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The Lost Continent of Atlantis - 100 Books on DVDrom

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Books Scanned from the Originals into PDF format - For a list of all of my digital books on disk click here 

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Contents of Disk (created on a Windows computer):

The Timaeus of Plato 1888 (the first mention of Atlantis was by Plato in this work written about 360 BC

The Swastika in Atlantis, article in The Word 1915

Atlantis, the antediluvian world by Ignatius Donnelly 1882

Legendary Islands of the Atlantic by William Babcock 1922

Ragnarok: the Age of Fire and Gravel by Ignatius Donnelly 1883

Poseidon's Paradise, the romance of Atlantis by Elizabeth Birkmaier 1892

The Lost Atlantis and other Ethnographic Studies by Sir Daniel Wilson

Researches into the Lost Histories of America - The zodiac shown to be an old terrestrial map in which the Atlantic isle is delineated; so that light can be thrown upon the obscure histories of the earthworks and ruined cities of America by William Stephens Blackett 1884

Atlina, queen of the floating isle by MBM Toland 1892

Submerged Atlantis restored by Joseph B Leslie 1911

The Secret of Plato's Atlantis by Lord Arundell of Wardour 1885

The Secret of Plato's Atlantis - A Reply, article in The Dublin Review 1886

The Oera Linda Book from a manuscript of the 13th century by William Sandbach 1876 (this esoteric text mentions it under the name Atland. The book claims that it was submerged in 2193 BC)

The Oera Linda Book, article in The Cornhill Magazine 1876

Our Story of Atlantis written down for the Hermetic Brotherhood by WP Phelon 1903

A Bit of Atlantis by Douglas Erskine 1900

Beginnings or Glimpses of vanished civilizations by Marion Mulhall 1911

The History of Atlantis by Lewis Spence

The Lost Island Atlantis by Edward Fletcher 1889

The Lost Atlantis, article in The Kansas City review 1885

The Lost Continent Atlantis by WJ Colville 1884

The Submerged Continents of Atlantis and Lemuria by Rudolf Steiner 1911

Atla - a story of the Lost Island by Gregory Smith 1886

Preadamites - A demonstraiton of the existence of men before Adam by Alexander Winchell 1890

The Lost Lemuria BY W. Scott-Elliot 1904 (Lemuria is the name of a hypothetical "lost land" variously located in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. The concept of Lemuria has been rendered obsolete by modern understanding of plate tectonics. However, it has still been used as a location and inspiration in a wide range of novels, television shows, films and music.)

Atlantis, a Novel by G Hauptmann 1912

The myths of Plato by John Stewart 1905

The Scarlet Empire by David Parry 1906

Riddles of prehistoric times by James H Anderson 1911

The Mystery of Atlantis by SA Wildman 1878

Classical Authors and Atlantis, article in The theosophical path 1916

Ideal Commonwealths comprising More's Utopia, Bacon's New Atlantis, Campanella's City of the sun, and Harrington's Oceana 1901

The Successive Discoveries of America, article in The Dublin Review 1841

The Secret Doctrine By H.P. Blavatsky, Volume 1, 1893

The Secret Doctrine By H.P. Blavatsky, Volume 2, 1893

The Secret Doctrine By H.P. Blavatsky, Volume 3, 1893 (Blavatsky taught that the Atlanteans were great heroes)

A Dream of Atlantic, article in The Word 1909

The Romance of Navigation by Henry Frith 1893 (one page unreadable)

History of the Prehistoric Ages: Written by the Ancient Historic Band of Spirits by Leonard Herbert Nason 1880

A Dweller on Two Planets by Phylos 1920

Tales of the enchanted islands of the Atlantic by Thomas W Higginson 1898

Plus you get: Books About Lost Civilizations

Lost Cities brought to light by Elizabeth Kirby 1871

The Lost Cities of Ceylon by GE Mitton 1916

The Dead Towns of Georgia by Charles C Jones 1878

Buried Cities and Bible countries by George St Clair 1891

Vanished Cities of Northern Africa by Beatrice Erskine 1917

Tales of Troy and Greece by Andrew Lang 1907

The Story of Carthage by Alfred J Church 1886

Stories of the High Priests of Memphis by F Griffith 1900

The Last Days of Pompeii by Edward Bulwer Lytton 1901

Remains of Lost Empires, sketches of the ruins of Palmyra, Nineveh, Babylon, and Persepolis by PVN Myers 1875

The Cities of the Sun - stories of ancient America founded on historical incidents in the Book of Mormon by Elizabeth Cannon Porter 1911

A Forgotten Empire, Vijayanagar by Robert Sewell 1900

The Hittites - the story of a Forgotten Empire by AH Sayce 1890

Plus you get: Books About Fictional Cities and Islands

Romance Island by Zona Gale 1906

The Commonwealth of Oceana by James Harrington 1656

The Island of Fantasy by Fergus Hume 1905

Erewhon by Samuel Butler 1872

Erewhon Revisited by Samuel Butler 1910

Democracy A.D. 2100 (1897)

A Traveler from Altruria by William D Howells 1894

Upsidonia by Archibald Marshall 1915

Etidorhpa - The End of Earth - the Strange History of a Mysterious Being and the Account of a Remarkable Journey by John Uri Lloyd 1901

Christianopolis - an Ideal State of the 17th Century by Johann V Andrea 1914

Across the Zodiac - a Story of Adventure by Edwin Pallander 1896

The Plan of Laughing Land by W Costley 1906

Modern Paradise by Henry Olerich 1915

The New Regime A.D. 2202 by John Ira Brant 1909

Utopia - The History of an Extinct Planet by Alfred Denton Cridge 1884

A Fortune from the Sky by Skelton Kuppord 1903

Freeland - a Social Anticipation by T Hertzka 1891

The First American King by George G Hastings 1905

The Elixir of Life 2905 A.D. a Novel of the Far Future by Herbert Gubbins 1914

Limanora - the Island of Progress by Godrey Sweven 1903

Meccania the Super-State by Owen Gregory 1918

John Harvey - a Tale of the 20th Century by Anon Moore 1897

The World in 1931 by Stewart E Bruce 1921

The Destruction of Gotham by Joaqiun Miller 1886

The World Rebuilt by Walter Walsh 1917

Life in a Thousand Worlds by William S Harris 1905

Another World - Fragments from the Star City of Montalluyah by Hermes 1873

Athonia - The Original "400" by H George Schuette 1911

Beyond the Horizon by Fred B Morrill 1918

The Republic of the Future, or Socialism a Reality by Anna Bowman Dodd 1888

Lord of the World by Robert Hugh Benson 1908

From Earth's Centre by S Byron Welcome 1895

1900 - A Forecast and a Story by Marianne Farningham 1892

Daybreak - a Romance of an Old World by James Cowan 1896

A Modern Utopia by HG Wells 1904

The Ideal City by Cosimo Noto 1903

Account of an expedition to the interior of New Holland by Lady Mary Fox 1837

The Immortals' Great Quest by James W Barlow 1909

A Crystal Age by WH Hudson 1922

The Coming Race by Edward Bulwer Lytton 1871

Armata by Thomas Erskine 1817

The Republic of Plato 1906

History of a World of Immortals without a God by Jane Barlow 1891

The New Republic by James Leddy 1902

A Romance of Two Centuries - a Tale of the Year 2025 by Kenneth S Guthrie 1919

A.D. 2000 by A.M. Fuller 1890

The New Columbia - The Re-United States by Patrick Tangent 1909

The Perfect World by Ella Scrymsour 1922

Buy NowOnly $5.99 (I only ship to the United States)

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