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The Gospel According to St Paul - 100 Books on DVDrom about the Apostle Paul

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Books Scanned from the Originals into PDF format

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Contents of Disk (created on a Windows computer):  

The Gospel According to Saint Paul by William P DuBose 1907

Was the Apostle Paul an Epileptic by Matthew Woods MD 1913

St. Paul and the Mystery-Religions by H.A.A. Kennedy 1913

The Supposed Visit of St. Paul to Britain by Edward Cardwell 1837

Saint Paul by Ernest Renan 1888 (this book was banned by the Church)

The Apostles by Ernest Renan 1875

The Introduction of Christianity into Britain - an Argument on the Evidence in favour of St. Paul having visited the extreme boundary of the west by Bourchier Wrey Savile 1861

The Fifth Gospel - The Gospel according to Paul, Revised version by Charles Roads 1857

Life and Teaching of Paul by Alfred E Garvie 1910

Essays on some of the difficulties in the writings of St Paul 1845

Paul the Mystic by James M Campbell 1908

St. Paul in Britain - The Origin of British as Opposed to Papal Christianity by Morgan Williams 1880

Studies of Paul and his Gospel by Alfred E Garvie 1911

Alleged Disagreement Between Paul and James 1852

St. Paul and Christianity by Arthur C Headlam 1913

St. Paul and Protestantism by Matthew Arnold 1883

The Gospel of Paul by Charles C Everett 1893

The Religion and Theology of Paul by William Morgan 1917

Socialism in Church History by Conrad Noel (The Sociology of St Paul) 1911

St. Paul's Conception of Christianity by Alexander B Bruce 1896

The Life and Epistles of Saint Paul by William H Conybeare 1892

St. Paul - a Study in Social and Religious History by Adolf Deissmann

Critical Examination of the Life of St. Paul by Boulanger 1823

Roman Legends about the Apostles Paul and Peter by Viktor Rydberg 1898

The Religious Experience of Saint Paul by Percy Gardner 1911

The Earlier Epistles of St. Paul, Their motive and Origin by Kirsopp Lake 1911

The Apostle Paul: a Sketch of the Development of his Doctrine by A Sabatier 1891

The Many-Sided Paul - a Study of the Character of the Great Apostle as unfolded in the Acts and the Pauline epistles by George F Greene 1901

The Christology of St. Paul by S Nowell Rostron 1912

Paul and Paulinism by James Moffatt 1910

Studies in Pauline Eschatology by EJ Pratt 1917

St. Paul's use of the terms Flesh and Spirit by William P Dickson 1883

Jesus or Paul? by Arnold Meyer 1909

Spiritual Development of St. Paul by George Matheson 1897

Paul and Jesus by Johannes Weiss 1909

The Rival Philosophies of Jesus and of Paul being an explanation of the failures of organized Christianity and a vindication of the teaching of Jesus by Ignatius Singer 1919

Paul and Christ - a Portraiture and an Argument by J.M. Cramp 1873

St. Peter's Recognition of St. Paul as the Author of the Epistle to the Hebrews by Samuel Fuller 1885

St. Paul and Justification by FB Westcott 1913

The Fundamentals of Christianity - a study of the teaching of Jesus and Paul by Henry C Vedder 1922

Paul and the Revolt against Him by William C Wilkinson 1914

Six Orations of Paul by EP Clark 1922

Plato and Paul by JW Mendenhall 1886

The Epic of Paul by William C Wilkinson 1891

Paul the Conqueror by Mary R Ely 1919

The Apostolical Authority of the Epistle to the Hebrews by Charles Forster 1838

Paul and his Interpreters, a Critical History by Albert Schweitzer 1912

Paul of Tarsus by Erik Kr Johnsen 1919

Three Jewish Martyrs (John the Baptist, Jesus & Paul) by O.W. Coursey 1922

St. Paul, the Man and his Work by Heinrich Weinel 1906

St. Paul the Hero by Rufus M Jones 1917

St. Paul as a Theologian, Volume 1 by Paul Feine 1908

St. Paul as a Theologian, Volume 2 by Paul Feine 1908

Paul of Tarsus, an Inquiry into the Times and the Gospel of the Apostle of the Gentiles 1872

Saint Paul in the Light of Modern Research by JR Cohu 1911

Paul's Rebuke of Peter 1832

The Origin of Paul's Religion by J Gresham Machen 1921

Paul at Ephesus by William A Alcott 1846

Lectures on the influence of the apostle Paul on the development of Christianity by Otto Pfleiderer 1885

Studies of the man Paul by Robert E Speer 1900

St. Paul at Rome by Charles Merivale 1885

Cities of Paul by William Burnet Wright 1906

St. Paul's Friendships and his Friends by Carl Hermon Dudley

His Great Apostle by Sydney Strong 1906

Not Paul, but Jesus by Gamaliel Smith 1823

The Conversion of St. Paul by George J Geer 1871

The Ideas of the Apostle Paul by James F Clarke 1884

Epochs in the Life of Paul by AT Robertson 1909

In the Time of Paul - how Christianity entered into and Modified Life in the Roman Empire by Edward G Seldon 1900

Bible Studies in the Life of Paul, Historical and Constructive by Henry T Sell 1904

The Soldier of the Cross - The Life of St Paul by Jane Parker 1858

The Quintessence of Paulinism by Arthur S Peake 1918

Paul the Dauntless by Basil Matthews 1916

The Second Epistle of Saint Paul to the Corinthians by RD Byles 1897

Paul the Preacher by John Eadie 1859

The Ethics of St. Paul by Archibald BD Alexander 1910

Pauline and other Studies in Early Christian History by WM Ramsay 1906

Jesus the Christ and Paul the Apostle in the Light of Modern Criticism by W Douglass Reid 1915

Paul and his Companions by E Basil Redlich 1913

A New Literal Translation from the original Greek, of all the Apostolical Epistles with a commentary, and notes, philological, critical, explanatory, and practical to which is added a history of the life of the Apostle Paul by James MacKnight 1841

The Pastoral Epistles in the Light of one Roman Imprisonment by T Cowden Laughlin 1905

The Last Years of Saint Paul by Constant Fouard 1901

To Nazareth or Tarsus? by HW Southworth 1901

A Short History of Christianity in the Apostolic Age by George Holley Gilbert

The Apostolic Age in the Light of Modern Criticism by James Hardy Ropes 1908

Saint Paul by Frederic WH Myers 1882

Paulinism, a Contribution to the History of Primitive Christian Theology, Volume 1 by Otto Pfleiderer 1877

Paulinism, a Contribution to the History of Primitive Christian Theology, Volume 2 by Otto Pfleiderer 1877

The Apostle Paul and the Preaching of Christianity in the Primitive Church by Sir Richard Davis Hanson 1875

The Voyage and Shipwreck of St. Paul by James Smith 1880

The Relation of St. Paul to contemporary Jewish Thought by Henry St John Thackeray 1900

St Paul's Conception of the Last Things by HAA Kennedy 1904

Qualitative Nouns in the Pauline Epistles by Arthur W Slaten 1918

Paul the apostle of Jesus Christ, Volume 1 by Ferdinand Christian Baur 1876

Paul the apostle of Jesus Christ, Volume 2 by Ferdinand Christian Baur 1876

Does Hellenism Contribute Constituent Elements to Pauls Christology by John William Bailey 1905

St. Paul in Damascus and Arabia by George Rawlinson 1880

Paul the Apostle - Pioneer Missionary to the Heathen World by John W Ligon 1916

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  1. "The “thorn in the flesh” which vexed Saint PAUL has given much occasion for discussion on the part of the curious. One of the guesses has been that the great apostle was the victim of epilepsy; and the opponents of the supernatural have tried to account for the remarkable occurrences at his conversion by attributing them to an But Dr. MATTHEW Woovs, in a recent book entitled Was the Apostle Paul an Epileptic? has endeavored to show the untenableness of such a theory. He is himself a specialist on epilepsy. whose opinion is for that reason of large value. Some will think that the diagnosis of the apostle’s complaint which this learned physician makes is not less questionable. He hazards the opinion that the “thorn in the flesh” was chronic appendicitis." ~ The Christian Advocate 1914