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Mind Reading, Telepathy, Hypnotism, 60 Books on CDrom (Mentalism, Suggestion)

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Books Scanned from the Originals into PDF format

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Contents of Disk (created on a Windows computer)

Practical mind reading by William W Atkinson 1907

Your Mesmeric Forces and how to Develop them by Frank Hall Randall 1901

Mind reading by P Frazer 1875

The Law of Mentalism; a practical, scientific explanation of thought or mind force by A Victor Segno 1902

Mind-reading and Beyond by William A Hovey 1885

A Friendly Chat and plain talk about mind reading by Page A Cochran 1905

The Secret of Animal Magnetism, Mesmerism, Clairvoyancy and Mind Reading by John D Barnes 1903

The Mysteries of the Head and the Heart Eexplained: including an improved system of phrenology; a new theory of the emotions, and an explanation of the mysteries of mesmerism, trance, mind-reading, and the spirit delusion by JS Grimes 1881

Telepathy - The Science of Thought Transference by JCF Grumbine 1910

Telepathy, Genuine and Fraudulent by WW Baggally 1918

Can Telepathy Explain? Results of Psychical Research by Minto J Savage 1903

Personality and Telepathy by Frank Challice Constable 1911

Thought Transference - a Critical and Historical review of the evidence for telepathy by NW Thomas 1905

Glimpses of the Unseen, a Study of Dreams, Premonitions, prayer and remarkable answers, hypnotism, spiritualism, telepathy, apparitions, peculiar mental and spiritual experiences, unexplained psychical phenomena - a book of personal experiences, original and selected, related in their own language by reputable persons, together with running comments and a thoughtful summary by BF Austin 1898

Apparitions and Thought-Transference - an examination of the evidence for telepathy by Frank Podmore 1894

Telepathy and the Subliminal Self - an account of recent investigations regarding hypnotism, automatism, dreams, phantasms, and related phenomena by Rufus O Mason 1897

Spiritism, Hypnotism and Telepathy - as involved in the case of Mrs. Leonora E. Piper and the Society of psychical research by Clark Bell 1902

Hypnotism by Albert Moll 1891

The Book of Dreams and Ghosts by Andrew Lang (What is now called "mental telegraphy" or "telepathy" is quite an old idea. Bacon calls it "sympathy" between two distant minds, sympathy so strong that one communicates with the other without using the recognised channels of the senses.)

Practical Lessons in Hypnotism by William Wesley Cook 1901

Hypnotism by Auguste Forel 1907

Hypnotism by JW Moore 1907

Animal magnetism by Alfred Binet 1888

Sleep-walking and Hypnotism by Daniel Hack Tuke 1884

Practical Instruction in Animal Magnetism by JPF Deleuze 1879

Raphael's Private Instructions in Animal Magnetism 1896

The history and philosophy of animal magnetism 1843

Telepathy, Its Theory, Facts and Proof by William Walker Atkinson 1910

Hypnotism - its facts, theories and related phenomena by Carl Sextus 1893

How to Study Strangers by Nelson Sizer 1895 (sometimes hard to read)

Man Limitless by Floyd Baker Wilson 1905 (The Christ Principle through Intuition, Control of Memory, Suggestion, Must Age Enfeeble?, Pathway to Accomplishment, Children of the Gods, Shakespeare's Ariel, Spirit Aid in Man's Unfolding)

Activism by Henry Lane Eno 1920 (Consciousness, Psychokinesis, Meta-Psychic Plane)

The Hidden Self by William James 1890

Clairvoyance and thought-transference by LW De Laurence 1916

Studies in the Out-lying fields of Psychic Science by Hudson Tuttle 1889

Physiology of Mind Reading by George M Beard 1881

Unseen Forces and How to Use Them by S.R. Maxwell 1903

The Relief of Pain by Mental Suggestion - a study of the moral and religious forces in healing by Loring W Batton 1917

Suggestion and Mental Analysis; an Outline of Theory and Practice of Mind Cure by William Brown 1922

Self Mastery through Conscious Autosuggestion by Emile Coue 1922

An Experimental Study of Sensory Suggestion by Austin S Edwards 1915

Mental Suggestion by Julian Ochorowicz 1891

The Psychology of Suggestion - a research into the subconscious nature of man and society by Boris Sidis 1898

The Message of Psychic Science to the World by Mary E Boole 1908

Not Hypnotism but Suggestion by Henry Harrison Brown 1918

How to Control Fate through Suggestion by Henry Harrison Brown 1906

Suggestion and autosuggestion by Charles Baudouin 1921

A Handbook of Suggestive Therapeutics, Applied Hypnotism, Psychic Science by Henry S Munro 1908

Scientific Suggestion, the Secret of Success; Hypnotism, its uses and abuses by L.H. Anderson 1909

Have you a strong will? How to develop and strengthen will power, memory by Charles G Leland 1919

The Mystic Will, a method of developing and strengthening the faculties of the mind, through the awakened will, by a simple, scientific process possible to any person of ordinary intelligence by Charles G Leland (1907)

Hypnotism and Treatment by Suggestion by Albert E Davis 1922

Suggestion and Psychotherapy by George W Jacoby 1912

The History and Power of Mind by Richard Ingalese 1905

Seeing the Invisible - Practical Studies in Psychometry, Thought Transference, Telepathy, and Allied Phenomena by James Coates PhD 1906

Body and Spirit: An Inquiry Into the Subconscious by John Duncan Quackenbos 1916

Death and its Mystery by Camille Flammarion 1922

The First Four Outline Lessons in first book of Telepathy by Sidney Gaylor 1892

What is Instinct? Some Thoughts on Telepathy and Subconsciousness in Animals by CB Newland 1916

Man's greatest discovery. Six soul culture essays (Thought as Power, Telepathy) by Henry H Brown 1902

Enigmas of Psychical Research by James Hyslop 1906

Adventurings in the Psychical by H Addington Bruce 1914 (Ghosts and their meaning. Why I believe in telepathy. Clairvoyance and crystal-gazing. Automatic speaking and writing. Poltergeists and mediums. The subconscious)

The Evolution of the Soul by Thomas J Hudson 1904 (Man's psychic powers. Spiritistic phenomena as evidence of life after death. Spiritism and telepathy as involved in the case of Mrs. Leonora E. Piper. How I became convinced of the existence of the faculty of telepathy. The rationale of hypnotism. Hypnotism in its relations to criminal jurisprudence. Psychological problems relating to criminal confessions of innocent persons. Hypnotism a universal anaesthetic in surgery. The danger lines in hypnotism. A psychopathic study )

Truths concerning Communication and Thought Transmission by Meta Bennett Sherill 1913

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