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The Philosophy & Study of EVIL, 100 Books on DVDrom [Theodicy]

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Books Scanned from the Originals into PDF format

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Contents of Disk (created on a Windows computer):

The Problem of Evil: A Criticism of the Augustinian Point of View
by Marion Le Roy Burton 1909

God the creator of both evil and good by Henry Pinson 1883

The Problem of Evil by Ames Castle Pennock 1877

Love Supreme by Arthur Crane 1918 (chapter 5: The Origin of Evil)

Moral Evil - its nature and origin by LB Wilkes 1892

The Meaning of Good by G Lowes Dickinson 1902

Success of Evil - Elements of success in the kingdom of Evil by AS Kedzie 1873

The Rise and the Fall - The Origin of Moral Evil 1866

The Theory of a Personal Devil by William R Alger 1861

The History and Philosophy of Evil by Andrew Jackson Davis

The Problem of Evil by Peter Green 1920

The Science of Evil by Joel Moody 1871

Thoughts on good and Evil by William Smith 1875

The Gordian Knot - a story of Good and of Evil by Shirley Brooks 1860

First Principles by John Durward 1856

The History of the Devil and the idea of Evil by Paul Carus 1899

Food for Thinking Christians - why evil was permitted and kindred topics by Zions Watchtower 1881

The Witness of Sin, a Theodicy by Nathan Wood 1905

The Fallen Star - The History of a False Religion by Edward Bulwer Lytton 1915

The Ministry of Evil by Charles Watson Millen 1913

God in history in nature and in war by George Jeffs 1918

Good and Evil - a study in Biblical Theology by Loring W Batten 1918

Beyond Good and Evil by Nietzsche 1911

The Religious Conception of the World (section on the Problem of Evil) by Arthur K Rogers 1907

Guide to the knowledge of God - A Study of the Chief Theodicies by A Gratry 1892

A History of the Problems of Philosophy, Volume 1, 1902

A History of the Problems of Philosophy, Volume 1, 1902

Current Discussions in Theology, Volume 1, 1883

Current Discussions in Theology, Volume 2, 1883

Current Discussions in Theology, Volume 3, 1883

Current Discussions in Theology, Volume 4, 1883

Current Discussions in Theology, Volume 5, 1883

Current Discussions in Theology, Volume 6, 1883

Current Discussions in Theology, Volume 7, 1883

Gods and Devils of Mankind by Frank Dobbins 1897

Satan, his Origin, Work, and destiny by Carlyle Boynton Haynes 1920 (many illustrations)

The Devil: his Origin, Greatness, and Decadence by Albert Reville 1877

The Bible history of Satan. Is he a fallen angel? 1858

The God of this World - The Devil in history by Hollis Read 1875

The Fall of Lucifer - The Origin of Evil by ET Smets 1896

The Life and Labors of the Devil by TT Johnson 1892

The Origin of Sin, and Dotted words in the Hebrew Bible by E Gibbes 1893

The Origin of Sin and its Relations to God and the Universe by E Cook 1899

The Origin, the nature, the kingdom, the works, and the destiny of the Devil by WA Jarrel 1892

The Existence and Fall of Satan and his Angels, article in the Methodist magazine and quarterly review 1838

The Devil by Charles Carroll Everett, article in The Thinker 1895

A Personal Devil, article in The Unitarian review 1890

On the Duration of Evil 1855

The Autobiography of Satan by John Beard 1872

The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil by Joshua H M'Ilvaine 1847

Theodicy; essays on divine providence by Antonio Rosmini Volume 1 1912

Theodicy; essays on divine providence by Antonio Rosmini Volume 2 1912

The Justification of God: Lectures for war-time on a Christian theodicy by Peter Forsyth 1917

The Crook in the Lot, or, A display of the Sovereignty and Wisdom of God in the Afflictions of men, and the Christian's deportment under them by Thomas Boston 1848

The God that Jesus Saw by WG Horder 1921

Theodicy in The National Magazine 1855

The Problem of Evil (Article) in the Young Men's Christian Magazine 1877

The philosophical works of Leibnitz 1890

Three essays on religion by John Stuart Mill 1874

David Hume, Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion

A Theodicy by Albert Bledsoe 1854

Immortality and the new theodicy by George Gordon 1897

The Science of Natural Theology by Asa Mahan 1867

The Problem of Evil by R. Hastings 1912

The Problem of Evil in Plotinus by B.A.G. Fuller 1912

History of the Problems of Philosophy Volume 1 by Paul Janet 1902

History of the Problems of Philosophy Volume 2 by Paul Janet 1902

Optimism and Pessimism or, The Problem of Evil 1871 by Jacob Frohschammer

The Problem of Evil: An Introduction to the Practical Sciences
by Daniel Greenleaf Thompson 1887

Moral Uses of Dark Things
by Horace Bushnell - 1880

Does God Send Trouble?: An Earnest Effort to Discern Between Christian Tradition and Truth
by Charles Cuthbert Hall 1894

An Essay on the Origin of Evil
by William King 1781

The Problem of Evil: Seven Lectures
by Ernest Naville 1871

Is the Devil a Myth?
by Charles Franklin Wimberly 1913

Daemonologia Sacra: Or, A Treatise of Satan's Temptations
by Richard Gilpin 1677

Theodicy - Essays on the Goodness of God the Freedom of Man and the Origin of Evil - G.W. LEIBNIZ (searchable PDF)

Evil & Evolution: An Attempt to Turn the Light of Modern Science on to the Ancient Mystery of Evil
by George Francis Millin  1896

Good and Evil: A Study in Biblical Theology
by Loring Woart Batten - Good and evil - 1918

The Origin of Evil, and Other Sermons Preached in St. Peter's, Cranley Gardens by Alfred Williams Momerie 1885

The Nature of Goodness (first 258 pages)
by George Herbert Palmer 1903

The Theory of Good and Evil: A Treatise on Moral Philosophy
by Hastings Rashdall 1907

Studies of Good and Evil: A Series of Essays Upon Problems of Philosophy and of Life by Josiah Royce 1898

The Conflict of Good and Evil in Our Day: Twelve Letters to a Missionary
by Frederick Denison Maurice 1865

A Modern Job: An Essay on the Problem of Evil
by Etienne Giran, Alfred Leslie Lilley 1916

Life's Dark Problems: Or, is this a Good World?
by Minot Judson Savage 1905

Man's Responsibility: Or, How and Why, the Almighty Introduced Evil Upon the Earth
by Thomas G. Carson  1905

The Problem of Evil: An Introduction to the Practical Sciences
by Daniel Greenleaf Thompson 1887

The Mystery: Or, Evil and God
by John Young 1856

The Anti-universalist: Or History of the Fallen Angels of the Scriptures, Proofs of the Being of Satan and of Evil Spirits
by Josiah Priest 1837

The Gospel for a World of Sin
by Henry Van Dyke 1899

The Nature of Evil: Considered in a Letter to the Rev. Edward Beecher by Henry James 1855

The Goodness of God in View of the Facts of Nature and the Supernatural by George Thomson Knight 1904

Whatever Is, is Right
by Asaph Bemis Child 1861

An Examination of the Notion of Moral Good and Evil
by John Clarke 1725

Beneficence of Design in the Problem of Evil 1849

The Great Exorcism
by Arthur Crane 1915

An Inquiry Into the Scriptural Doctrine Concerning the Devil and Satan by Walter Balfour 1827

The Book of Adam and Eve: Also Called the Conflict of Adam and Eve with Satan by Solomon Caesar Malan 1882

Satan as a Moral Philosopher: With Other Essays and Sketches
by Caleb Sprague Henry - 1877
Paradise Lost: A Poem in Twelve Books
by John Milton - 1750

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