malay Manual with Grammar, Reading Exercises, and Vocabularies by JH Freese 1914

Malay-English Vocabulary Containing 6500 Malay Words Or Phrases with Their English Equivalents by William G. Shellabear 1902

A Grammar of the Malayan Language by William Marsden 1812

An introduction to Indonesian linguistics by Renward Brandstetter, PH. D. 1916

Siamese-English Dictionary (Thai) by Basil Cartwright 1907

An Elementary Hand-book of the Siamese Language by Basil Cartwright 1906

The Phrase Book - Idiomatical exercises in English and Tamil by P. Ramasawmy 1854

A Text-book Containing 1500 Conversational Sentences in Tamil 1869

Anglo-Tamil Dictionary 1861

A Dictionary of the Hawaiian Language To which is Appended an English-Hawaiian Vocabulary by Lorrin Andrews 1865

A Short Synopsis of the Most Essential Point of Hawaiian Grammar by WD Alexander 1864

A Tagalog English and English Tagalog Dictionary by Charles Nigg 1904

A Handbook and Grammar of the Tagalog Language 1904 (some pages missing)

A Mandarin-Romanized Dictionary of Chinese by D MacGillivray 1907

A Short Course of Primary Lessons in Mandarin by CW Mateer 1911

A Course of Mandarin Lessons by CW Mateer 1913

The Analytical Reader - A Short Method for Learning to Read and Write Chinese by William Martin 1863

The Chinese Speaker, readings in modern Mandarin, Volume 1 by Evan Morgan 1916

The Chinese Speaker, readings in modern Mandarin, Volume 2 by Evan Morgan 1916

Chinese-English dictionary of the vernacular or spoken language of Amoy with the principal variations of the Chang-chew and Chin-chew dialects by Carstairs Douglas 1873

Colloquial Chinese by A Neville Whymant 1922

A Mandarin Phonetic Reader in the Pekinese dialect by B Karlgren 1918

Chinese-English Mandarin phrase book (Peking Dialect) by Thomas Fulton 1911

Analysis of Chinese characters by George Wilder 1922

Introduction to the study of the Chinese characters by Joseph Edkins 1876

Chinese without a Teacher, being a collection of easy and useful sentences in the Mandarin dialect, with a vocabulary by Herbert Giles 1887

Colloquial Sentences with New Terms - Chinese and English texts by Evan Morgan 1922

Graduated reading comprising a circle of knowledge in 200 lessons by Charles Baker 1864 (read back to front)

Essays on the Chinese language by Thomas Watters 1889

Easy Steps in Chinese Studies - a series of lessons, vocabularies, expressions, compiled for the use of beginners in Chinese 1905

Lessons in elementary Wenli by FW Baller 1912

Chinese lessons for first year students in West China by Omar Kilborn 1917

Western Mandarin - The spoken language of western China with syllabic and English indexes by Adam Grainger 1900

An account of the structure of Chinese characters under 300 primary forms by John Chalmers 1882

Chinese phonetic system and language by Li Chin-Shi 1922

Chinese Phonology - an attempt to discover the sounds of the ancient language and to recover the lost rhymes of China by Z Volpicelli 1896

A handbook of the Canton vernacular of the Chinese language by NB Dennys 1874

Things Chinese - Notes connected with China by J Dyer Ball 1906

Chinese made easy (read back to front) by Walter Brooks Brouner 1904

A dictionary of the Chinese language, Volume 1-1 by Robert Morrison 1815

A dictionary of the Chinese language, Volume 1-2 by Robert Morrison 1815

A dictionary of the Chinese language, Volume 2-1 by Robert Morrison 1815

A dictionary of the Chinese language, Volume 2-2 by Robert Morrison 1815

A dictionary of the Chinese language, Volume 3-1 by Robert Morrison 1815

A dictionary of the Chinese language, Volume 3-2 by Robert Morrison 1815

Notes on the Chinese documentary style by F Firth 1888

Introduction to literary Chinese by JJ Brandt

Chinese-english grammar by 1864

A Grammar of the Chinese Language by Robert Morrison 1815

Notices on Chinese grammar - Orthography and etymology by Walter Medhurst 1842

A Chinese Manual, comprising a condensed grammar with idiomatic phrases and dialogues by Robert Douglas 1904

English and Chinese Pronouncing Condensed Dictionary 1913

Easy lessons in Chinese - Progressive exercises to facilitate the study of that language especially adapted to the Canton dialect (1842) by Samuel Wells Williams

A course of Mandarin lessons, based on idiom by CW Mateer 1922

One thousand useful Chinese characters by Walter Hillier 1907

Index of Chinese Characters in Hepburn's Dictionary Arranged According to Their Radicals by Willis Norton Whitney 1888

Chinese characters for the use of students of the Japanese language by Arthur Lay 1897

Selected lists of Chinese characters, arranged according of the frequency of their recurrence by DZ Sheffield 1903

A Chinese and English Dictionary arranged according to radicals and sub-radicals by P Poletti 1907

Chinese-English phrase book in the Canton dialect by Thomas Stedman 1920

A Manual of Chinese Running-hand Writing: Especially as it is Used in Japan by Willem Pieter Groeneveldt 1861

Cantonese for beginners

Progressive lessons in the Chinese spoken language by Joseph Edkins 1885

An introduction to the Korean spoken language by Horace Underwood 1890

Chinese spoken language by Moses White 1862

Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments in the Chinese Literary Language (Schereschewsky) 1902

New Testament, in plain Wenli (Mandarin Chinese) (Schereschewsky) 1898

An English-Malay dictionary by William Shellabear 1917

A Malay-English dictionary by RJ Wilkinson 1901

The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ (Malay/Mongolian) 1880

Tamil proverbs: with their English translation by P. Percival 1874

A Vocabulary of English and Tamil Words by Innocent Nicholas 1840

Tamil self-taught by Don Wickremasinghe 1906

How to speak Cantonese by J Dyer Ball 1902

The Elements of Sosho (Japanese Calligraphy) by Francis Piggott 1913

Tibetan grammar by HA Jaschke 1883

On the Relations between Chinese and the Indo-European languages by Samuel Haldeman 1857

Buy Now Only $5.99 (I only ship to the United States)

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