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Communicating with the Dead (Spirit World), 100 Books on DVDrom

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Books Scanned from the Originals into PDF format

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Contents of Disk (created on a Windows computer)

How to speak with the Dead by Sciens 1918

Talks with the Dead: Luminous Rays from the Unseen World by John Lobb - 1907

I Heard a Voice, by a Kings Counsel 1918

The Spirit World by Clarence Larkin 1921

My Tussle with the Devil by Spirit O Henry 1918

Golden gleams from the heavenly light by Spirit Samuel Bowles 1898

The Twentieth Plane - a Psychic Revelation by Louis Benjamin 1919

The Next World Interviewed by SG Horn 1896

Historical Revelations of the relation existing between Christianity and paganism since the disintegration of the Roman Empire by the Spirit of Emperor Julian, called The Apostate, 1886

Fragments of spiritual knowledge pertaining to the spiritual world by BF Woodcox 1922

Spirit Teachings by William S Moses 1898

Poems and Essays from many Authors of this and earlier centuries given by them through the Organism of a Modern Psychic by Ira C Fuller 1897 (Shakespeare, Walt Whitman, Joan of Arc, Hypatia etc)

Voices from Spirit-land through Nathan Francis White, Medium 1854

After-death communications by Bazett, L. Margery 1920

Strange Visitors by Washington Irving (Spirit) 1869

Do the Dead Depart? by EK Bates 1908

Angel Voices from the Spirit World by James Lawrence 1874

Spirit Messages with an introductory Essay on Spiritual Vitality by Hiram Corson 1911

The Wayside of Life, being a collection of poems, essays and paragraphs by Laura Ellsworth 1907
"The Wayside of Life is the result of what has been written supposedly by disembodied spirits through the instrumentality of a medium")

The Two Worlds of Attraction by Anne Abbott 1921

Spirit Communion a Record of Communications through H.B. Champion 1888

A Study in Spirit Wisdom - Automatic Writing by Paul W Trewhitt 1921

Photographic Copies of written messages from the Spirit World by William H Burr 1918 (messages from Lincoln, Garfield, Ingersoll etc)

A Wanderer in the Spirit Lands by Franchezzo (Spirit) 1896

Life and labor in the spirit world by Mary T Longley 1885

On the Threshold of the Unseen by Sir William Barrett 1918

Neither Dead nor Sleeping by May Wright Sewall 1920

Automatic or Spirit Writing by Sara Underwood 1896

Teachings and Illustrations as they Emanate from the Spirit World by Mary T Longley 1908

The Angels' Diary and Celestion Study of Man by Effie Shirey 1920

Post-mortem Confessions by Allen Putnam 1886

Flashes of light from the spirit-land by Allen Putnam 1872

Rending the Vail by WW Aber 1899

Beyond the Vail, a sequel to "Rending the Vail" by WW Aber 1901

The Seven Purposes, an Experience in Psychic Phenomena by Margaret Cameron 1918

Spirit World and Spirit Life, descriptions received through Automatic Writing by Charlotte E Dresser 1922

Voltaire in the Spirit World by Elizabeth Sweet

Letters from the Spirit World by Franz Petersilea (spirit) 1905

Echoes from the Spirit World by Alice L Kane 1899

How I know that the Dead are Alive by Fannie R Paget 1917

Broken Beams from the Summer-land by Helen N Connor 1905

Backward Glimpses by John Bunyan 1873

Body and Soul by J Clegg White 1902

Direct Writing by Supernormal Means by William Stainton Moses 1882

Psychography, a Treatise on one of the objective forms of Psychic or Spiritual Phenomena by William Stainton Moses 1882

Spirit-Identity William Stainton Moses (MA Oxon) 1902

Messages from the Superior State by SC Hewitt 1853

The Hill of Vision - A Forecast of the Great War by FB Bond 1919

War Letters from the Living Dead Man by Elsa Barker 1915 (THERE was one demon who seemed to be a leader of demons. He was unlike many of the others more personal, more egocentric. As we stood opposite each other I entered into conversation with him, partly to satisfy my curiosity, partly to throw him off his guard.)

Further Communications from the World of Spirits, on subjects highly important to the human family by the spirit of Joshua (of the Bible) 1862

Are the Dead Alive? by Fremont Rider 1909

Phantasms of the Living, Volume 1 by Edmund Gurney 1886

Phantasms of the Living, Volume 2 by Edmund Gurney 1886

Autobiography of Jesus Christ (spirit) 1894

There are No Dead by Sophie Radford de Meissner 1912

Dealings with the Dead by Paschal Beverly Randolph 1861

The Dead have Never Died by Edward C Randall 1917

How I know that the Dead Return by WT Stead 1909

Can the Dead Communicate with the Living? by Isaac M Haldeman 1920

Can the Dead Speak to the Living? by Emil C Hartmann 1922

The Evidence for Communication with the Dead by Anna Hude 1913

Last Letters from the Living Dead Man by Elsa Barker 1919

Can you Talk to the Dead? by Baron J Liljencrants 1918

Return of Frank R. Stockton by Etta de Camp 1913

Body and Soul by Clegg Wright 1902

The Abolishing of Death by Basil King 1919

Interwoven - Letters from a Son to his Mother by Sarah Louise Ford 1905

The Celestial Telegraph by L. Alph. Cahagnet 1855

The Blue Island - Experiences of a New Arrival Beyond the Veil by WT Stead 1922

After death, a personal narrative 1907

The Hand Invisible by E.B. Harriett 1917

Think on these Things by Harriet L Green 1921

The Religious Conflict of the Ages by R. Shepard Lillie 1889

Occult Diary 1920

The Book of Clifford (The Soul of my Son Speaketh to Me) by Lillian Bernicie 1922

A Message Purporting to be from Robert G. Ingersoll 1899 (Ingersoll was a popular skeptic and agnostic)

The Autobiography of Ithuriel by Ironquill 1909

The Future Life as Described and Portrayed by Spirits by Elizabeth Sweet 1869

Thoughts from the Inner Life by Marcia Swain 1886

Angelic Revelations concerning the Origin and Destiny of the Human Spirit, Volume 1 by W Oxley 1875

Angelic Revelations concerning the Origin and Destiny of the Human Spirit, Volume 1 by W Oxley 1875

Natty, a Spirit - his Portrait and his Life by Allen Putnam 1856

Marguerite Hunter : a narrative descriptive of life in the material and spiritual spheres by Lizzie Bangs 1894

Automatic Writing by June Downey 1915

Jap Herron - A Novel written from the Ouija Board 1917

Light from Beyond As Taken Over the Ouija Board by Katherine Mardon Davis 1919

The Secret of the Successful use of the Ouija Board by Nellie Walters 1919

Recent Experiments in Automatic Writing 1891

Spirit World and Spirit Life: Automatic Writing by Charlotte Elizabeth Dresser 1922

To Walk with God: An Experience in Automatic Writing by  Anne Wintermute Lane 1920

Subjective Concepts of Humans - Source of Spiritistic Manifestations by John J Donnelly 1922

The Problems of Psychical Research by Hereward Carrington - 1921 (The Psychology of the Ouija Board)

On the Influence of Suggestion in Modifying and directing Muscular Movement independently of Volition by William Carpenter 1889

The Psychology of the Ouija Board by Karl R Stolz 1921

Spirit Life: Or, Do We Die? by William Dunseath Eaton - 1920

The Open Vision - a Study of Psychic Phenomena by Horatio W Dresser 1920

Contact with the Other World by James Hervey Hyslop - 1919

The Vanished Friend - Evidence, Theoretical and Practical, of the Survival of Human Identity After Death by Jules Thiébault 1920

The Alleged Haunting of B-- House by Adela M. Goodrich 1899

Talking with the Dead? by Joseph F Rutherford - 1920

Physical Media in Spiritual Manifestations. The phenomena of responding tables and the planchette and their physical cause in the nervous organism, illustrated from ancient and modern testimonies by GW Samson 1869

Realms of the Living Dead by Harriette A Curtiss and F Homer Curtiss 1919

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