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Alcoholic & Narcotic History of the World - 60 Books on CDrom

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Books Scanned from the Originals into PDF format

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Contents of Disk (created on a Windows computer):

The Curiosities of Ale and Beer - an Entertaining History by Bickerdyke John 1889

Drinks of the World by James Mew 1892

The Seven Sisters of Sleep: Popular History of the Seven Prevailing Narcotics of the World By Mordecai Cubitt Cooke 1860

History of Drink by James Samuelson 1878

A Tankard of Ale, an anthology of Drinking Songs by Theodore Maynard 1919

Cups and their Customs by George E Roberts 1863

The Art of Drinking by GG Gervinus 1890

Wine in Ancient India by Dhirendra Krishna Bose 1922

The Beer of the Bible by James Death 1887

Wines and other Fermented Liquors from the Earliest ages to the present time by James R Sheen 1864

Nineteen Centuries of Drink in England by Richard Valpy French 1890

Beer - its History and its Economic Value as a National Beverage by FW Salem 1880

A Philosophical and Statistical History of the Inventions and Customs of Ancient and Modern Nations in the Manufacture and use of Inebriating Liquors by Samuel Morewood 1838

Hand-book of Wines by Thomas McMullen 1852

Wine and Spirits - the Connoisseur's Textbook by Andre Louis Simon 1919

Alcohol in History, an Account of Intemperance in all Ages by Richard Eddy 1887

A History of Champagne by Henry Vizetelly 1882

Champagne By Napolean E. Le Grand 1897

The Beer of the Bible by James Death

The Story of the Vine by Edward R Emerson 1902

Intoxicating Drinks and Drugs in all Lands and Times by Wilbur Crafts 1911

Lincoln vs. Liquor by David Charles Baker 1908

Americana Ebrietatis - the Favorite Tipple of our forefathers and the laws and customs relating thereto by Hewson L Peeke 1917

Ebrietatis Encomium - The Praise of Drunkeness by Albert-Henri Sallengre 1910

Beverages, Past and Present, Volume 1 by Edward R Emerson 1908

Beverages, Past and Present, Volume 2 by Edward R Emerson 1908

Oxford Night Caps by Richard Cook 1847

Beverages and Sauces of Colonial Virginia 1607-1907 by Laura S Fitchett 1907

Religion and Drink by E.A. Wasson 1914

Alcohol, its Place and Power by James Miller 1859

The Chemistry of Wine by GJ Mulder 1857

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Intoxicating Drinks, their History and Mystery by John William Kirton 1879

On the Origin Nature and Varieties of Wine by JLW Thudichum 1872

Beverages and Their Adulteration by Harvey Wiley 1919

In Praise of Ale by WT Marchant 1888

Drinks, Drinkers and Drinking - The Law and History of Intoxicating Liquors by RV Rogers 1881

Daly's Bartenders' Encyclopedia by Tim Daly 1903

Bible Wines and Wines of the Ancients by William Patton 1874

Wines of the Bible: (a Lecture) by Norman Shanks Kerr - 1885

Dickensian Inns and Taverns by BW Matz 1922

Old Boston Taverns and Tavern Clubs by Samuel Adams Drake 1917

The Evolution of Prohibition in the United States of America by EH Cherrington 1920

Smoking: a World of Curious Facts, queer fancies, and lively anecdotes about pipes, tobacco and cigars by George J Manson 1891

Drugs that Enslave - the Opium, Morphine, Chloral and Hashisch Habits nu H.H. Kane 1881

The Opium Trade - A Sketch of its history by Nathan Allen 1853

History of the Vegetable Drugs of the Pharmacopeia of the United States by John Uri Lloyd 1911

Coca and Cocaine - Their History by William Martindale 1892

Smoking and Drinking by James Parton 1868

The Story of the Cigarette by William W Young 1916

Opium and the Opium-appetite with notices of Alcoholic Beverages, Cannabis Indica, Tobacco and Coca, and Tea and Coffee by Alonzo Calkins 1871

Hallucinations and Illusions by Edmund Parish 1897

The Chemistry of Common Life by James FW Johnston 1855 (Hashish, Hemp, Poppy, Coca, Brandy, Wine, Beer)

Stimulants and Narcotics by George M Beard 1871

The Old Vegetable Neurotics: Hemlock, Opium, Belladonna and Henbane by John Harley 1869

The Hasheesh Eater by FH Ludlow 1857

An Essay on Hasheesh by Victor Robinson 1912

The Twentieth Century Book of Toasts by Paul E Lowe 1910

Waes Hael, the Book of Toasts by Edithe L Chase 1904

Stories and Toasts for After Dinner by Nathan Fowler 1914

The Philosophy of Artificial and Compulsory Drinking Usage in Great Britain and Ireland by John Dunlop

Toasts for all occasions by EC Lewis 1903

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