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The Baptism - Immersion Debate, 50 Books on CDROM

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Books Scanned from the Originals into PDF format

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Contents of Disk (created on a Windows computer):

Debate on Baptism - embracing mode and subjects by JA Harding 1886

Debate on Baptism and the Book of Mormon by WH Cooper 1894 (poor quality scan)

Debate on baptism and the work of the Holy Spirit by Moody/Harding 1819

A Debate on Baptism and the Witness of the Holy Spirit by Terrell/Pritchard 1848

A Debate on the Action of Baptism by Blenus/Archibald 1879

Campbell-Rice Debate on Christian Baptism

The History of Sprinkling by Louis C Wilson 1895

Scriptural view of the Mode of Baptism 1832

Lectures on Baptism by William Shirreff 1845

A Plain and Scriptural View of Baptism by Daniel Baker 1853

The Practices of the early Christians Considered by Henry Bannerman 1840

Christian Baptism Scripturally considered by Benjamin Nankeville 1844

Did they Dip? An examination into the act of baptism as practiced by the English and American Baptists before the year 1641 by John T Christian 1896

Baptist Misrepresentations on Baptism by John Bethune 1876

The Origin, History and Doctrine of Baptisms - deduced from Holy Scripture, and other authentic writings by Jacob Post 1851

The Doctrine of Baptisms by George D Armstrong 1857

A Candid Discussion of Christian Baptism by Daniel Clark 1854

Is the Mode of Christian Baptism Prescribed in the New Testament? by Moses Stuart 1855

Scripture Baptism - its Mode and Subjects by Ashbel G Fairchild 1858

Bible Baptism 1900

Immersion not Baptism by John H Beckwith 1858

Bible Baptism Never Immersion by George C Bush 1888

Baptism - an Explanation of all the Principal Passages on Baptism in the Word of God by William Arrows 1873

Baptism as taught in the Scriptures by Rhys R Lloyd 1895


Immersion proved to be not a scriptural mode of baptism, but a Romish Invention: and immersionists shewn to be disregarding divine authority in refusing baptism to the infant children of believers (1880)

Modern Immersion not Scripture Baptism (1831) by William Thorn

Rhantism versus Baptism or Infant Sprinkling against Christian Immersion by Ellison Seacome 1835

A Question in Baptist History - Whether the Anabaptists in England Practiced Immersion Before the year 1641 By William Heth Whitsitt 1896

A Vindication of Trine Immersion as the Apostolic Form of Christian Baptism by James Quinter 1886

The Evils of Infant Baptism by Robert Boyte Crawford Howell 1854

Evils of Dr. Howell's Book on the "Evils of Infant Baptism.": A Review by E. McMillan 1855

The Emphasized New Testament by Joseph Bryant Rotherham 1897 (refers to John the Baptist as "John the Immerser")

The Baptismal Question: A Discussion of the Baptismal Question by Joseph Hardy Towne, Parsons Cooke, William Hague 1842

Why Friends (Quakers) Do Not Baptize with Water by James H. Moon 1909

The History of infant-baptism by William Wall 1707

The Word Baptizo Defined - and the mode of baptism proved from the scriptures (1840) by John H. Hall

Baptist Dishonesty: misquotations and other gross misrepresentations in the recent pamphlet on baptism of the Baptist minister, Rev. A.A. Cameron, of Ottawa (1876) by John Bethune

The New Testament of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ: the Common English version (1865) American Bible Union Version by American Baptist Publication Society - Baptist Bible version so it uses IMMERSION instead of BAPTISM.

A Concise History of Foreign Baptists - taken from the New Testament, the first fathers, early writers, and historians of all ages, chronologically arranged, exhibiting their distinct communities, with their orders in various kingdoms, under several discriminative appellations from the establishment of Christianity to the present age, with correlative information, supporting the early and only practice of believers' immersion, also observations and notes on the abuse of the ordinance, and the rise of minor and infant baptism thereon (1838) by George Orchard

PedoBaptist and Campbellite Immersions by A.C. Dayton 1858

Cambellism Exposed 1860

A history of Anti-pedobaptism from the rise of pedobaptism to A.D. 1609 by Albert Newman 1897

The Baptism of Infants, a reasonable service, founded upon Scripture, and undoubted Apostolic tradition 1753 by Micaiah Towgood

A General History of the Baptist Denomination in America by David Benedict 1848

The First Colored Baptist Church in North America: Constituted at Savannah GA by James Meriles Simms 1888

The Baptists in America: A Narrative by Francis Augustus Cox, James Hoby 1836

Baptist Doctrines by Charles Augustus Jenkens 1880

A Question in Baptist History: Whether the Anabaptists in England Practised Immersion Before 1641. by William Heth Whitsitt 1896

Baptist Confessions of Faith by William Joseph McGlothlin 1911

The Struggle for Religious Freedom in Virginia: The Baptists by William Taylor Thom 1900

A History of the Baptists in New England by Henry Sweetser Burrage 1894

A Short History of the Baptists by Henry Clay Vedder 1907

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