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Learn to Draw, Paint and Sketch - Over 100 Books on DVDrom

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Books Scanned from the Originals into PDF format

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Contents of Disk (created on a Windows computer)

What to draw and how to draw it by Edwin Lutz 1913

Pen Pictures and How to Draw Them -  a practical handbook on the various methods of illustrating in black and white for process engraving, with numerous designs, diagrams, and sketches by Eric Meade 1895

Pen drawing - an illustrated treatise by Charles D Maginnis 1903

Rendering in pen and ink by DA Gregg 1906

Modern Pen Drawings by Charles Holme 1901

Elements of pen-and-ink rendering, rendering with pen and brush, elements of water-color rendering, rendering in water color, drawing from nature, the American Vignola 1921*

Free-hand drawing - a manual for teachers and students by Anson Cross 1895

Architecture and how to sketch it by HW Roberts 1901

Freehand Perspective and Sketching - principles and methods of expression in the pictorial representation of common objects, interiors, buildings and landscapes by Dora Norton 1909

Pencil Sketching from Nature by James P Haney 1906

Handbook of drawing by William Walker 1880

Human Anatomy for Art Students by Alfred Fripp 1920

A Handbook of Anatomy for Art Students by Arthur Thomson 1915

The Art of Landscape Painting in Oil Colour by Sir Alfred East 1911

Hints on drawing, designed for self-instruction (some pages missing) by SJ Latta 1900

Drawing for beginners by Dorothy Furniss 1920

The Art of Painting Portraits, Landscapes, Animals by John Cawse 1840

The Elements of Drawing by John Ruskin 1860

The Art of Drawing in Lead Pencil by Jasper Salwey

The Art of Figure Drawing by Charles Harvey Weigall 1852

Studies of the Human Figure with some notes on drawing and anatomy by GM Ellwood and Francis R Yerbury 1918

The Oxford Drawing Book, containing progressive information in sketching, drawing, and colouring landscape scenery, animals, and the human figure with a new method of practical perspective by N Whittock 1852

Elements of drawing exemplified in a variety of figures and sketches of parts of the human form by Henry Williams 1814

Anatomy in its Relation to Art - an exposition of the bones & muscles of the human body with especial reference to their influence upon its actions & external form 1901 by George McClellan

The Practice & Science of Drawing by Harold Speed 1913

Sketching and rendering in pencil by Arthur Guptill 1922

Over the drawing board - a draftsmen's hand book by Ben Lubschez 1918

Architectural Drawing by CF Edminster 1905

Architectural Drawing by Wooster Bard Field 1922

Elements of lettering by F Goudy 1922

A System of Easy Lettering by John Cromwell 1897

Linear drawing and lettering for beginners by John Fish 1901

Modern show card lettering by William Thompson 1906

Trees and Tree Drawing by Edward Clifford 1921

Studies of trees in pencil and in water colors by J Needham 1905

Water Color Painting, a book of Elementary Instruction for beginners and amateurs. With illustrations by the author by Grace Barton Allen 1898

Geometrical drawing, projection drawing, freehand and ornamental drawing, wash work and brush drawing, elementary perspective drawing, architectural drawing 1921

The Art of Portrait Painting by John Collier 1905

Hints for Pupils in Drawing and Painting by Helen Knowlton 1879

Blackboard sketching by F Whitney 1909*

The art of sketching from nature by Thomas Rowbotham 1878

Locomotive Sketches, with Pen and Pencil by William Bromwell 1854

Stained glass as an art by Henry Holiday 1896

Learning to draw by Viollet-le-Duc 1881

Perspective - The art of drawing what one sees by WH Collins 1872

Flower pictures by Maude Angell 1914

Portrait and figure painting by Frank Fowler 1894

American caricatures pertaining to the Civil War 1918

Caricatures by HWG Hayter 1902

The History of the 19th Century in caricature by Arthur Maurice 1904

Amusement for Little Children - drawing and tracing book 1898

A First Year in Drawing by Henry Turner Bailey 1894

The Teaching of Drawing by I Hammond Morris 1893

A Guide to Figure Drawing by George Edgar Hicks 1853

Psychology of Drawing by Fred C Ayer 1916

Complete and Comprehensive Treatise on the Art of Crayon Portraiture by JB Crocker 1884

The Miniature Collector - a guide for the amateur collector of portrait miniatures by George C Williamson 1921

Guide to Landscape Drawing in pencil and chalk by George Harley 1848

Self-instructor - the child's First Drawing Book 1878

A Text Book of Mechanical Drawing by Gardner C Anthony 1889

Art of Drawing and Engraving on Wood by George Walter Marx 1881

Theory of Pure Design by DW Ross 1907

The American Drawing-book, Volume 1 by JG Chapman 1847

The American Drawing-book, Volume 2 by JG Chapman 1847

Blackboard Drawing by Frederick Whitney 1903

Black-board drawing by M Swannell 1896

Teachers Manual for the Prang Course in Drawing for graded schools by John S Clark 1897

Teacher's Manual for Prang's Shorter Course in form study and drawing by John S Clark 1888

Canadian Drawing Course by LR O'Brien 1885

Brush-drawing by JW Nicol 1901

Student’s Manual of Fashion Drawing by Edith Young 1919

Lessons on decorative design by Frank G Jackson 1888

Principles of decorative design by Christopher Dresser 1873

Drawing for Builders - a problem course in architectural drawing by Robert B Dale 1916

Structural Drawing by CF Edminster 1907

Constructive Anatomy by George B Bridgman 1920*

Artistic Anatomy by Mathias Duval 1896

Artistic Anatomy of the Human Figure by Henry Warren 1852

The Proportions of the Human Body by Bertram Windle 1892

Engravings of Lions, Tigers, Panthers, Leopards, Dogs by Thomas & Edward Landseer 1853

Artistic Anatomy of Animals by Edouard Cuyer 1905

The Oxford drawing book by Nathaniel Whittock 1852

The British Drawing-book by Nathaniel Whittock 1845

The Progressive drawing-book 1853

The Alphabetical Drawing Book 1847

Figure Drawing and Composition by Richard G Hatton 1895

Pencil-sketching by George W Koch 1913

Style-O-graphic pens and funny pencilings in Europe by JS McClay 1881

Line - an Art Study by Edmund Sullivan 1922

Light and Shade with chapters on Charcoal, pencil, and Brush Drawing by Anson K Cross 1897

Drawings in Pen and Pencil from Durers day to ours by George Sheringham 1922

Drawing for Art Students and Illustrators by Allan Seaby 1921

A History of Caricature & Grotesque in Literature and Art by Thomas Wright 1864

Abraham Lincoln in contemporary Caricature by Albert Shaw 1901

Art Recreations - being a complete guide to pencil drawing, oil painting, water-color painting, crayon drawing and painting etc., by Henry Day 1873

Drawings by Leonardo da Vinci 1922

With Pen and Ink by James Hall 1913

Pen Drawing and Pen Draughtsmen - their Work and their Methods - a Study of the Art Today with technical suggestions by Joseph Pennell 1920

Modern Illustration by Joseph Pennell 1895*

Modern book illustrators and their work by Geoffrey C Holme 1914

The Art of Illustration by Henry Blackburn 1896

Nature Drawing from Various Points of View by Henry Turner Bailey 1910

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