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The Occult Spirit World & the Bible - 170 Books on DVDrom

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Contents of Disk (created on a Windows computer):

Ghosts of the Bible by Converse Ennis Nickerson 1922 ( Ghosthood or Immortality, Spirit Communication, Jehovah, The Spectre Chieftain, Ghost Councilors, The Return of Samuel, Ghosts of Daniel, The Man of Nazareth, Ghosts of Acts)

Talking with the Dead by Judge J.F. Rutherford (Watchtower) 1920

The History of the Origin of all Things being particularly a history of the spiritual state of man, from death of the body to knowledge of God by the Spirit of Jesus Christ

Man and the Spiritual World as disclosed by the Bible by Arthur Chambers 1900

The Angel and the Book, an annotated text book of the inspiration, spirit ministration and angel visitation of the Bible by HG Paul 1902

The Magical Message According to Ioannes commonly called the Gospel according to St. John 1909

Further Communications from the World of Spirits by the spirit of Joshua (Biblical figure) 1861

Three Articles on Modern Spiritualism by a Bible Spiritualist 1863

Psychic Research and Gospel Miracles a study of the evidences of the Gospel's superphysical features in the light of the established results of modern psychical research by Edward Duff 1902

Higher Aspects of Spiritualism by Stainton Moses 1880 (Judaism and Jesus Christ, The World at the Birth of Christ, John Baptist and his Message, The Mission of the Christ, Modern Christianity and Modem Spiritualism, The Bible Miracles and the Fhenomena of Spiritualism, etc) 1880

A Genetic study of the spirit-phenomena in the New Testament by Elmer H Zaugg 1917 (Ancient Belief in Spirits and Demons, Jewish Beliefs in Spirits and Demons, The Believer as Pneumatikos: The Gifts of the Spirit, The Believer as Pneumatikos: Means of Acquiring the Spirit, The Believer as Pneumatikos: The Benefit of Spirit-Possession, Jesus as Pneumatikos)

The Occult Life of Jesus of Nazareth by Alexander Smyth Given on Spiritual Authority from Spirits who were Contemporary Mortals with Jesus While on Earth 1899

The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ as Revised and Corrected by The Spirits, by Leonard Thorn 1861
(“I, Jesus, came in spirit bodily, and revised and corrected the first four hooks of the new testament, namely, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and also the Revelations…Paul came personally in the spirit and corrected the Acts of the Apostles, and all of the other books in this testament which are called Paul’s writings…James, Peter, John, Jude, all came in the spirit personally, and revised and corrected their own books.” [Introductory Remarks])

Autobiography of Jesus Christ (Spirit) 1894 (Being his historical life given by himself through the inspiration of the Scribe.)

Holy Theomonistic Bible, or, The evolutionary Gospel of fulfilment of prophecy, which John calls the bitter and sweet open book and everlasting Gospel: being the authentic continuation and consummation of the Jewish and Christian Bibles and other sacred books namely the testament of God with men of today and all the future in the Psychic Age or Theomonistic Era, which started 1916 A. D. AS REVEALED BY ELOAH, the Almighty God of the Universe; by Jehovah, Father of our own Solar System; by Basa Jesus Christ Xeovah, the only rightful King of Earth, and a large Host of Earthborn and Non- Terrestrial Angels, Through mediumistic Automatic Writing of MRS. WELARI, the Clairvoyant Inspiration of the Editor, BISHOP THEODOLITHOS, S. T. D., and the guidance by their soulmates, THEODOLINDA and BISHOP PHILLIPS BROOKS (1919)

The Holy Scriptures translated and corrected by the Spirit of Revelation by Joseph Smith, the Seer 1867

1904 - The New Testament Revised and Translated, by A. S. Worrell (American Baptist Publication Society. 1904)
“...the writer, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit (as he believes), undertook the immensely responsible task of furnishing to the public, a correct and literal translation of these Scriptures, put up in good style, with brief notes designed to help the ordinary Christian, who has no knowledge of the original Greek.”
The Apocalypse Unsealed, being an Esoteric Interpretation of the Revelation of St John by James Pryse 1910

The Life of Jehoshua, the prophet of Nazareth, An Occult Study and a Key to the Bible by Franz Hartman 1888

Spiritual Manifestations by Charles Beecher 1879

A Review of the "Spiritual Manifestations" by Charles Beecher 1853

A Discussion on the Automatic Powers of the Brain, being a defence against Rev. Charles Beecher's attack upon the philosophy of mysterious agents, in his review of "Spiritual Manifestations" by EC Rogers 1853

Spiritualism versus Christianity by JW Daniels 1856

Esoteric Christianity by Annie Besant 1905

Discourses on Religion, Morals, Philosophy and Metaphysics by Cora Richmond 1858

The Identity of Primitive Christianity and Modern Spiritualism by Eugene Crowell 1874

Thoughts of the Spiritual by Arthur Chambers 1905

Demon Possession and Allied Themes by John L Nevius 1896

The Question Settled - a Careful Comparison of Biblical and Modern Spiritualism by Moses Hull 1869

The Esoteric Basis of Christianity by William Kingsland 1891

A Three-fold Test of Modern Spiritualism by William R Gordon 1856

Demonosophy Unmasked in Modern Theosophy by Mersene Elon Sloan 1922

Spiritualism identical with Ancient Sorcery, New Testament Demonology, and Modern Witchcraft with the testimony of God and man against it by W McDonald 1869

The New Psychic Studies in their Relation to Christian Thought by Franklin Johnson 1887

The Gospel According to Satan, by Standish Grey 1881

The Gospel in the Stars by Joseph A Seiss 1884

Clear Light from the Spirit World by Kate Irving 1884 (My Investigations into the Spiritualism of the Jewish Scriptures)

Spiritualism, a Satanic Delusion and a sign of the times by William Ramsey 1856

Spiritism and the Fallen Angels in the Light of the Old and New Testaments by James M Gray 1920

Experimental Investigation of the Spirit Manifestations demonstrating the existence of spirits and their communion with mortals - doctrine of the spirit world respecting heaven, hell, morality, and God - also, the influence of Scripture on the morals of Christians by Robert Hare 1855

An Exposition of Modern Spiritualism showing its tendency to a total annihilation of Christianity with other miscellaneous remarks and criticisms in support of the fundamental principles of the Christian Religion by Samuel Post 1861

Spiritual Communications presenting a Revelation of the Future Life, and illustrating and confirming the fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith by Henry Kiddle 1879

Old truths in a new Light - An earnest endeavour to reconcile material science with spiritual science and with Scripture by Marie Sinclair Caithness 1876

The Spirit World by Joseph Hamilton 1906

Magnetic astronomy of the Bible by Wm W Smith 1893

An Esoteric Reading of Biblical Symbolism by Harrit T Bartlett 1916

The True Church of Christ Exoteric and Esoteric by John William Brodie-Innes 1892

The Esoteric Character of the Gospels By Helena Petrovna Blavatsky 1895

Demonic Possession in the New Testament by William Menzies Alexander 1902

The New Testament Occultism by John Hamlin Dewey 1895

The Mystery of the Ages contained in the Secret Doctrine of all religions by Marie Caithness 1887

Jesus: an Unfinished Portrait by Charles Van Norden 1906 (The Occult Jesus)

Occult Experiences, a true narrative of experiences in the present time and deductions therefrom by R Buren 1919 (Christian Mysteries)

Astrology in a Nutshell by Carl Webber 1902

The Star of the Wise Men - being a Commentary on the Second Chapter of St. Matthew by Richard Trench  1850

The Wise Men: Who They Were and how They Came to Jerusalem by Francis William Upham 1901

The Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion by James George Frazer

Witness to the Stars by EW Bullinger 1893

Astrology Theologized by Valentin Weigal by Anna Bonus Kingsford 1886

The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses - Moses' Magical Spirit Art 1880

The Gospel in the Stars by Joseph A Seiss 1910

God-man - the word made flesh by George W Carey 1920 ("The book of Job is the most wonderful and beautiful literary production ever given to the world. Certainly the scientific truths of astrology and alchemy, and of the Spirit's operation in flesh, as set forth in that book, are without a parallel.)

Christianity as Mystical Fact and the Mysteries of Antiquity by Rudolf Steiner 1914

Mysticism in Christianity by WK Fleming 1913

The Open Door - The Secret of Jesus, a Key to Spiritual Emancipation and Mastery by John Hamlin Dewey 1896

The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception - Mystic Christianity by Max Heindel 1920

The Mediaeval Attitude Toward Astrology By Theodore Otto Wedel 1920

Studies in Mystical Religion by Rufus M Jones 1919

Lilith - Legend of the First Woman by Ada Langworthy Collier 1885

Lilith - Adam's First Wife, article in the Sunday Magazine 1884

The Lilith Legend, article in the Museum Journal 1912

The Spirits in Prison by EH Plumtre 1884

The Gadarene - Spirits in Prison by JO Barrett 1874

The Mediator or a Medium by Albert Wyckoff 1920

The Classic of Spiritism by Lucy McDowell Milburn - 1922 ("The Bible surely is the classic of Spiritism")

Do the Dead Still Live? by David Heagle 1920

Shall the Churches Take Psychical Research Seriously? by George Barten Cutten 1914

The Witch of Endor and Modern Spiritualism by Geo C Baldwin 1872

Portraits of Women of the Bible by Thomas E Miller 1910 (has a section on the Witch of Endor)

Woman in Sacred History by Harriet Beecher Stowe 1874 (has a section on the Witch of Endor)

Famous Women of the Old Testament by Morton Bryan Wharton 1889 (has a section on the Witch of Endor)

Saul and the Witch of Endor, article in The Religious Monitor 1885

Sauls interview with the Witch of Endor, article in The Methodist Quarterly Review 1869

Demonology and Witchcraft by Sir Walter Scott 1872

Is Christianity a Supernatural Revelation? by James F Clarke 1903

Supernatural Revelation - an essay concerning the basis of the Christian Faith by Charles M Mead 1889

The Bible history of Satan. Is he a fallen angel? 1858

History of the Fallen Angels of the Scriptures -Proofs of the being of Satan and of evil spirits by Josiah Priest 1839

Babylonian Influence on the Bible and Popular Beliefs - A Study of Genesis 1 and 2 by Abram Smythe Palmer 1897

The Life of Jehoshua, the Prophet of Nazareth: An Occult Study By Franz Hartmann 1888

The God of this World - The Devil in history by Hollis Read 1875

The Fall of Lucifer - The Origin of Evil by ET Smets 1896

The History of the Devil and the idea of evil by Paul Carus 1900

The Bible Devil, a Modern Interpretation By Henry Richard Bender 1917

The Serpent of Eden: a philological and critical essay on the text of Genesis 3 and its various interpretations by Jose P. Val d'Eremao 1888

The Existence and Fall of Satan and his Angels, article in the Methodist magazine and quarterly review 1838

The Fallen Angels and the Heroes of Mythology by John Fleming 1879

The Angel of Jehovah, article in the Bibliotheca Sacra 1859

The Angel of Jehovah, article in The Exegete and homiletic monthly 1880

The Angel of the Lord; or, Manifestations of Christ in the Old Testament by William Pakenham Walsh 1876

The Angel of Jehovah, article in The Christian examiner and general review 1836

The Letter G, article in The American Tyler-keystone 1903 ("The swastika is composed of four gammas combined, and was known among old time craftsmen as the Tetragrammaton [Jehovah].")

Medical Symbolism in Connection with Historical Studies in the Arts by Thomas S. Sozinskey 1891
"Tetragrammaton — that is, J H V H, or, as it is commonly rendered, Jehovah — was the same thing as the IAW. Much could be said about it, as those familiar with Masonic legends and occult literature are aware. Lenormant states, of the wide belief in the power of the hidden "name of the Lord," that "we now see clearly that it came from Chaldea." p. 133

Holy Holy Holy - A Study of the Trisagion 1913 (features the Tetragrammaton)

The Principles of Occult Healing by Mary Weeks Burnett 1916

The Law of Psychic Phenomena - a working hypothesis for the systematic study of hypnotism, spiritism, mental therapeutics by Thomson Jay Hudson 1904 (...the Bible sanctions the belief in the power of spirits to hold communion with the living."

Enemies and evidences of Christianity by John Duncan Quackenbos 1899 (Chapters: What is Christianity more than Theosophy? - What is Christianity more than Spiritism?)

Reincarnation in the New Testament by James Pryce 1904

Reincarnation a study of Forgotten Truth by E.D. Walker 1888 (chapters on Reincarnation in the Bible, and Reincarnation in Early Christendom)

Materialism and Occultism by E Wake Cook 1922

The Hidden Wisdom of Christ and the Key of Knowledge, Volume 1 by Ernst Christian L. von Bunsen - 1865

The Hidden Wisdom of Christ and the Key of Knowledge, Volume 2 by Ernst Christian L. von Bunsen - 1865

Has Spiritualism any Foundation in the Bible? by Lewis Evarts 1894

The "Delusion" of Spiritualism compared with a belief in the Bible by JW Cadwell 1884

Incidents in the life of Albert Colby, the man who proves that modern spiritualism is a delusion identical with Bible witchcraft, and that it is the work of devils 1875

Spiritualism or Christianity - A Friendly Correspondence by Moses Hull 1873

From Theosophy to Christian faith by ER McNeile 1919

Numbers: Their Occult Power and Mystic Virtue By William Wynn Westcott ("Properties of Numbers according to the Bible, Talmud")

The Metaphysic of Christianity and Buddhism by Dawsonne Melanchthon Strong - 1899

Notes on the Lost Secret of Christianity By David Blair 1860

Essays on the Supernatural Origin of Christianity by George Park Fisher - 1871

A Brief Defence of Supernatural Christianity by John Kennedy 1875

Plus You Get:

Spiritualism versus Christianity, or, Spiritualism thoroughly Exposed by JW Daniels 1856

The History and Power of Mind by Richard Ingalese 1902 (Lesser Occult or Psychic Forces and their Dangers, Hypnotism and How to Guard Against It)

Facts and Mysteries of Spiritism by Joseph Hartman 1885

Spiritualism, article in the The Bible Christian magazine (The so-called "light" of spiritualism is no other than the light of the pit, and its doctrines are "the doctrines of Devils."") 1881

Spiritism and the Fallen Angels in the Light of the Old and New Testaments by James Gray 1920

Spiritism the Modern Satanism by Thomas Coakley 1920

A Complete Refutation of Astrology by TH Moody 1838

Modern Spiritism - its Science and Religion by AT Schofield 1920

The Menace of Spiritualism by Eliot O'Donnell 1920

Modern Necromancy, article in the The Christian Treasury 1871

What Say the Scriptures about Spiritism - That it is Demonism by Charles Taze Russell 1897

The Rappers - The Mysteries, Fallacies, and Absurdities of Spirit-rapping, Table-tipping, and Entrancement 1854

Spiritualism exposed by F Fawkes 1920

Modern Spiritualism Laid Bare, unmasked, dissected, and viewed from spiritualists' own teachings and from Scriptural standpoints

Spiritualism - a personal experience and a warning by C Kernahan 1920

The Case against Spiritualism by Jane Stoddard 1919

Confessions of a Medium 1882

Sketches of Imposture, Deception, and Credulity 1845 (has chapters dealing with Astrology, Vampires and Alchemy)

Spiritualism and Necromancy by AB Morrison 1873

Spiritualism, or Modern necromancy by Edward Cridge 1870

Some Phases of Modern Occultism - Article in the Rosary Magazine 1903

Spiritism and Religion, a moral study by J Liljencrants 1918

The Physical Phenomena of Spiritualism, Fraudulent and Genuine, being a brief account of the most important historical phenomena, a criticism of their evidential value, and a complete exposition of the methods employed in fraudulently reproducing the same by H Carrington 1908

Three Lectures on Modern Spiritism by Carl August Blomgrem 1922 -

"The final word of the Bible on Spiritism seals its eternal doom. Bevelation XXI:8"
The Probable Effect of Spiritualism upon the social, moral, and religious condition of society by Anna Blackwell 1876

Modern Spiritualism - a history and a criticism, Volume 1 by Frank Podmore 1902

Modern Spiritualism - a history and a criticism, Volume 2 by Frank Podmore 1902

Spiritualism on Trial by Rev. F. W. Evans 1875

The New Black Magic and the Truth about the Ouija-board by J Rauper 1919

The Question Settled. A careful Comparison of Biblical and Modern Spiritualism by Moses Hull 1891

Psychic Research and Gospel Miracles - a study of the evidences of the Gospel's superphysical features in the light of the established results of modern psychical research by Edward Duff 1902

Essays in Occultism, Spiritism, and Demonology by William Harris 1919

Serpent-worship and other essays by Charles Wake 1888

Frauds exposed by Anthony Comstock 1880

The Popes and Science by James Walsh 1908 (appendix talks about Astrology)

The Greatest Debate within a Half Century Upon Modern Spiritualism by Moses Hull and William F. Jamieson 1904

The supernatural in modern English fiction by Dorothy Scarborough 1917

Fact and fable in psychology by J Jastrow 1901 (The modern occult. The problems of psychical research. The logic of mental telegraphy. The psychology of deception. The psychology of spiritualism. Hypnotism and its antecedents.)

Astrology, article in the Knickerbocker Magazine 1836

The Autobiography of Satan by John Beard 1872 (has a chapter on Astrology)

A Note on Astrology and Spiritualism, article in Papers for the Times 1879

The Mediaeval Attitude toward Astrology by TO Wedel 1920

The Delusions of Clairvoyance, article in Scribner's Monthly 1879

Psychology as a natural science applied to the solution of occult psychic phenomena 1889 by Charles Raue

Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions Volume 1 by Charles Mackay 1850

Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions Volume 2 by Charles Mackay 1850

Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions Volume 3 by Charles Mackay 1850

Modern Mysteries Explained and Exposed by Asa Mahan 1855

Hypnotism and Spiritism; a Critical and Medical Study by G Lapponi 1907

The Pharmacy of the Bible, article in Canadian pharmaceutical journal 1872 (In the list of the evil practices of the day given by St. Paul in his Epistle to the Galatians, occurs the word " witchcraft." The Greek word for this is "pharmakeia," from which our word pharmacy is derived.)

Chronicles of Pharmacy, by A. C. Wootton 1910 (The Greek word, pharmakeia, the original of our " pharmacy," had a rather mixed history in its native language. It does not seem to have exactlv deteriorated, as words in all languages have a habit of doing, for from the earliest times it was used concurrently to describe the preparation of medicines, and also through its association with drugs and poisons and the production of philtres, as equivalent to sorcery and witcheraft. It is in this latter sense that it is employed exclusively in the New Testament. St. Paul, for instance (in Galatians, v, 20), enumerating the works of the flesh names it after idolatry. The word appears as witcheraft in the Authorised, and as sorcery in the Revised Version.)

Religious Delusions - Study of the False Faiths of Today by JV Coombs 1904 (Chapters on Witchcraft, Superstitions, Spiritualism and Hypnotism)

The Swedenborgian Delusion by George Burgess 1870

Rev. Joseph Cook Versus Emanuel Swedenborg 1879 (Swedenborg may be said to be the father of Spiritualism, a belief that one can communicate with the dead).

The Holy Spirit and Other Spirits by Daniel Teasley 1904 (many pages hard to read)

Is the Devil a Myth? by CF Wimberly 1913

Claims of Modern Psychical Research, article in Our Day 1895

Spiritism and the Cult of the Dead in Antiquity by Lewis Bayles Paton - 1921

Preliminary report of the Commission appointed by the University of Pennsylvania to investigate modern spiritualism, in accordance with the request of the late Henry Seybert 1887 (The Seybert Commission was a group of faculty at the University of Pennsylvania who in 1884-1887 investigated a number of respected spiritualist mediums, uncovering fraud or suspected fraud in every case that they examined.)

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