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300 Books on DVD on Christian Cults & Sects (Adventism, Mormon, Amish etc)

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Books Scanned from the Originals into PDF format

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Contents of Disk (created on a Windows computer):

A Brief Statement of the Sufferings of Mary Dyer: Occasioned by the Society called Shakers
by Mary M. Dyer - Shakers - 1818

Glimpses of Amish-Mennonite homes and some plain talks to the Inmates by Friend of Humanity

Shakers: Compendium of the Origin, History, Principles, Rules and Regulations
by Frederick William Evans - Shakers - 1859

The Mormon Church and the Sugar Trust (Article) in Hampton's Magazine 1910

Mormonism and the Mormons in Graham's Magazine 1858

Economic Aspects of Mormonism (Article) in Harper's Magazine 1903

Shakerism Unmasked, Or, The History of the Shakers
by William J. Haskett 1828

Christian science by Mark Twain - 1907

The Mormon Menace by Samuel Fallows, Helen May (Fallows) Williams 1903

History of All Christian Sects and Denominations by John Evans 1875

A Study of the Sects by William Henry Lyon 1891

Christian Union: Or, an Argument for the Abolition of Sects by Abraham Van Dyck 1835

The Cults of Lesbos by Emily Ledyard Shields 1917

The Evolution of Religions by Everard Bierer 1906

Religious Denominations of the World by Vincent L. Milner, John Newton Brown, Hannah Adams 1872

Sabina: A Story of the Amish by Helen Reimensnyder Martin 1905

Amanda; a Daughter of the Mennonites by Anna Balmer Myers

The History of Arianism: By M. Maimbourg by Louis Maimbourg (18th century) Volume 2

The Cure of Deism: Or, the Mediatorial Scheme by Jesus Christ the Only True Religion by by Elisha Smith 1737

The Great Mystery of Godliness Incontrovertible; Or, Sir Isaac Newton and the Socinians Foiled in the Attempt to Prove a Corruption in the Text of 1 Tim. 3:16 by by Ebenezer Henderson 1830

Modern Substitutes for Traditional Christianity by Edmund McClure 1913

The Psychology of Religious Sects by Henry Clay McComas - 1912

Failures of Vegetarianism by E Miles 1902

A Brief history of William Miller - the great pioneer in adventual faith 1915

The Theory of William Miller Concerning the End of the World in 1843 by Otis Ainsworth Skinner 1840

Eight fundamental errors in Miller's theory by J Litch 1840

The Book of Churches and sects by Thomas Charles Boone - 1826

Why I am a Christian Socialist, article in the Arena Magazine 1907

Christian Socialism by M Kaufmann 1888

Catholic Socialism by F Nitti 1911

Shaker Communism by Frederick William Evans 1871

The Social Gospel and the New Era by John Marshall Barker 1919

Spiritualism or Christianity - A Friendly Correspondence by Moses Hull 1873

The Religion of Spiritualism - Its Phenomena and Philosophy by S Watson 1880

What Say the Scriptures about Spiritualism? -  Proofs that it is demonism by Pastor Russell 1897

The Truths of Spiritualism by EV Wilson 1876

Spiritualism Exposed by FA Fawkes 1920

Has Spiritualism any Foundation in the Bible? by Lewis Evarts 1894

The "Delusion" of Spiritualism compared with a belief in the Bible by JW Cadwell 1884

Incidents in the life of Albert Colby, the man who proves that modern spiritualism is a delusion identical with Bible witchcraft, and that it is the work of devils 1875

Spiritualism identical with Ancient Sorcery, New Testament Demonology, and modern Witchcraft by W M'Donald 1866

Earth's Earliest Ages and their connection with modern Spiritualism and Theosophy by GH Pember 1889

The new psychic studies in their relation to Christian thought by Franklin Johnson 1887

Rappo-mania overthrown by Henry Wickliffe 1853

Modern Necromancy, article in the Christian Treasury 1871

From Theosophy to Christian faith by ER McNeile 1919

Madame Blavatsky and her "Theosophy", a Study by Arthur Lillie 1895

Spiritism and the Fallen Angels in the light of the Old and New Testaments by James Gray 1920

Demonosophy Unmasked in modern Theosophy. Whence? What? whither? An exposition and a refutation with corrective Bible teaching by M.E. Sloan 1922

A manual of the sects and heresies of the early Christian Church by Thomas Jackson - 1835

Dictionary of Sects and Heresies by JH Blunt 1874

A history of the corruptions of Christianity by Joseph Priestley 1838

The Philosophy of Sectarianism by Alexander Blaikie 1854

Discourses on the Principal Points of the Socinian Controversy by Ralph Wardlaw - 1828

Spiritualism: A Satanic Delusion, and a Sign of the Times by William Ramsey 1856 (first 129 pages only)

Spiritualism Versus Christianity: Or, Spiritualism Thoroughly Exposed
by J. W. Daniels 1856

Studies in Divine Science by Daisy Mary Davis Baum 1909

History of the Sabbath and First Day of the Week by John Nevins Andrews 1873

Pedobaptist and Campbellite Immersions by Amos Cooper Dayton 1858

The Mystics by Katherine Cecil Thurston - 1907

Mystic London; Or, Phases of Occult Life in the Metropolis by Charles Maurice Davies 1875

The Rosicrucian Cosmo-conception: Or, Christian Occult Science by Max Heindel 1910 (some pages unreadable)

Unorthodox London; Or, Phases of Religious Life in the Metropolis by Charles Maurice Davies 1874

History of Zionism, 1600-1918 by Nahum Sokolow 1919 (Volume 2)

Divine and spiritual communications: on the prayers of the Church of England and the Conduct of the Clergy and Calvinistic Methodists by Joanna Southcott 1809
Works by Joanna Southcott - 1813 (Joanna Southcott announced she was the Bride of the Lamb and began to seal the 144,000 - she had many followers)

Non-Catholic Denominations by Robert Hugh Benson 1910

The Religious Creeds and Statistics of Every Christian Denomination by John Hayward 1836

The Nestorians and Their Rituals by George Percy Badger 1852

Why Not Russellism (Alias Millenial Dawnism) by Frank Ballard

Faith-healing: Christian Science and Kindred Phenomena
by James Monroe Buckley - 1892 - 303 page

Christian Science: An Exposition of Mrs. Eddy's Wonderful Discovery Including its Legal Aspects - A Plea for Children and Other Helpless Sick
by William Archer Purrington - 1900 - 184 pages

The Truth and Error of Christian Science
by M Carta Sturge - 1908 - 180 pages

Christian Science and Its Problems
by J. H. Bates - 1898 - 131 pages

The Truth about Christian Science: The Founder and the Faith
by James Henry Snowden - 1920 - 310 pages

The Non-sense of Christian Science
by Albert Clarke Wyckoff - 1921 - 260 pages

Christian Science and Kindred Superstitions: Their Facts and Fallacies
by Charles Fremont Winbigler - 1900 - 160 pages

Vital Issues in Christian Science: A Record of Unsettled Questions which arose in the year 1909
by Augusta Emma Stetson - 1917 - 400 pages

An Exposure of Christian Science
by T. G. Moulton - 1906 - 112 pages

Christian Science and the Catholic Faith
by Augustine Matthias Bellwald - 1922 - 260 pages

Anti-Christian Cults: An Attempt to Show that Spiritualism, Theosophy, and Christian Science
by Arthur H. Barrington - 1898 - 160 pages

Science and Health with a Key to the Scriptures
by Mary Baker Eddy - 1906 - 700 pages
The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany
by Mary Baker Eddy - 1913 - 360 pages

Valid Objections to So-called Christian Science
by Andrew Findlay Underhill - 1902 - 40 pages

Manual of the Mother Church: The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston
by Mary Baker Eddy - 1899 - 100 pages

Christian Science: The Faith and Its Founder
by Lyman Pierson Powell - 1908 - 251 pages

The Religio-medical Masquerade: A Complete Exposure of Christian Science
by Frederick William Peabody- 1915 - 190 pages

Complete Exposure of Eddyism Or Christian Science: The Plain Truth in Plain Terms
by Frederick William Peabody - 1904 - 50 pages

The Elements of Christian Science: A Treatise Upon Moral Philosophy and Practice
by William Adams - 1857 - 360 pages

Christian Science and the Ordinary Man: A Discussion of Some of the ...
by Walter Stewart Harris - 1917 - 333 pages
Christian science: With Notes Containing Corrections to Date
by Mark Twain - 1907 - 260 pages

Christian Science Versus Pantheism: And Other Messages to the Mother Church
by Mary Baker Eddy - 1908 - 90 pages

Christian Science, Medicine, and Occultism
by Albert Moll - 1902 - 40 pages

Christian Science Against Itself
by Miram W Gifford - 1902 - 310 pages

The Mask of Christian Science: A History of the Rise and Growth of the System
by Francis Edward Marsten - 1909 - 182 pages

Christian Science in the Light of Holy Scripture
by Isaac Massey Haldeman - 1909 - 430 pages
"I have but one object in writing this book: to show that Christian Science is wholly outside the Bible and has no right to the name 'Christian.'"

Christian Science So-called: An Exposition and an Estimate
by Henry Clay Sheldon - 1913 - 92 pages

Christian Science History: A Statement of Facts Relating to the Authorship of the book
by Septimus James Hanna - 1899 - 30 pages

The Sophistries of Christian Science
by Edward Clarence Farnsworth- 1909 - 111 pages

Christian Science and Kindred Delusions
by Luther Day Harkness 1899 - 30 pages

Christian Science Before the Bar of Reason
by Louis Aloisius Lambert - 1908 - 202 pages

The Faith and Works of Christian Science
by Stephen Paget - 1909 - 222 pages

The Quimby Manuscripts: Showing the Discovery of Spiritual Healing
by Phineas Parkhurst Quimby - 1921 - 434 pages

Reminiscences, Sermons and Correspondence Proving Adherence to the Principles of Christian Science
by Augusta Emma Stetson - 1913 - 1200 page

Christian Science as a Religious Belief and a Therapeutic Agent
by Benjamin Orange Flower  - 1909 - 150 pages

A New Appraisal of Christian Science
by Joseph Dunn Burrell - 1906 - 70 pages

The Good Side of Christian Science
by Christian Daa Larson- 1916 - 60 pages

Christian Science; Historical Facts - 1902 - 25 pages
The Illusions of Christian Science, Its Philosophy Rationally Examined
by John WHITEHEAD - 1907 - 240 pages

Faith-healing and Christian Science
by Alice Feilding - 1899 - 210 pages

Christian Science, an Apostasy from Science and Christianity
by Cyril Buotich - 1916 - 120 pages

Modern Religious Cults and Movements by GG Atkins 1923

Bible Nuts for Seventh Dayists to Crack if they Can, article in the Leaves of healing magazine 1919

Religious Delusions, with chapters on Adventists, Mormons, Muslims, Jehovah's Witnesses [Russellism] and more, by James Vincent Coombs 1904

Adventists, Dunkers, Mennonites, Churches of God - Article in Corner-Stones of Faith 1898

Normal and Abnormal Delusion, article in the Alienist and neurologist Magazine

The Evolution of Religions by E. Bierer 1906

Cults, Myths and Religions by Salomon Reinach 1912

The Mormons in America, article in the Dublin Review 1852

A Holy, Sacred and Divine Roll and Book from the Lord God of Heaven Volume 1 1843

A Holy, Sacred and Divine Roll and Book from the Lord God of Heaven Volume 2 1843 (otherwise known as the Shaker Bible)

Why I Reject the Millenial Dawn (early Jehovah's Witnesses) by W. Stevens 1915

A Debate on the Doctrine of Universal Salvation by Enoch M. Pingree and Nathan L. Rice 1845

A Discussion of the Doctrine of Universal Salvation by Thomas Jefferson Sawyer & Isaac Wescott

The Latest Word of Universalism by A G Gaines 1878

Unitarianism Defined by Frederick Farley 1860

Unitarianism in America, a History of its Origin and Development by George Willis Cooke 1902

Universal Salvation Considered by the Rev. George Peck 1827

plus you get:

The Unitarian (periodical) 1834

Old and New Unitarian Belief by John White Chadwick, 1894 - 246 pages

Unitarian Principles Confirmed by Trinitarian Testimonies by Octavius Brooks Frothingham, John Wilson - 1880 - 588 pages

The Unitarian Review edited by Charles Lowe, Henry Wilder Foote, John Hopkins Morison, Henry H. Barber, James De Normandie, Joseph Henry Allen - 1875

Unitarian Thought by Ephraim Emerton - 1911 - 309 pages

The Unitarian Miscellany and Christian Monitor by Jared Sparks, Francis William Pitt Greenwood - Unitarianism - 1824

The Unitarian Review and Religious Magazine by Charles Lowe, Henry Wilder Foote, John Hopkins Morison, Henry H. Barber, James De Normandie - 1874

Ezra Stiles Gannett, Unitarian Minister in Boston, 1824-1871: A Memoir by William Channing Gannett - 1893 - 564 pages

The Unitarian: A Monthly Magazine of Liberal Christianity edited by Jabez Thomas Sunderland, Brooke Herford, Frederick B. Mott - 1897

American Unitarianism, Or, A Brief History of the Progress and Present State of the Unitarian Church by Thomas Belsham, James Freeman, William Wells - 1816

Our Unitarian Gospel by Minot Judson Savage - 1898

Tracts of the American Unitarian Association by American Unitarian Association - 1834

A collection of essays by different authors from the Tracts of the American Unitarian Association, 11th series and miscellaneous series (1827- )

An Historical Sketch of the Unitarian Movement Since the Reformation by Joseph Henry Allen - 1894

Manual of Unitarian Belief by James Freeman Clarke, Kate Gannett Wells - Unitarianism - 1906

Manual of Unitarian Belief by James Freeman Clarke, Kate Gannett Wells - Unitarianism - 1906

Early Sources of English Unitarian Christianity by Gaston Bonet-Maury, Edward Potter Hall - 1884 - 291 pages

Unitarian Affirmations: Seven Discourses Given in Washington, D.C. by Frederic Henry Hedge - 1879

Popular Objections to Unitarian Christianity Considered and Answered by George Washington Burnap - 1848

The Year-book of the Unitarian Congregational Churches by American Unitarian Association - 1892

An History of Early Opinions Concerning Jesus Christ: Compiled from Original Writers proving that the Christian Church was at first Unitarian by Joseph Priestley - 1786

American Unitarian Biography: Memoirs of Individuals who Have Been In the Cause of Liberal Christianity edited by William Ware - 1851

The Unitarian Advocate - 1828

Liberal Religious Thought at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century by William Copeland Bowie - 1901

Hymns for Church and Home: And Unitarian Service Book - 1903

Authentic Report of the Discussion on the Unitarian Controversy by John Scott Porter, Daniel Bagot - 1834

Remarks on the Unitarian Belief: With a Letter to a Unitarian Friend on the Lord's Supper by Nehemiah Adams - 1832

Reviews of On the formation of Christian character and 0utline of Scripture testimony against the Trinity by Henry Ware

An Inquiry Into the Comparative Moral Tendency of Trinitarian and Unitarian Doctrines by Jared Sparks - 1823 - 418 pages

The Unitarian Advocate and Religious Miscellany - 1831

A Century of Village Unitarianism: Being a History of the Reformed Christian Unitarian Church of Trenton NJ by Charles Graves - 1904

A Half-century of the Unitarian Controversy by George Edward Ellis - 1857 - 511 pages

The New Discussion of the Trinity by Frederic Dan Huntington, Thomas Starr King, Orville Dewey, American Unitarian Association - 1860 - 244 pages

Antitrinitarian Biography: Or, Sketches of the Lives and Writings of Distinguished AntiTrinitarians by Robert Wallace - Unitarian Universalist churches - 1850

After Strange Gods

The Andover Heresy: In the Matter of the Complaint Against Egbert C. Smyth and Others by Egbert Coffin Smyth 1887

Mahometanism Unveiled Vol 2: An Inquiry in which that Arch-heresy, Its Diffusion and Continuance by Charles Forster - 1829

Moravian Heresy by John Roche - 1751

Discussion of Universalism: Or, A Defence of Orthodoxy Against the Heresy of Universalism by William Latta McCalla 1825 - 309 pages

The Arians of the Fourth Century by John Henry Newman - 1876

The Millennial Dawn Heresy (Charles Russell - Russellism) by E.L. Eaton, D.D. - 1911

The Secret Life: Being the Book of a Heretic by Elizabeth Bisland, Elizabeth Bisland Wetmore - 1906

A Debate on Christian Baptism - 1824 - Alexander Campbell 418 pages

A Debate on the Roman Catholic Religion - 1837

Campbellism Exposed - 1860 - Alexander Campbell

Debates on the Evidences of Christianity - 1829 - Alexander Campbell

Debate on Infant Sprinkling - 1820 - Alexander Campbell

A Debate on Christian Baptism

by Alexander Campbell, William Latta McCalla - 1824 - 420 pages
The Cure of Deism: Or, the Mediatorial Scheme by Jesus Christ by Elisha Smith- 1737

Bible Proofs of Universal Salvation by John Wesley Hanson - 1903 - 100 pages

A Debate on the Doctrine of Universal Salvation by Enoch Merrill Pingree, Nathan Lewis Rice - 1845 - 420 pages

An Oral Debate on the Coming of the Son of Man and Endless Punishment by Erasmus Manford, Benjamin Franklin 1860 - 350 pages

Christ's Second Coming: Will it be Pre-millennial? by David Brown - 1882 - 460 pages

Russell-White Debate: A Public Discussion by Charles Taze Russell, Lloyd Smith White - 1908 - 190 pages

Wife No. 19 - A Life in Bondage, A Complete Expose of Mormonism by Ann E Young 1875

Women Under Polygamy by Walter Matthew Gallichan 1915

American Anthropology Disproving the Book of Mormon by Charles Shook 1916

2000 Changes in the Book of Mormon

Exposé of Polygamy in Utah: A Lady's Life Among the Mormons.
by T. B. H. Stenhouse 1872

Female Life Among the Mormons: A Narrative of Many Years' Personal Experience by Maria Ward 1858

Fifteen Years Among the Mormons: Being the Narrative of Mrs. Mary Ettie V Smith
by Nelson Winch Green - 1859

Cosmopolitan Magazine Versus the Mormon Church (1911)
Article One: The Viper on the Hearth - Mormonism - Its Plots, Plans and Intrigues Against American Homes by Alfred Henry Lewis
Article Two: The Trail of the Viper - How the slimy trail of Mormonism, blazed by Prophet Smith and his political satellites, stretches across the continent in the nation's Capitol, foreshadowing the vicious domination of Mormon influence by Alfred Henry Lewis
Also comes with the article from the Missouri Historical Review entitled "Mormon Troubles in Missouri."
Also comes with an article in McClure's Magazine (1911) entitled, "The Mormon Revival of Polygamy" by Burton J. Hendrick

The Mormon Menace

My Summer in a Mormon Village
by Florence Merriam Bailey 1894

"Tell it All": the Story of a Life's Experience in Mormonism: An Autobiography Inluding a Full Account of the Mountain Meadows Massacre by T. B. H. Stenhouse 1878

The Case against Mormonism by Robert Webb 1915

The Letters of an Apostate Mormon to his Son by Hans Freece 1908

An Old Mormon City in Missouri (Article) in The Magazine of American History 1886

The Mormon's Mistake, or, What is the Gospel? by HA Ironside

The Mormon Puzzle and How to Solve it by RW Beers 1887

Absurdities of Immaterialism - Reply to Remarks on Mormonism by Orson Pratt

The Mormon Battalion: Its History and Achievements
by Brigham Henry Roberts - 1846-1848 - 1919

Apples of Sodom: A Story of Mormon Life
by Rosetta Luce Gilchrist

The Mormons. or Latter Day Saints in Arthurs Home Magazine 1853

A Visit to Salt Lake: Being a Journey Across the Plains by William Chandless - 1857


History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
by Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Brigham Henry Roberts - 1902

History of Utah: Comprising Preliminary Chapters on the Previous History of her Founder...The Advent of the Mormon Pioneers
by Orson Ferguson Whitney 1892

Mormon or Patriot (Article) in Leslie's Monthly Magazine 1904

Life in Utah

WS Godbe on Polygamy in Tullidge's Quarterly Magazine 1881

Who wrote the Book of Mormon? by Robert Patterson

The Real Mormonism: A Candid Analysis by Robert C. Webb - 1916

The Founder of Mormonism: A Psychological Study of Joseph Smith, Jr.
by Woodbridge Riley 1903

The Prophet of the 19th Century; or, The rise, progress, and present state of the Mormons, or Latter-day Saints: to which is appended, an Analysis of the Book of Mormon by Henry Caswal 1843

Document containing the correspondence in relation to the disturbances with the Mormons 1841

The Koran and the Bible; or, Islam and Christianity
by John Muehleisen Arnold - 1866

The Crescent Versus the Cross
by Khalil Khalid - 1907

The Koran, Article in Yale Literary Magazine 1886

The Moslem Christ: an essay on the life, character, and teachings of Jesus Christ according to the Koran and orthodox tradition by Samuel Zwemer 1912

Mohammed or Christ by Samuel Zwemer 1916

Mohammed and Mohammedanism: Lectures Delivered at the Royal Institution
by Reginald Bosworth Smith - 1876 - 368 pages

Mohammed and Mohammedanism Critically Considered
by Sigismund Wilhelm Koelle 1889

Mohammed and the Rise of Islam
by David Samuel Margoliouth 1905

Mohammed, Buddha, and Christ: Four Lectures on Natural and Revealed Religion by Marcus Dods - 1877

The Baptism of Infants, a reasonable service, founded upon Scripture, and undoubted Apostolic tradition 1753 by Micaiah Towgood

A history of Anti-pedobaptism from the rise of pedobaptism to A.D. 1609 by Albert Newman 1897

Why Friends (Quakers) Do Not Baptize with Water by James H. Moon 1909

Rhantism versus Baptism or Infant Sprinkling against Christian Immersion by Ellison Seacome 1835

History of the Sabbath and First Day of the Week
by John Nevins Andrews 1887

Religious Delusions, with chapters on Adventists, Mormons, Muslims, Jehovah's Witnesses [Russellism] and more, by James Vincent Coombs 1904

Is Saturday or Sunday the Christian Sabbath - a Refutation of Sabbatarianism by William Armstrong 1880

Sunday, the true Sabbath of God by Samuel Gamble 1900

Bible Nuts for Seventh Dayists to Crack if they Can, article in the Leaves of healing magazine 1919

Where Premillenialism Leads, article in the Biblical World 1919

Adventism Answered (the Sabbath Question) by George Miller 1905

The Devil and the 7th Day Adventists, article in the Free-Thought Magazine 1903

Second Adventism in the Light of Jewish History by TM Hopkins 1872

Seventh-day Adventism Renounced after an experience of 28 years 1889 by DM Canright

Astounding Errors - the Prophetic Message of the Seventh-day Adventists and the Chronology of Pastor C. T. Russell in the light of history and Bible knowledge by Aaron Nyman 1914

The Return of Jesus, an earnest review of the scriptural evidences of the Second Coming of Christ by Carlyle Haynes 1917

The Lord's day, from neither Catholics nor pagans - an answer to Seventh-day Adventism by DM Canright 1917

The Constitutional Amendment - The Sunday, the Sabbath, the Change, and Restitution by W Littlejohn 1873

The Devil and the Adventists: A Brief Review of Some of the Recent Attacks by Moses Hull 1899

Immortality and modern Thought - article in the Unitarian review and religious magazine, Volume 26 1886

Miller Overthrown By A Cosmopolite 1840

History of the Second Advent message by Isaac Wellcome 1874

A Familiar Exposition of the 24th Chapter of Matthew by William Miller 1842

Sketches of the Christian life and public labors of William Miller by James White 1875

A Practical Guide to the Prophecies by E Bickersteth 1841

Is there any Evidence that Man is Immortal, article in The Humanitarian review 1910

Religious Denominations of the world by Vincent Milner 1860

The Evolution of Religions by E. Bierer 1906
Has a chapter called: Second Adventists and Connection of Secret Orders with the Supernatural in Religions

Present Truth by Jonas Wendell 1873

Evidences For The Coming Of The Lord In 1873 Or The Midnight Cry - N.H. Barbour

Adventists, Dunkers, Mennonites, Churches of God - Article in Corner-Stones of Faith 1898

The End of the World: A Love Story by Edward Eggleston 1912

Normal and Abnormal Delusion, article in the Alienist and neurologist Magazine

The Sabbath Questions by RF Burns 1889

Sunday and the Sabbath question by WW Hardwicke 1921

Spiritual Sabbathism by Abram Lewis 1910

A Critical History of Sunday legislation from 321 to 1888 A. D. by Abram Lewis 1888

Present Truth by Jonas Wendell, giving some evidences of the Coming of our Lord in 1873

Evidences For The Coming Of The Lord In 1873 Or The Midnight Cry by Nelson H. Barbour

Man's Nature And Destiny by George Storrs


Brief remarks on the history, authority, and use of the Sabbath by Joseph Gurney 1833

The Sabbath - a brief history of laws, petitions, remonstrances and reports, with facts, appeals, and answers to popular objections relating to the Christian Sabbath by H Kingsbury 1841
Millerite - Sign of the Times (periodical) 1840, 198 pages

Illogical Geology: The Weakest Point in the Evolution Theory by George McCready Price 1906

Poisoning Democracy by George McCready Price 1921

Q.E.D. or New light on the Doctrine of Creation by George McCready Price 1917
George McCready Price (1870–1963) was a Canadian creationist. He produced a string of anti-evolution, or creationist works, particularly on the subject of "flood geology". However, his views did not become common amongst creationists until after his death, particularly with the "creation science" movement starting in the 1960s.
rice was born in Havelock, New Brunswick, Canada. His father died in 1882 and his mother joined the Seventh-day Adventist Church. In 1887, he married another follower of the church. For several years thereafter the couple worked as itinerant sellers of Seventh-day Adventist co-founder Ellen G. White's books in the Maritime Provinces of Eastern Canada.
n a response to a plea from his wife, the Adventist church employed Price as a construction worker first in Maryland. He then was, for a short time, principal of a small Adventist school in Oakland, California before moving again and becoming a construction worker and handyman at a newly purchased Adventist sanatorium in Loma Linda, where he self-published Illogical Geology: The Weakest Point in the Evolution Theory in 1906. In Illogical Geology, Price offered $1000 "to any one who will, in the face of the facts here presented, show me how to prove that one kind of fossil is older than another."

Sermons on the Sabbath and Law: Embracing an Outline of the Biblical and Secular History of the Sabbath
by John Nevins Andrews - 1870 - 220 pages
The First-day Sabbath: Clearly Proved by Showing that the Old Covenant, Or 10 Commandment have been changed or made complete in the Christian Dispensation
by Thomas M. Preble, John Nevins Andrews - 1867 - 460 pages

A Study of the Sects
by William Henry Lyon 1891 - 180 pages



The Autobiography of Elder Joseph Bates
by Joseph Bates - 1868 - 31o pages

The Great Controversy Between Christ and Satan
by Ellen Gould Harmon White - 1911

The Early Life and Later Experience and Labors of Elder Joseph Bates
by Joseph Bates - 1878

Life Sketches: Ancestry, Early Life, Christian Experience
by James White, Ellen Gould Harmon White 1880 - 410 pages

The Seventh-Day Adventist Hymn and Tune Book: For Use in Divine Worship by Franklin Edson Belden, Edwin Barnes 1893 - 630 pages

Life Incidents: In Connection with the Great Advent Movement as Illustrated by the Three Angels of Reveltation 14
by James White- 1868 - 360 pages

The Spirit of Prophecy
by Ellen Gould Harmon White 1870

Sketches of the Christian Life and Public Labors of William Miller
by James White, Sylvester Bliss - 1875, 400 pages

A Brief Commentary on the Apocalypse
by Sylvester Bliss 1853 - 374 pages

Letter to Rev. J. Litch, on the Second Coming of Christ
by Charles Fitch, Josiah Litch, 1841

Views of the Prophecies and Prophetic Chronology
by William Miller, Joshua Vaughan Himes 1842 - 242 pages

An Exposition of the Prophecies: Supposed by William Miller to Predict the Second Coming in 1843
by John Dowling  - 1840 - 220 pages

Sketch of the Life and Religious Experience of Eld. Luther Boutelle
by Luther Boutelle - 1891 - 205 pages

Millennial Harp: Designed for Meetings on the Second Coming of Christ by Joshua Vaughan Himes - 1843 - 280 pages

Millerism Confounded: And the Second Coming of Our Lord Elucidated
by Ichabod Cook 1850

by ELLEN G WHITE - 1911

Six Sermons on the Inquiry is There Immortality in Sin and Suffering? by George Storrs - 1856

Thoughts, Critical and Practical, on the Book of Revelation
by Uriah Smith 1881 - 410 pages

The United States in the Light of Prophecy, Or, An Exposition of Rev. 13: 11-17
by Uriah Smith 1872 - 150 pages

The State of the Dead and the Destiny of the Wicked
by Uriah Smith 1873 - 360 pages

A Word for the Sabbath: Or, False Theories Exposed
by Uriah Smith 1875

The Unity of Man, or, Life and Death Realities, a Reply to Rev. Luther Lee by George Storrs 1850
Philosophical and Scriptural Arguments on Immortality

The World's Need?: One Hundred Other Momentous Questions in History

The First-day Sabbath by Thomas M. Preble, John Nevins Andrews 1867 - 460 pages

The Voice of God: Or an Account of the Unparalleled Fires, Hurricanes, Floods and Earthquakes Commencing with 1845 with some account of Pestilence, Famine and Increase of Crime (the last page has been somewhat obliterated).

A Word to the Little Flock

Some scans reflect the antiquated quality of the original.

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