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Spiritualism and the Cult of the Dead - 120 Books on DVDrom (Spiritism)

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What is Spiritism? According to one of these books on this disk: "Spiritism is the name properly given to the belief that the living can and do communicate with the spirits or souls of the departed. Its main purpose is to ascertain what is their experience beyond the grave, and to find out whether it corresponds with the teachings of Christianity both as regards this life and the next. Another object is also to satisfy the curiosity of inquirers concerning the knowledge of other secret things."

What is Spiritualism? Spiritualism is a belief system or religion, postulating the belief that spirits of the dead residing in the spirit world have both the ability and the inclination to communicate with the living.

Contents of Disk (created on a Windows computer)

Spiritualist Philosophy - the Spirits' Book containing the principles of spiritist doctrine on the immortality of the soul, the nature of spirits and their relations with men, the moral law, the present life, the future life, and the destiny of the human race according to the teachings of spirits of high degree by Allen Kardec 1875 (Allan Kardec is the Father of Spiritism)

Hours with the Ghosts by Henry Ridgely Evans - 1897

The Discovered Country by Carlyle Petersilea 1892*

Voices from the Void - Six Years' Experience in Automatic Communications by Hester T Smith 1919

A Peep into Psychomancy - Pro and Con of Modern Spiritualism by DB Turney 1878

Practical Guide to the Investigation of Spiritualism by George W Walrond 1888

Modern Diabolism Commonly called Modern Spiritualism by MJ Williamson 1873

Fear not the Crossing by Gail Williams 1920

Lifting the Veil by Susan J Finck 1887

That Other World - Personal Experiences of Mystics and their Mysticism by Stuart Cumberland 1918

The Mirror of Life - Words of Wisdom from the World of Spirits by William M Goff 1919

The Nature of Spiritual Existence by Cora L.V. Richmond 1884

Jesus of Nazareth - A True History and the Nature of the Conspiracy against Him Given on Spiritual Authority from Spirits who were Contemporary Mortals with Jesus while on Earth by Alexander Smyth 1864

Spiritism the Keystone of Christianity by A. M. Clerk 1894

Spiritism in its Most Simple Expression by Allian Kardec 1865

The Rationale of Spiritualism by Frederick F Cook 1880

They Who Understand, by Lilian Whiting 1919

Do the Dead Return 1900

Transcendental Physics - An Account of Experimental Investigations from the Scientific Treatises of Johann Carl Friedrich Zollner 1880

The Dawn of Another Life by WW Aber 1910

The Gospel of Nature by ML Sherman 1877

How I Know that the Dead Return by William T Stead 1909

The Gadarene - Spirits in Prison by JO Barrett 1874

Seers of the Ages - Embracing Spiritualism, Past and Present by JM Peebles 1869

An Exposition of Views Respecting the Principal Facts, Causes, and Peculiarities involved in Spirit Manifestations by Adin Ballou 1852

"Shadows" being a Familiar Presentation of Thoughts and Experiences in Spiritual Matters with Illustrative Narrations by John Wetherbee 1885

Visions of the Beyond by Herman Snow 1877

From Matter to Spirit by C.D. 1863

The Invisibles - an Explanation of Phenomena Commonly called Spiritual by MJ Williamson 1867

The Magic Staff an Autobiography of Andrew Jackson Davis [Spiritualist] 1867 (Edgar Allan Poe was inspired by Davis, whose lectures on mesmerism he had attended, in the writing of "The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar." Davis's complete library is now housed within the Edgar Cayce Library. Davis coined the term "law of attraction.")

Sights and Sounds: the Mystery of the Day, comprising an Entire History of the American "Spirit" Manifestations by Henry Spicer 1853

True Spirit Return by George McGehean 1922

Psychic Light by Maud Lord-Drake 1904

The Twentieth Plane - a Psychic Revelation Reported by Albert Durrant Watson 1919

Birth through Death, the Ethics of the Twentieth Plane by Albert Durrant Watson

The A.B.C. of Spiritualism - 100 of the questions most commonly asked about Spiritualism by BF Austin

The Contrast: Evangelicalism and Spiritualism Compared by Moses Hull 1873

Scientific Proofs of Another Life by Rose Levere 1913

The Vital Message by Arthur Conan Doyle 1919

Angelic Wisdom Concerning the Opening of the First of the Seven Seals by John P Anderson 1904

Our Unseen Guest 1920

The Question: "If a man die, shall he live again?" Job 14:14 by Edward Clodd 1918

Primeval Man 1864

Experimental Spiritism: Containing the Special Instruction of the Spirits on the Theory of All Kinds of Manifestations by Allen Kardec 1891

The classic of spiritism by Lucy Milburn 1922

The Hill of Vision - a forecast of the great War and of Social Revolution gathered from Automatic Writings by F.B. Bond 1919

Studies in spiritism by Amy Tanner 1910

Spiritualism, its History Phenomena and Doctrine by J Arthur Hill 1919 (with an introduction by Arthur Conan Doyle, the author of Sherlock Holmes)

Spiritism and psychology by Theodore Flournoy 1911

The Wanderings of a Spiritualist by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 1921

Spiritism and common sense by Carlos Heredia 1922

The New Revelation by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 1918

Man's Unconscious Spirit - the Psychoanalysis of Spiritism by Wilfrid Lay 1921

Essays in Occultism, Spiritism, and Demonology by William R Harris 1919

The Physics and Physiology of Spiritualism by William Hammond 1871

Spiritism, the origin of all Religions by J.P. Dameron 1885

Modern Spiritism; its Science and Religion by Arthur Schofield 1920

An Epitome of Spiritualism and Spirit Magnetism by Aaron S Hayward 1876

Spiritism and the cult of the dead in antiquity by Lewis B Paton 1921

Spiritism the Modern Satanism by Thomas Coakley 1920

The Missing link in Modern Spiritualism by Ann Leah Underhill 1885

Spiritism - a Study of its Phenomena and Religious Reachings by Theodore Graebner 1919

Spiritism and Religion. Can you talk to the dead? by Johan Liljencrants 1918

The Sacred Book of Death by Dr L.W. De Laurence 1905*

The Evolution of the Soul by Thomson Hudson 1904

Nineteenth century Sense - the paradox of Spiritualism by John Darby 1887

The Law of Psychic Phenomena, a working hypothesis for the systematic study of hypnotism, spiritism, mental therapeutics, etc. by Thomson Hudson 1902

Hypnotism and Spiritism - a Critical and medical study by Giuseppe Lapponi, 1907

Spiritism, Hypnotism and Telepathy by Clark Bell 1904

Facts and Mysteries of Spiritism by Joseph Hartman 1885

Spiritism and the fallen angels in the light of the Old and New Testaments by James Gray 1920

The Demonism of the Ages, spirit obsessions so common in spiritism, oriental and occidental occultism by J.M. Peebles 1904

Meta-Christianity - Spiritism Established. Religion Re-etablished. Science Dis-established H. Croft Hiller 1903

The Unseen World - an exposition of Catholic theology in its relation to modern spiritism by Cardinal Alexis Henri Marie Lépicier 1906

Modern Spiritism - a critical examination of its phenomena, character, and teaching in the light of the known facts by J Godfrey Raupert 1904

Occult Science in India and among the Ancients with an account of their mystic initiations and the history of Spiritism by Louis Jacolliot 1884

Spiritualism by John Edmonds 1853

On Miracles and Modern Spiritualism by Alfred Russell Wallace 1875

A Defence of Modern Spiritualism by Alfred Russell Wallace 1874

Modern Spiritualism - a History and a Criticism by Frank Podmore, Volume 1 1902

Modern Spiritualism - a History and a Criticism by Frank Podmore, Volume 2 1902

Researches in the Phenomena of Spiritualism by William Crookes 1874

Spiritualism sustained by John R Kelso 1886

True spiritualism by R Clymer 1906

The Salem witchcraft, The planchette mystery and Modern spiritualism by Harriett Beecher Stowe 1886

Higher Aspects of Spiritualism by Stainton Moses 1880

What is this spiritualism? by Horace Leaf 1919

Spiritualism and Necromancy by A.B. Morrison 1873

The Foundations of Spiritualism by W. Whately Smith 1920

Counsels on Spiritualism by E.F. Burr 1859

The Gist of Spiritualism by Warren Chase 1865

The Theory of Spiritualism by Charles M Lane 1907

The Use of Spiritualism by S.C. Hall 1876

The Philosophy of Spiritualism by George W Kates 1916

Startling facts in modern Spiritualism by Napoleon Bonaparte Wolfe 1874

The Scientific basis of Spiritualism by Epes Sargent 1881

Lights and Shadows of Spiritualism by D.D. Home 1877

Three Articles on Modern Spiritualism by T.B. Hall 1863

Theorem Or Teleology of Spiritualism by May Barnard Wiltse 1909

The Advent of Modern Spiritualism by Mary C Vlasek 1918

Hydesville - the story of the Rochester Knockings which proclaimed the advent of Modern Spiritualism by Thomas O Todd 1905

The Proofs of the Truths of Spiritualism (with illustrations) by George Henslow 1919

Spiritualism - its Truth, Helpfulness, and Danger by James H Fletcher 1915

Light of Truth album -  containing the photographs of prominent workers in the cause of Spiritualism 1897

Spiritualism - a popular history from 1847 by Joseph McCabe 1920

Hints for the Evidences of Spiritualism by John Delaware Lewis 1872

Spiritism the keystone of Christianity By A. M. Clerk 1870

Spiritualism, A Narrative With a discussion by Patrick Proctor Alexander, M.A 1871

The Wind between the Worlds by Alice Brown (Spiritism novel)

The Undiscovered Country by William Dean Howells (an 1880 novel on Spiritualism and its dangers for the mental stability of its fanatical adherents.)

Love and Mr. Lewisham by H.G. Wells, [a novel published in 1900, in which the main character falls in love with a girl whose stepfather claims to be a spirit medium. A large portion of the novel deals with the questionable ethics of some practitioners of the occult. (This novel marked one of the earliest departures from science fiction for Wells—and was a best-seller.)]

Tyranny of the Dark by Hamlin Garland, a 1905 novel which follows the budding romance between a skeptical man of science and a beautiful young spirit medium. (Much of the novel's material was based on the author's actual investigations.)

Psychography - a Treatise on one of the objective forms of psychic or Spiritual Phenomena by William S Moses 1882

Mary Jane - Spiritualism Chemically Explained by Samuel Guppy 1863

Where are the dead? or, Spiritualism explained by Frederick Altona Binney 1873

Spiritualism, the open door to the unseen universe by J Robertson 1908

Universal Spiritualism - spirit communion in all ages among all nations by WJ Colville 1906

Spirit drawings by W. M. Wilkinson 1864

The Question Settled - a careful comparison of Biblical and modern spiritualism by Moses Hull 1869

Spiritualism among civilised and savage races; a Study in Anthropology by Edward Lawrence 1921

Witchcraft of New England explained by modern spiritualism by Allen Putnam 1881

The Angel and the Demon (a tale of modern Spiritualism) by TS Arthur 1858

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